Best 10 Waterproof Phone Cases in 2018

We all love water sports, don’t we? Or at least most of us do. With the advent of waterproof mobile phone cases, we can now record each and every detail of the underwater world either in superb photos or videos.

We have picked the top 10 best waterproof phone cases in 2018 that will help protect your precious phone.

10. DBPOWER Universal Waterproof Dry Bag Case For Phone

DP Power is a trusted name regarding technology. Its waterproof and floating phone case will make your swimming, snorkeling, kayaking and any other water sport experience more memorable. This case fits smartphones of any size. The case features a touch sensitive super clear case that allows you to respond to texts or emails. With this dry case, you’ll take clear underwater photos and videos without worries of losing your data. Also, you won’t lose your phone in the water since it comes with a lanyard.

9. Voxkin, Universal Waterproof Case

This case from Voxkin will give you peace of mind like none other before. Firstly, this case features an incredible design and size that fits almost all smartphones. Its high-quality material grants you total freedom in whichever watersport activity you’re up to. Then its super thin see through cover will allow you to take high-quality photos and videos either using your front or back camera. In addition, this multipurpose waterproof case does float so you can never lose your phone or documents under water.

8. CaliCase, Universal Waterproof Floating Case

You’ll search harder to get a case better than this one by Calicase. Its top notch features have seen it feature amongst the best waterproof cases for some time now. Firstly, it relies on a double layer of high-quality PVC material for incredible safety of your phone. Secondly, it glows in the dark so you can swim at night without fear of losing your phone. Again, it’s ideal for various phones and is also a safe harbor for your passport, mp3 device, car keys, cash, credit cards, etc.

7. Crenova, Universal Waterproof Case Bag

We were awed by the construction of this waterproof pouch. It folds thrice on its opening and has 3 zipper locks which put it a notch higher in protecting your items from water, dirt, and dust. In addition, it is made of a crystal clear, soft PVC material on both the front and the back covers. This will allow you to take photos using either the front or back cam.

6. Fcolor, Waterproof Case

You can never go wrong with these 4 packs of waterproof cases by Fcolor. For four pieces, their price tag is just irresistible. They are compatible with a broad range of phones and also feature different colors to match perfectly with any gadget. These lightweight waterproof, dust proof, snow proof, and mud proof cases are also easy to lock and unlock yet tight enough to keep your device safe from contaminants.

5. Ace Teah, Universal Clear Transparent Waterproof Cellphone Case

With these three waterproof phone cases, you won’t have to leave your phone when going to the Water Park or beach. In fact, you’ll find taking underwater movies and photos more fun. These cases come in 3 beautiful cases made of a high quality material that will protect your phone from water and still allow you to use it. They’re also ideal for your car keys, smart cards, mp three player and ID. In addition, these heat and cold resistant cases can protect your phone even 15 meters under the water.

4. Kona, Submariner Waterproof Case

This is one of the most trusted brands in waterproof cases world. It protects your phone even at a 100 Ft under the water. Submariner’s crystal clear cover allows you to record each and every moment under the water in super quality photos and videos. Again its touch-sensitive case allows you to text and make flawless calls. Unlike other cases, this one feature a talk-through design and will also protect your phone from shock, dirt, snow, and mud, etc.

3. YOSH, Universal Waterproof Case

This is a tough one to beat. Yosh Universal Waterproof Case has a universal size to fit almost any smartphone and still leave some room for other essentials like your room keys, passport, cash, and credit cards amongst others. The IPX8 certified case can waterproof your phone for up to 2 hours. It comes with a sturdy lanyard and crystal clear front and back windows for the most magnificent photography and videography.

2. FRiEQ, Universal Waterproof Case for Outdoor Activities

You no longer have to worry about where or with whom to leave your phone when going for deep sea diving, carry it with you. FRiEQ Universal Waterproof Case has your back. First, it will not only protect your phone from water, ice, mud, and other contaminants but also allows you 100% usability. Second, it comes in different superb colors suitable for various phones, and its large size will fit various large smartphones. It’s also easy to use and is lightweight.

1. JOTO, Waterproof Case

This Cellphone Dry Bag by Joto has received thousands and thousands of positive reviews. You’ll like it too. It’s straightforward and convenient. You’ll find no problem navigating through your phone thanks to the super sensitive ultra transparent cover. Again, you’ll be awed by how pretty your photos and videos will be. Most amazingly, you’ll be able to listen to your favorite hits as your tour the underwater world.

You now have the freedom to indulge in any water activity like no other time before. Record those breathtaking moments as you enjoy water rafting, snorkeling, scuba diving, and boat riding with your phone.




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