Best 10 Baby Floats in 2018

Swimming is one of the best ways to relax your muscles. Just as you love it, so does your kids. For this reason, the baby float is an essential investment that you can never go wrong with if your family is made of pool lovers.

Baby floats are made of hard plastics that are tear resistant. Most of them can be inflated easily with the mouth. For your child’s safety, they are wide enough and feature pocket seats with leg holes through which your baby kicks the water. They also feature different designs and shapes. Some of them are in the form of animals, e.g., whales and frogs, while others come in the form of cars or airplanes.

Best Baby Floats in 2018

Below is a list of the best baby floats your kid will definitely love.

10. Free Swimming Baby, Inflatable Waist Float Ring


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Besides offering you the best value for your money, this waist float ring from Free Swimming Baby also features a well-thought design for the safety of your little champ. The waist ring comes with 3 different size: S (3-7 months); Large (5-18 months) and X-Large(1.5-6 years old), which gives it all the stability and comfort that your kids from the small baby to toddler whoo require for cruising in the pool.

The swimming ring is made from non-toxic PVC material that is designed to meet the toy international safety standard. It features the 40 degrees armpit allows for your baby to learn swimming easily while the front part of the swimming ring is raised to avoid overturing from the front. The built-in surounding bell ensure to make your baby enjoy his/her swimming activity.

9. SwimSchool, Grow-with-Me


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This float claims to be the most versatile amongst those that want to bring out your child’s swimming prowess. It features a heavy duty construction with an ultra strong vinyl material.

It’s an all-rounder float that will first introduce your baby to water and later convert to a kick float once your child is confident enough. This 4-in-1 baby boat features a seat with 3 layers to offer your child all the comfort and stability. It also has 2 sturdily built handles for added support. You can also use these handles to pull your kid from the water.

8. Intex, Extra Large Ride On and Lounge Floats


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This whaleboat is a perfect way of rocking the pool party next summer. It has 2 air chambers for added security and ultra smooth leg holes for increased efficiency. This whale’s fins offer the 41’’ x 33’’ float some extra width which translates to extra stability.

Its design also makes it easy for your toddler to push forward with ease. It also has an inflatable sunshade to protect your kid from sun rays. Besides, the float’s valve makes it super easy to inflate it with your mouth without needing a pump. It also deflates easily and can be easily folded for storage or portability.

7. SwimWays, Baby Spring Float (Whale)


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Your kid will love swimming across the pool with this float by SwimWays spring float. It’s a worthy investment for your toddler aged 9 to 24 months. You need not worry about accidents on this float since it’s dual air-chambered just in case one misbehaves.

The SwimWays spring float uses patented springs to increase stability to your toddler while in the water. Its safety valves prevent air leakage while the unique center of gravity adds on to security.

6. Intex, Kiddie Float


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For those kids who are much into cars as they are into swimming, this is the best way to enjoy the best from both worlds. This car float features dual air chambers to enhance security. Its leg holes are extremely smooth and thoughtfully finished to prevent any irritation to your kid.

It also has an inflatable sunshade with 4 stands to protect your child from rays while cruising in the pool. The dashboard also features a rattle ball and 2 plastic balls to keep your child’s mind engaged all along.

5. Intex, My Baby Float


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Intex My Baby Float could be one of the safest baby floats we have on the market today. It features 2 air chambers for added safety and stability. It’s an excellent choice for children less than 2 years.

The leg holes feature sturdy straps that hold your toddler and allow him/her to sit in the water. The inner ring is deep-pocketed and has a raised inflatable back support to prevent your child from falling backward. The Intex Baby float folds is easy to store as it isn’t heavy.

4. Poolmaster, Baby Rider


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Pool Master baby rider has been offering quality pool and spa products for almost 60 years now. The baby rider is designed as a gigantic car boat, providing tremendous comfort and security for your pool enthusiast.

The tent-like sunshade design creates a Hawaiian-feeling that moms and kids love, especially the pocket seat that offers unrivaled safety for those who are having their first time in the pool. The baby ride is extremely durable and tear resistant. The raised back is a plus to your baby’s comfort while the grip handle makes it easy for pulling it around the pool.

3. Speedo, Fabric Baby Cruiser with Canopy


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Speedo has left no stone unturned in delivering one of the most secure, comfortable, and good-looking baby float. It comes in 2 beautiful colors, pink and blue and designed to accommodate a maximum weight of 33lbs.

It has a superiorly designed seat made of high quality and durable fabric which is both smooth and safe for your child. Speedo baby cruiser has elongated-hole legs which are extra-supportive for your first timer. Moreover, the baby cruiser comes with an adjustable canopy to protect your 2-month baby from harmful rays.

2. SwimWays, Baby Spring Float Activity Center with Canopy


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Are you searching for a trainer for your 9-24 months kids, but you’re not sure which one has the right size for them? You can’t be wrong with this baby spring float by SwimWays.

The baby spring float has been designed to be a perfect fun and a developmental tool for your kids. It’s made of hard plastics that won’t tear or wear out easily. Swimways is fitted with a no-leak-air valve to prevent accidents. Additionally, this valve makes it easy to inflate by mouth, and your bundle of joy will be kicking the water in a matter of minutes. The removable canopy is to undoubtly protect your toddler from direct harmful sun.

1. SwimWays, Baby Spring Float Sun Canopy


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This is another Spring Float sun canopy by SwimWays that comes with the ease of folding, storage, and portability. It also offers the most comfortable seat made of a soft mesh that won’t have any effect on your child even with prolonged usage.

Its patented inner spring and built-in center of gravity are unique features not found in other models by other competitors. SwimWays Baby Spring Float also has a removable shade and extra space for your baby’s toys. It’s designed for children between 9-24 months.

Final Thought

A baby pool float is a unique way of ensuring that your child safety and to enjoys the summer in style. As you order your float for your champ, always remember that kids should not be left unattended. Additionally, you should ensure that the valves are not leaking and that the leg holes are not in any way irritating the child.



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