Best 10 Winter Cycling Jackets for Men 2018

Cycling in the cold winter is another leisure, yet you need to be well prepared as to keep yourself warm enough to withstand the cold weather. It’s most likely that you usually focus on the price or simply pick the nearest product.

While you may have gotten lucky and owned a nice product, there is always a higher chance of buying a poor product especially today where all kinds of products are offered. Besides looking at the essential features, this review also ranks the top 10 best winter cycling jackets for men in 2018.

Finding the Right Men’s Winter Cycling Jacket

Choosing a jacket is one thing and selecting the best jacket is another. In order to own the best, you need to focus on the following:

  • Size: It should perfectly fit and shouldn’t be too small or too large;
  • Accessibility: Wearing and removing should be easy. It will come with a full-size zipper, an elastic material, or large frontal opening;
  • Comfort: The jacket shouldn’t feel too tight or too loose. The inner lining should be soft, smooth and have good sweat absorption;
  • Warmth: It features designs and materials that offer good insulation for the perfect warmth even in extreme temperatures. The material should resist water, wind, and moisture. However, it should be breathable to prevent too much sweating or stuffiness.

Other important things are material, pockets, taped seams, zipped vents, weight, and safety.

Best Winter Cycling Jackets for Men in 2018

10. KwikSafety, Firefly Racing LED Cycling Jacket

Made from a lightweight and breathable material, this cycling jacket from KwikSafety provides good insulation to keep you warm and cozy when cycling in winter. It comes in a good size to suit many people and can also be adjusted to suit the need at hand.

The included hideaway hoodies protect your head and part of the face from high winds, water, and cold. Other than cycling, this jacket is also worn when jogging, motorcycle, running, bike riding, hiking, fishing, camping, mountaineering, and many other activities. Top advantages are versatility, good warmth, great fit, and lightweight.

9. Lixada, Men’s Outdoor Winter Cycling Jacket

Consisting of polyester and spandex fabric, this Lixada cycling jacket is fit for men cyclists both newbies and professionals. It’s among the lightest in the market and one of the most comfortable and versatile. This is credited to the good construction and high-quality materials that enhance insulation and breathability.

The relatively-stretch material offers a nice fit and is also resistant to water and wind. To defy riding up and skidding, it comes with a silicone hem. Other than cycling, this jacket is perfect for cross country racing and riding. Notable advantages are good quality, sturdy construction, smooth fabric, and easy wearing.

8. ARSUXEO, Winter Thermal Fleece Cycling Jacket

It’s becoming harder not to come across a product from ARSUXEO brand when talking about the top winter cycling jackets for men. This particular jacket is among the popular choices and is revered for its good comfort, wind protection, warmth, and easy wearing.

It’s made from a tough but light 14D fabric to withstand the wind, rain, regular wear, and extreme conditions. The colorful unit features colors like red, blue, green whereas the reflective striped and brand logo improves visibility and safety. It’s a good choice because it’s very comfortable, well-built, durable, and high-quality, and breathable.

7. RockBros, Winter Cycling Fleece Thermal Windproof Jacket

This men’s cycling jacket from RockBros can be worn for sports, casually, cycling, riding, and in other activities. It features a strong polyester fabric that provides good protection against the wind and cold.

The fleece lining offers good insulation to keep the cold at bay whereas the 3D tailoring minimizes drag and enhances breathability. It’s very easy to put-on and also removes and includes reflective stripes for better visibility. The jacket is windproof and waterproof courtesy of the 3 composite layers. Key positives include very comfortable, nice fit, warm, and well-built.

6. Arsuxeo, Men’s Winter Thermal Fleece Cycling Jacket

Winter cycling is more rewarding and convenient with this black jacket from Arsuxeo. It’s targeted at inexperienced and experienced cyclists and is famed for its easy wearability and simplicity.

The jacket is made from a combination of polyester, thermal fleece and spandex that give it the elasticity and make wearing and removal easy. It’s relatively lightweight and supports good breathability. Although it may be fairly thin, the jacket provides good insulation and protection against wind and water. Its positives are super warm, comfortable, nice fit, windproof, and professional looking.

5. Santic, Men’s Winter Cycling Jacket

Any man who wants the best cycling experience during winter should consider acquiring this cycling jacket from Santic. Made from 80% Polyester and 20% Spandex, this relatively stretchy accessory is easy to wear and fits well on most people.

It comes with elasticated grippers that stop the jacket from riding up and reflective strips for enhanced safety. To ensure you stay warm when arching your back, the back region is a little larger than the front. Main advantages are good warmth, very comfortable, convenient pockets, and good value.

4. Inbike, Winter Men’s Windproof Thermal Cycling Jacket

With the Inbike winter jacket, men cycling during the cold season will have an easier time. It protects you from wind and water, which ensures you stay warm.

The smooth fleece lining has good thermal properties to keep you comfortable and help you retain the heat. It also features a soft-shell for a super smooth texture and minimizing the possibility of chafing. And like other top winter jackets, it’s also lightweight and breathable. Advantages of the Inbike winter jacket include waterproof, windproof, warm, comfy, and easy maintenance.

3. Baleaf, Men’s Full Zip Long Sleeve Thermal Cycling Jacket

The Baleaf cycling jacket is specifically targeted at men who cycle during winter or in the cold season. It comes with a full zipper for easy wearing and takes off.

The quality fabric although providing good insulation against the wind, water and is very breathable. This enhances the comfort and reliability. It features a reflective element at the front and back to make it easy to see the cyclist in low-lit situations. For an even better comfort, the moisture-wicking fabric effectively absorbs sweat and moisture.

2. 4ucycling, Windproof Full Zip Wind Jacket

Coming in a three-layer design, this 4ucycling jacket will keep you comfortable and warm while cycling in winter. This is further enhanced by the top grade fleece lining that improves the insulation.

The men’s jacket features a stretchy fabric that makes wearing easy. It has good heat retention, can withstand regular use, resists wind and is breathable. Other advantages include easy to wear/remove, ergonomic, and nice fit.

1. OUTON, Men’s Cycling Jacket

You shouldn’t go cycling this winter without the cycling jacket from OUTON. Designed for men of different ages, weights, and size, this garment will comfortably fit thanks to its stretchy design. The waterproof fabric stops water and wind as well and feels very light on the body.

Its good breathability ensures the cyclist doesn’t sweat a lot or feel too stuffy especially in extreme or intensive cycling. Consumers choose it because it’s very light, windproof, waterproof, very warm and comfortable.

Cycling in winter is a good way of beating the cold and boredom. It also ensures you keep warm, fit and have fun. However, without the proper jacket, you won’t enjoy the maximum satisfaction. In fact, you may be putting your health at risk since you may catch a cold or another cold-related disease.

To enjoy the best experience, you need the best jacket. It will keep you warm and comfortable; it’s easy to wear and remove, is made from quality material and is weatherproof. To find the right accessory all you do is using this top 10 best winter cycling jackets for men review 2018 as your buying guide.
















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