Best 10 Gymnastic Incline Cheese Mats in 2018

Whether you like it or not, your body requires exercise for you to maintain your full shape. Those who like gymnastics, tumbling and martial arts have a reason to smile thanks to gymnastic mats. The incline cheese mats have padding to withstand the impact so you won’t be hurt. Their surfaces are also tear resistant so you can do plenty of exercises. Even more encouraging, the mats can be folded for you to do exercise wherever you want. With the many gymnastic mats on the market, you might be easily deceived. Follow the review below and feel free to use it as it contains the best brands on the market.

Choosing the incline cheese mat

  • Size: The gymnastic mats come in different sizes small, medium and large. It is important to consider the size that fits you well. The mat ought to be big enough so that you can even practice stunts on it.
  • Thickness: You should go for a mat that is considerably thick. A man that is too thin won’t have a good cushioning effect and you might end up getting injured. A too thick mat is not good either as you will end up sinking when jumping.
  • Material: Most mats are made of vinyl as they are strong and one cannot slip easily. Those made of good material last for long while remaining in a steady shape. The material used in covering should also be waterproof for faster cleaning.
  • Price: The mats come in the different price range with the cheap ones offering great service too. The cheap ones can be used by a single child as it is not durable while the expensive ones are made of great material and will last for years.

Why using the gymnastic incline cheese mat?

  • For safe gymnastics: You can perform gymnastics on any surface but performing on these specially designed mats is not only comfortable but safe. You can be able to do plenty of exercises starting from stretching to yoga and so own.
  • For children: This type of mat can be of fun for young kids’.The children can do plenty of styles without injuries. Those who prefer to jump tumble and even roll sideways. The kids will remain safe withal the styles they do as the padding cushion all the impact.

10. We Sell Mats, Gymnastics Folding and Non-Folding Incline Cheese Wedge

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By: We Sell Mats

For the kids who like gymnastics, they can use the small mat. The mat comes in 4 sizes with the smallest 33” x 24”x14 feet. This can be used by kids under the age of 5 years. The other sizes are medium 60” x30” x 15” and the large measures 72”x36”x16”. If there is not enough there is an extra-large 120”x 60”x 24”. Besides the mats are made from tough 18 OZ.The mats also come in different colors rainbow, Pink and blue so you have a choice to make. When it comes to carrying the mat they have handles on the sides .finally, this mat grade construction makes it ideal either for home or gymnastic studios use.

Extra features:

  • It comes in 4 different sizes so you can choose the one appropriate.
  • The grade materials used make the marts very durable.

9. Best Choice Products, Folding Gymnastics Incline Mat Cheese Wedge

Best Choice Products, Folding Gymnastics Incline Mat Cheese Wedge

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By: Best Choice Products

Train safely with this best choice product. The mats are constructed from firm EPE and puncture resistant material to make durable while giving you a consistent service throughout. The fact that the mat can be folded into two definitely will cover a small portion of your room. Moreover, when you need to transport it has the side handles to simplify the task. With its wedge design, this can either be used for gymnastics or cheer training. In fact, the material is firm enough for you to exercise your skills and still be safe. To wind up, the mat comes size is 71”x 30” x17” this is enough size for you to do a tumble. You shouldn’t have any doubt about this product as it is backed by a 60-day warranty.

Extra features:

  • Made of firm EPE material and PU leather for safe landing while doing your exercise.
  • Wedge incline design accommodates gymnastics.

8. Gymmatsdirect, Folding Gymnastics Incline Mat Cheese Wedge

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By: gymmatsdirect

Want a mat perfect for every day tumbling? Choose this mat to choose quality. The folded line makes it great for tumbling, gymnastics and doing other exercises. Boasting of filled 70 ILD polyurethane together with PU leather coating this not only last for long but make it extra safe for you when doing exercises. Furthermore, this man has been proven to meet CPSIA conditions for the 3 elements lead, phthalate and formaldehyde. Perhaps its lightweight nature makes it easy to carry. Besides it is easy to clean as you have to wipe it down. The high-density sponge will protect children when they do there back kicks and roll over. The polyurethane form further provides a comfortable cushion. The padding usually returns to its original size and shape even after continuous use. You have a choice to make as it comes in different colors and size.

Extra features:

  • The polyurethane form acts as a comfortable cushion.
  • The high-density foam protects kids when undertaking their exercises.

7. Matladin, Folding Gymnastics Gym Exercise Aerobics Mat

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By: Matladin

Realize your dream of being a martial artist with this mat. Its reinforced edge stitching technology ensures it will neither crack nor tear. The 840D vinyl makes the surface sturdy preventing any tear while achieving a long lifespan. With the superior craftsmanship, it will remain in superior condition with no-fray and cracks. Boasting of superb EPE foam this not only environment-friendly but also lightweight. Moreover, the lightweight nature makes it be folded easily as gymnastic requires a high-density environment. For cleaning, you can remove the inner padding and clean the out cover. With this mat one can do plenty of exercises, tumbling, and yoga training comfortably. All these reasons are sufficient why you need to buy this mat.

Extra features:

  • With the reinforced stitching edge it cannot tear and crack easily.
  • The 840D vinyl is strong and sturdy as it is made of superior material.

