Best 10 Weight Lifting Gloves for Men in 2018

Looking for the 10 best weight lifting gloves for men? Similar to other potential users, your goal is to lift the weight in the best way possible without risking injuries. The wrong type of weight lifting gloves may make your fingers or joints numb, or accidentally slip due to poor grip. It’s also possible for the fabric and design to cause your palms and fingers to sweat a lot, or get dirt too fast.

In our roundup for the bet products, we focused on quality, reliability, user-friendliness, ergonomics and much more. Read on to find the top 10 best weight lifting gloves for this year.

10. iiSPORT, Men Weight Lifting Gloves


Designed for use in weightlifting, bodybuilding, cross-fit and other workouts, the iiSPORT leather gloves are worth a thought. Like other top selections, they are made from soft leather which is comfortable. It features two layers at the palm that minimize skidding/slipping and make the glove water resistant. Besides its durability, the gloves are praised for being versatile and improve safety. However, if you have very large fingers, you may be disappointed by its size.

9. Muscle Composition, Gym with Wrist Support


These gloves are suitable for weightlifting, gym and cross-fit. They are made from goat leather which is renowned for its strength and longevity. In addition to ensuring you will have the gloves for the longest time possible, the leather also protects your hands from injury. And to assure you of comfort and minimal sweating, the gym/weightlifting gloves are well-ventilated. A wrist support and Velcro straps are also included and chances of the gloves slipping loose are unlikely. Your only worry may be the fact that the gloves get dirty quickly although they can be cleaned easily.

8. Harbinger, 143 Pro Lifting Gloves


The Harbinger 143 pro is also a good option in regard to the 10 best weight lifting gloves for men. The brand has earned itself a good name due to producing effective and quality items. The 143 glove is ideal for inexperienced as well as professionals. It features double leather that provides good protection to the palm. The open cell foam provides a soft cushion on the fingers and palms when working out. And to boost the contact between the grip surface and the weight, the gloves come in 1 / 2 finger length. You probably will be let down knowing that 3 / 4 finger length isn’t available.

7. Skott Fitness, Evo 2 Weightlifting Gloves


Comfort and perfection is what may best describe the Skott Evo 2 weightlifting gloves. They are designed using the most advanced technology that seeks to improve the entire experience. The new generation Velcro comes with industrial strength and will not tear even under the most demanding situations, the gloves also feature fully-integrated wrist wraps for the best results. Other remarkable features include anti-slip, ultra protection, and high density foam.

6. RIMSports, Gym Gloves For Powerlifting


The premium weightlifting gloves are suitable for men and women as well. Other than weightlifting, the gloves are effective for power lifting, cross-fit, cycling, biking and related exercises. Courtesy of ultra soft and smooth material, possibilities of developing blisters, callus or numbness is unlikely. Also, the gloves perfectly fit different sizes of hands and fingers thanks to the stretchy fabric that is composed of spandex and leather. Looking at customer’s complaints, it appears that the sizing chart may not be very precise and this may lead to a slightly different size.

5. Fit Active Sports, New Ventilated Weight Lifting Gloves


The ventilated men’s gloves are perfect for weightlifting, bodybuilding, fitness, cross training, pull ups, and WOD’s among other exercises. They cover the whole palm and can be used by both men and women. The silicone Neoprene gloves not only provide good grip but also prevent calluses, numbness or torn fingers. The material is also resistant to sweat or moisture and will maintain its effectiveness for long. The padding on the palms is however not very thick and this may disappoint heavy lifters.

4. Crown Gear, Weightlifting Gloves


Just as the name hints, the Dominator gloves have dominated the weightlifting and fitness scene for quite awhile. They are made from pure leather which will tolerate the harshest environment. To offer you unbeatable grip and to limit tearing, the gloves are double stitched with strong thread. Placing the pads at strategic locations prevents blisters and calluses while reducing pressure. For those lifting very heavy weights, they will find the wrist strap wrap a vital component. Unfortunately, the pair comes at a premium price.

3. Grip Power Pads®, Elite Leather Gym Gloves


Like other top products, the Grip Power gloves are also made from premium-quality leather. This provides good and solid structure. Despite being relatively soft, the leather is very smooth and comfortable. There is also a build-in wrist wrap that measures 2-inches wide. It helps boost support and stability when lifting heavy weights. In addition to lifting weights, the Grip Power gloves can be used for Cross Fit, bodybuilding, gymnastics, Power Lifting, Strength Training and much more.

2. Contraband Black Label, 5050 Basic Weight Lifting Gloves


Consisting of a vented mesh, the Contraband 5050 basic are among the most breathable gloves in the market. This allows fresh air to circulate through the fingers and reduces fatigue. The pair of gloves is also among the lightest and most comfortable thanks to the soft interior. In addition to pulling the sweat, the material also provides the needed firmness. A key issue which is considered as a disadvantage by some people is the too much padding on the palm region.

1. Nordic Weight Lifting Gloves


There are several explanations why Nordic Lifting gloves have earned a place in the 10 best weight lifting gloves for men review. One, they are quite versatile and are suitable for weightlifting, gym workout, Cross Training, Fitness and can be used by men and women. Two, they are among the most comfortable gloves. Three, they are well-made and the material is both flexible and breathable. Cases of too much sweating or friction won’t be there. Four, the gloves come with a 12-inch wrist wrap for supporting heavy weights. Being a bit bulky is the main negative on the gloves.

Choosing the right men’s gloves for weightlifting shouldn’t be a daunting task. In fact, by following the above review, you will be able to find products that will enhance your experience. The items mentioned above are made from materials that are strong but at the same time are soft on the fingers and palms. They will also be ergonomically-designed to reduce tired joints and fingers. What’s more, most of the gloves come in materials that don’t get dirty easily and can be cleaned with minimal effort. Choose the 10 best weight lifting gloves and take the experience to a higher level. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.