Best 10 Standing Desks in 2018-Buyer’s Tips

If you are a white-collar worker, sitting in front the laptop for all day would be boring and hence it may reduce work productivity. There are some situations when you are most productive or most comfortable while standing. However, without the right item you may feel tired or fatigued as well and this is why you need the right standing desk.

High quality standing desks help combat back problems or numb muscles, provide good support and comfort to your entire body, and will last for many years while requiring minimal maintenance. They are light but very strong and can accommodate other items courtesy of the drawers.

Features For Choosing the Right Standing Desk

  • Structure: Its design and shape should suit your work environment, body structure, posture and weight. The top models allow you to adjust the height in simple steps.
  • Material: The desk should be made out of high quality material that could last for long and is tolerate to regular use.
  • Adjustability: The wider the range of adjustability (height, angle…) the more appropriate the desk is.
  • Ergonomics: The standing desk shouldn’t cause fatigue, discomfort, aches.
  • Solid: The appropriate standing desk comes with solid material (aluminum, wood, steel…) and construction (footrest, hand-welded joints, non-slip plate…).
  • Good Support/Weight: It is able to support heavy weights in excess of 100 pounds while another is not ideal for users exceeding 50 pounds.

Best Standing Desks in 2018

Check out the 10 best standing desks in the below list and find one of your favorite.

10. Executive Office Solutions, Portable Aluminum Laptop Desk


Executive Office Solutions standing desk is very light weight, compact design and ease of assembly. The aluminum body construction is very light and also resistant against rust or fading. The tray that holds the tablet, laptop and other devices is also made from aluminum and can be used from different angles.

Being able to rotate for 360 degrees, the fully-adjustable legs allow you to choose your desired height, position and angle. You can also lock the table in place to secure the movement.

9. Tabletote, Lightweight Adjustable Height Computer Stand


Tabletote adjustable standing desk is another comfortable and portable standing desk. It is designed for standing users working on their laptops, tablets, projectors, notebooks or any other task.

It comes with an extendable surface that allows the user to place other objects while the adjustable height allows you to choose the right height easily. Setting up the desk takes a matter of minutes and no special tools or experience is needed.

8. Stand Up Desk Store, Mobile Ergonomic Stand up Desk


Mobile Ergonomic stand up desk holds the number position for reliability, user-friendly, compact and durability. The two-tier shelves is ideal for the monitor and keyboard while the innovative design boosts good standing posture and reduces back and neck pins.

Since it meets the minimum ANSI/BIFMA standards, you are assured of good service, productivity and longevity.


7. The House of Trade, Standing Desk


Known for being spacious and flexible, the standing desk by House of Trade is a good fit for many situations and is ideal for desktop, laptop, tablet and other devices. Setting up and adjusting takes a very short time and requires no special tools and will remain firm at the selected position.

This is enhanced by the simple levers that help in adjusting. Be careful with objects weighing more than 50 lbs as this desk may not be your best choice.

6. FlexiSpot, Wide Platform Height Adjustable Standing Desk


FlexiSpot wide flatform standing desk is respected for its large working space that measures 35 inches wide. It also comes with a wide keyboard tray for placing large keyboards while its height can also be easily adjusted.

Courtesy of the high-quality construction, the standing desk will serve you well for many years and its ergonomic design will minimize fatigue and backache.

5. Rocelco, Height Adjustable Sit/Stand Desk


Rocelco standing desk comes with a fairly large space that can accommodate even the largest computers or laptops. It can hold two computers at a go while the increasing height of desk is very easy.

The ergonomically-designed keyboard tray reduces unnecessary strain (neck, back, wrist…) while using the desk and can be assembled or re-adjusted using basic tools. The desk is not recommended for weight exceeding 50 lbs.

4. Avantree, Quality Adjustable Laptop Bed Table


In addition to being a portable standing desk, Avantree is also a laptop workstation and foldable sofa breakfast tray. It is constructed using 100% engineered wood that is both strong and eco-friendly and will serve you for many years.

The desk is easy to carry around and can be used almost anywhere thanks to its compact and light design. Changing the desk’s height is as simple as using the dual auto-lock buttons that are found on each side while you can change the surface angle from 0 to 30 degrees using the two clamps.

3. Techni Mobili, Adjustable Height Laptop Cart With Storage

The standing desk by Techni Mobili is manufactured out of heavy-duty MDF panels that are covered with high-grade PVC laminate veneer. The strong board plus the water-resistant veneer guarantee you of long life while the Wood grain finish makes the very elegant and modern looking.

It has a laptop cart whose height can be adjusted, a storage compartment, 4 nylon casters, and 2 shelves. Avoid placing sharp objects on the tabletop as they can ruin the wood grain finish.

2. Seville Classics, Mobile Laptop Desk Cart with Side Table


The standing desk by Seville Classics comes in a simple but very effective design that allows you to work comfortable for long while standing. It is ideal for using with laptop, tablet or notebook and comes with an adjustable slanted table top.

It also included is 1.5-inch rolling wheels/casters that can be locked from any angle ensuring the desk doesn’t move accidentally. The built-in side table can be used to store other objects without compromising space or comfort.

1. VARIDESK, Height-Adjustable Standing Desk


Varidesk Pro Plus comes in two-tier and is designed for placing up to two monitors. The upper section holds the desktop, laptop, netbook while the lower section fits the keyboard.

Courtesy of the patented spring-loaded lifting technique, the desk can support up to 35 pounds of other items (devices, peripherals, office supplies) while its height can be adjusted in 11 different positions.

Choose the right standing desk that suits your working environment, personal preferences to improve the productivity and at the same time stay comfortable. The above listed product are all come in user-friendly design, are easy to maintain, and are ergonomic. Furthermore, they are elegant, trendy and have been rated highly by users.


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