6. Greatgymats, Large Folding and Non-Folding Incline Gymnastics Mat

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By: Greatgymats

Want to present a gift to your kid? This gymnastic mat will make a great present. With its ability to be folded this mat is great for exercises, stretching, daily care activities and more. When not in use it’s easy to fold nature makes storage easy. Whereas the vinyl cover offers a sturdy surface that you need the other smooth exterior is easy to clean up after exercises. Additionally, the mat is made of great construction perfect for children .with the inclined form that makes them tumble either backward or forward. Even after consistent use, the mat will spring back to usual shape. Other than offering support the polyurethane acts as a comfortable cushion. Get your kids this for them to develop their skills.

Extra features:

  • The vinyl coating offers a sturdy surface that you need.
  • The mats are available in different sizes with all of them made of quality material.

5. K-Roo Sports, Medium Folding Incline Cheese Wedge Mat

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By: K-Roo Sports

Don’t hurt yourself practicing gymnastics in the unfamiliar ground when this medium mat is up for grabs. This mat can fold easily into a block and be used an obstacle in gymnastic drills or for easy storage. Boasting of superior material used in making it this mat is highly durable. Whereas the PVC is tear resistant the padding will withstand all the jumping, tumbling. In fact, it will appear its original shape even after consistent exercises. Moreover, the mat has different color yellow, blue and red all in one mat this will appeal to those who like bright colors. Those who want to go for uphill and downhill gymnastics can be sure to count on the mat as it is suitable. For the best of exercise aerobics, stretching and martial arts buy this quality mat.

Extra features:

  • The mat is brightly colored red, yellow and blue all in one.
  • It’s durable as it’s made of high-quality PVC covering.
  • It can fold from inclined shape to a block thus can be used as an obstacle.

4. Z-Athletic, Gymnastics Incline Mat for Gym and Home Use

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By: Z-Athletic

Perfect you’re gymnastics by practicing daily with this athletic mat. With a size of 72” long 30 ‘’wide and 12 high” this mat can be perfect for back handsprings and be tumbling. The mat can fold twice to save space when storing. It has handles that make it easier to transport. In addition, it has a core of open cell foam and additional 1” layer of cross-linked foam together combine to make the meat soft and stable. The 18 oz. vinyl that is easy to clean surrounds the polyethylene foam. The vinyl is both puncture resistant and mildew for it to sustain the heavy usage. This product is further backed by a 2-year manufacturing warranty.

Extra features:

  • With both the open cell foam and crosslinked layer this combine two make it soft and stable.
  • The vinyl is non-porous for heavy duty usage.

3. Generic, Incline Gymnastics Mat

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By: Generic

Why look elsewhere for a perfect mat for your uses when this mat is available. Your boys will also have the opportunity to do their different exercises like jumping and stacking. The inclined wedge allows for different levels training. This mat can be folded into a square cube just to make transportation easy. Furthermore, the mat has been made using an anti-tear fabric so it will not tear easily even with rough exercises.

At the edges, the stitching will also not fray easily as it’s made of superior craftsmanship. With this mat, it will remain in the same steady condition no matter how long you use it. Moreover, the high-density foam used in stuffing makes it firm and comfortable. The zip design makes it easy to clean the cover as you just have to remove the padding. Buy this mat it will make it easier for you to operate.

Extra features:

  • It can be folded into a square cube for easy storage and transportation.
  • The mat is made of ant tear fabric so it won’t break easily.

2. Incstores, Wedge Shape Gymnastics Incline Mat

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By: Incstores

Get this inclined mat for basic rolls, walkovers and tumbling. This mat comes in 3 sizes 14” 15” and 16” so you have to choose the one that fits you. The largest 16” mat can be folded in a space-saving design when storing or to make it transportation fact, each mat has 4 handles for easier carrying. In addition, the construction used is the usual polyethylene foam and the 18 oz. The vinyl casing that makes the surface to be soft and stable. The vinyl casing is waterproof to facilitate easy cleaning and maintenance. Those who are learning can find it easy with this mat and they can do a variety of styles. All you have to do is an order for one and wait for a great gymnastic experience.

Extra features:

  • The mat is available in 3 different sizes 14’’ 15’’ and 16’’.
  • Each of the mat has been fitted with 4 handles to make carrying easier.
  • The vinyl is waterproof for easy cleaning.

1. Giantex, Folding Incline Mat Slope Cheese Gymnastics Aerobics Tumbling Wedge

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By: Giantex

Get doing different styles with this master mat. With an ergonomically designed inclined slope, this can be perfect for tumbling, stretching, and gymnastics. The use of different colors gives a visual impact making it look decent fitting any place. When compared to other mats this one is definitely more eye-catching. Additionally, the mat is easily folded into a square cube for easy transportation. Whereas the PVC covering is tear resistant the padding is made of durable materials to withstand all the jumping and tumbling. Furthermore, with the zipper design, you can remove the padding for a faster cleaning exercise. This mat can be excellent for home use and gymnastic studios.

Extra features:

  • The use of different colors makes it eye-catching compared to other mats.
  • The zipper design makes it easy to change the padding or faster clean-up exercise.

To wrap up

Whether you like doing exercises or not it is very important to use the designed mat for that purpose. All the mats here are of good quality and you will be able to perform plenty of styles starting from gymnastics to martial arts. You can choose any that fits well within your budget to ensure you are not left behind when people perform different exercises. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.