Best 10 Legal Pads in 2018

Legal pads, also known as writing pads are somehow smaller than our usual notebooks and can slide easily into our pockets, hand bags and purses. They come in handy when we need to take some quick notes in conferences, impromptu meetings, and even ‘pop up’ ideas as we drive or go on with our daily work.

Ideally, the legal pad should fit its purpose. If you need one for your classes, then it’s important to have them in different colors for easy identification. The colors should also motivate you either to read or to continue taking notes rather than boring you. Legal pads should also feature a sturdy construction, and the sheets shouldn’t be flimsy. You can also consider whether you prefer wide or narrow ruled legal pads. Other features include how they’re bound, their price, number of pads per package, and size as well.

Best Legal Pads in 2018

Below, we are going to show you the best legal pads that you probably need them for daily task.

10. Cambridge, Wirebound Legal Pad

Cambridge legal pad has 70 sheets, each measuring 8.5 by 11 inches. All sheets have been perforated and are top-bound using a copper wire. This makes it easy when you’re pulling out a single sheet since it doesn’t come out with some ragged teeth.

Moreover, the sheets are held between dual sturdy boards that prevent them from folding while they’re in your bag. These boards also offer you additional support when placing your legal pad on your laps.

9. Ampad, Double Sheet Pad

Ampad isn’t a new pad on the market. It has been trusted and used for decades due to its high quality. The sheets have several reasons why you won’t leave them behind. Firstly, they give you the freedom to use any pen since they are non-bleed. Secondly, they have a thick board backing which allows you to write on them while holding the pad in your hand.

You’ll also like them since they have already been 3-hole punched saving you the need to purchase or carry a paper punch. These sheets feature clearly visible lines which let you take clean and neat notes. The lines are narrowly ruled and are ideal for people with smaller penmanship.

8. TOPS, White Narrow Rule Legal Pad

Tops is another reliable legal pad that has been on the market for several decades. It’s a trusted brand by hundreds of companies and businesses. Tops The Legal Pads can be used either at home, workplace and even at school. Each package consists 12 pads each with 50 sheets.

The sheets are attached at the top by gum making them easy to pull out. They are double sided and are backed by a hard cardboard. This hard cardboard offers incredible stability when you don’t have a sturdy surface to place your writing pad on. Additionally, these sheets are narrow ruled and don’t have a margin.

7. Ampad, Gold Fibre Retro Pad

If you’re in such of a wide ruled pad with a top spiral, you can never wrong with this one from Ampad. The wide ruling accommodates big handwriting and is also easily readable. It’s a lightweight pad weighing only 1.1 pounds but with a sturdy and professional construction. Each pad consists 50 sheets featuring 8 1/2 by 11 ¾ inches.

The pages are thick, so they can be used on both sides without the ink showing. Moreover, these pads have micro-perforations which allow you to remove the sheets rip-free.

6. Roaring Spring, Assorted Legal Pad

Roaring Spring Pads are amongst the most budgetary legal pads for those who don’t want to spend much on them. Each package contains 3 pads each with 40 sheets. Reviewers reckoned that the sheets aren’t flimsy. These pads are made from recycled paper making them eco-friendly.

The three pads come in different colors so that you can assign each for a particular task. Their colors are bright and will make working on them pleasurable and not boring.

5. TOPS, Quadrille Pad

For you who require ruled pads, previous buyers reckon that Tops Quadrille Pad has reliable and high-quality sheets for your daily use. These pads are made in the USA. They offer different ruling in inches to suit your requirements.

Each pad has 50 white sheets printed on both sides. The sheets are thick, and the rulings have been made accurately. Tops Quadrille Pad has a strong top glue binding.

4. Ampad, Narrow Perforated Writing Pads

The first noticeable feature about Ampad 20-208 Evidence Writing Pads is their professional construction. They are also incredibly clean and feature a brilliant color. The package comes with 12 pads each containing 50 3’’ x 5’’ sheets. This package should last you quite a long time. The sheets are medium weight and have clear blue lines.

They are also firmly bound at the top and have a perforation line. They pluck out easily without rough edges. Moreover, the sheets are narrow-lined and are backed by a thick and durable cardboard so you can scribble on the sheets on your lap or palm. Ampad 20-208 Evidence Writing Pads is an excellent choice especially when you need a pad that can slip in your pocket or purse.

3. Tops, Legal Pad, Perforated White

This is yet another high-quality legal pad from Tops. There are 3 distinct types of these pads. You may have to choose from Everyday, Premium, and Ultimate. Though all these pads’ sheets feature equal sizes, the pads themselves come at different prices.

They all feature a dual margin, and the sheets are perforated. Unlike most of its competitors, the sheets in these pads are firmly stapled at the back cover.

2. AmazonBasics, Wide Ruled Legal Pad

AmazonBasics products have always been known to come at unbeatable prices. These writing pads just confirm this. They come in 12 packs each with 50 sheets. The sheets are widely ruled and come in handy especially when you need to scribble some quick notes in a conference, boardroom, or lecture.

AmazonBasics Legal Pads feature some top micro-perforations for fast and clean plucking out of papers. Besides giving you a solid work surface, it also prevents the sheets from forming wrinkles.

1. TOPS, The Legal Pad

These pads are more like the previous model only that they are cheaper and the sheets are canary yellow in color. A pack contains 12 pads each with 50 clean sheets. The sheets are wide ruled, so they are ideal for quick notes and people with large handwritings.

Again, they have been stapled and then are bound again by leatherette. This makes them robust and able to withstand harassments including regular plucking out of sheets in chunks.

Going by sturdy construction, Ampad 20-208 Evidence 3″ x 5″ Narrow Perforated Writing Pads take the day. Roaring Springs lead in terms of being eco-friendly and price as well. Their bright colors is an additional benefit to them. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.