Best 10 Digital Tire Gauges in 2018

The era where you had to visit the gas station in order to check your tire pressure is long gone. Nowadays, you can easily, conveniently and accurately check the pressure from wherever and whenever using a small, portable and highly-accurate digital tire pressure gauge. The simple device will work with any tire whether bicycle, motorcycle, small car or large truck.

Some elements need to be considered when searching for the best digital tire gauge. Firstly, it’s essential to focus on the PSI range as this determines it’s suitable according to the task at hand. For instance, if you want to use it on a bike, motorcycle or rarely inflate your tires beyond 30 psi, then a product that is rated 60psi is appropriate. Secondly, consider the PSI increments and go for gauges with finer increments as they are more precise. Thirdly, a type with a large face size is preferred over that with a smaller face since it’s more accurate. Fourthly, go for brands that feature a long hose (14 -17 inches) as they will reach the hard-to-reach spots.

Other good choices will come with Backlit or glow-in-the-dark (GID), are easy to bleed off the air, have a protective bumper, feature a dampening system such as liquid-filled, and carrying case.

Some Tips to Getting Accurate Readings

– Use a quality product from a reputable brand

– Check the pressure while the tire is cold or at least 3 hours after driving

– Keep the tire gauge in a safe and cool environment since very cold or hot temperatures may affect the readings. Room temperature is best.

– Ensure the pressure gauge is well inserted and no escaping air can be heard. Push deeper incase you hear it escaping.

– There can be a difference of up to 5psi for the same tire when checked while cold and then again when hot.

– Air pressure doesn’t change whether the tire is mounted or not.

– Ensure you understand well the pressure readings (Kilopascal (kPa) or pounds per square inch (PSI).

Best Digital Tire Gauges in 2018

Without further ado, let’s reveal the 10 best digital tire gauges in the market.

10. BlueSkyBos, 5-in-1 Digital Tire Pressure Gauge


5-in-1 digital tire pressure gauge by BlueSkyBos is a multi-purpose tool which is very compact, solid and useful. The 5 essential functions include tire pressure gauge, glass breaker, seat belt cutter, flashlight and compact. The digital tire gauge is operating using AAA batteries. This tool is best suitable for outdoor activities as it serves many purposes, especially for emergency need.

9. Craftsman, Programmable Digital Tire Gauge


Programmable digital tire gauge by Craftsman helps you check tire pressure easily and within seconds. It also enables you to choose the desired setting depending on your preference or need at hand.

The gauge boasts of a large easy-to-read and well-lit display, straight-push nozzle and Air Bleed function that feature a beep alert. However, in comparison to other gauges, the Craftsman digital is slightly more expensive.

8. Slime, 20017 Digital Tire Gauges


Digital tire pressure by Slime comes with a translucent lighted tip for better visibility. It features an easy-to-read backlit display and has rubberized grip that enhances comfort, ergonomics and protection.

To extend the battery’s life, it has an Auto Off function while the reset buttons are useful for multiple readings.

7. Federico’s Car Care, Digital Tire Pressure Gauge


Digital tire gauge by Federico’s Car Care is light, compact and is suitable for any type of vehicles including motorcycles, ARVs, bicycles and more.

The highly-accurate measuring device displays the readings in 4 settings – PSI, KPA, BAR and KG per cm2 via a Backlit LCD screen. It calibrated with slim incremental intervals of 0.5 and 100PSI is the maximum value.

6. Measurement Limited, Michelin MN-12279 Digital Programmable Tire Gauge


Michelin MN-12279 digital gauge is a programmable device that is targeted at both professionals and amateurs and comes with 0.1 psi display resolution. Courtesy of the white LED flashlight, large display and gauge accuracy of +/- 1, the gauge is very effective and reliable and this is further boosted by the die cast strong housing, stylish storage pouch and rubberized soft grip.

5. NorthONE, 100 PSI Digital Tire LED Pressure Gauge


Digital tire pressure gauge from NorthONE comes in a well-illuminated display and offers four different settings (KPA, BAR, kg/cm and PSI). It also features a brightly-lit nozzle and is effective even in the dark zones while the ergonomic design assures you of minimal strain while using it. With maximum PSI of 100, it can be used for many applications and although it has an auto off it doesn’t come with a trigger guard.

4. Astro Pneumatic Tool, 3018 Digital Tire Inflator


Serving as a gauge and inflator, Astro Pneumatic 3018 features a flexible and strong braided hose made from stainless steel and a large backlit LCD face. It’s powered by AAA batteries, has an accuracy of approximately 0.1 psi, displays the readings in PSI, KG and BAR and is compatible with Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS).

For extra comfort and longevity, it also features a two position lever that either inflates or deflates.

3. Travelsafer, Digital Tire Pressure Gauge


Digital tire pressure gauge by Travelsafer comes with four pressure measurements which are psi, kg/cm2, bar and kPa. It is rated at 100PSI and consists of a fairly-large LCD screen and illuminated nozzle, and this allows you to work with the accessory even in the poorly lit environment or in the dark. Its advanced technology provides accurate readings instantly while its light weight makes carrying and handling easy.

2. Accutire, MS-4021B Digital Tire Pressure Gauge


Accutire MS-4021B is one of the versatile and dependable digital tire pressure gauges in the market. It comes with solid construction and rugged design that assures you of longevity even in demanding situations.

The comprehensive and large LCD display delivers high accurate readings while the e-rubber coated handle minimized chances of it slipping.

1. TEKTON, 5941 Digital Tire Gauge


Best known for its user-friendly design and features, TEKTON 5941 digital tire gauge is among the top rated and selling items in the market. It features lighted nozzle and display that clearly indicate the readings hence you don’t need to strain when reading.

The gauge is small and compact and can easily be held in the hand while the auto ON/Off function switches it off when it hasn’t been used for 30 seconds for battery saving.

It’s paramount to always have your tires properly inflated. Under-inflation leads to overheating which causes premature tire failure, fuel wastage, poor shock absorbency, and negatively affects the car’s handling and braking.

Over-inflation causes the tires to wear out faster especially in the middle, increase chances of puncture, reduces road grip and this can be dangerous in wet or snowy condition, and leads to uncomfortable ride.

Perusing through the review on the 10 best digital tire gauges will assist you make the right choice and minimize the negatives that have been mentioned above.

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