Best 10 Veggie Peelers in 2018

Vegetable or rotary peelers have made life in the kitchen easy, convenient and safe. Veggie peeler is one of the most important tools in the kitchen. It is small, compact, easy to use, and pretty safe. It is suitable for a range of vegetables including carrots, potatoes, cucumbers, eggplant, etc.

Choosing the Right Veggie Peeler

The following are the key things to look at when planning to buy a veggie peeler:

  • Size: It’s important to select the right size. Too large may make it harder to peel small vegetables while too small may spend too much time and effort especially when peeling large veggie;
  • Blade Direction: Peelers come as vertical or yoke-shaped. The former has a blade that is parallel to the handle and is suitable for long veggies such as carrots and cucumbers. The latter’s blade is perpendicular to the handle and is fit for round fruits and vegetables.
  • Blade Edge: Straight and serrated blades are the common types. The first one is used on harder veggies such as carrots and cucumbers while the other one is appropriate for soft vegetables like tomatoes, kiwis, or pawpaws. A swiveling blade is most preferred because it can easily adapt to the shape of the vegetable;
  • Handles: A good veggie peeler comes with a strong but soft handle. It will also have a nonslip surface that offers the user a firm grip even while wet. Ceramic handles are sturdy and don’t rust whole silicone and rubber is non-slip and soft. Other types of handle include metal (stainless steel), plastic, and wood;
  • Hygiene: Hygiene is one the key thing to consider. They are made from a material that doesn’t rust, corrode or chip. The design will also inhibit germs, dirt, food particles, or bacteria from remaining hidden and thriving; and
  • Versatility: A proper product will be effective for a range of vegetables and fruits and can be used by both right and left-handed users.

Best Veggie Peelers in 2018

10. Peel Out in the Kitchen, Premium Ceramic Blade Vegetable Peelers

Preparing food and salad will be much easier with this veggie peeler from Peel Out in the Kitchen. It’s fit for many vegetables (potato, tomato, sweet potato, zucchini, cucumber, and carrot….) as well as fruits (apples, kiwi fruits, citrus ….).

The multifunctional device consists of 2 slicers made from ceramic give it a light feel. It features the ultra sharp blade and comfortable handle allow you to peel the fruits and veggie easily and quickly.

9. Joseph Joseph, Compact 3-in-1 Rotary Peeler

Joseph Joseph rotary peeler is one of their best-selling veggie peeler in the market. It consists of stainless steel blades that cut the normal way or in julienne.

The handle is made from plastic that is smooth and comfortable. Consumers love its simplicity, easy to use, and can be used by both right and left-handed people. However, some users find the plastic handle a bit weak and the peeler is somewhat light and small. Changing the blades is very easy and only requires twisting the dial.

8. HeyLR, Super Stainless Steel Vegetable Peeler

Made from 18/8 stainless steel, the HeyLR is not only strong but also very hygienic. Its super sharp blades will easily peel vegetables and fruits. For added convenience and to use minimal effort, the blade swivels to adjust to the shape of the item.

The peeler also shreds and can be washed by hand or using a dishwasher. It’s a good choice because it’s nice looking, hygienic, cuts and shreds effortlessly.

7. Joy Beans, 3-in-1 Vegetable Peeler

The Joy Beans veggie peeler will make a good addition to your kitchen. It is made of stainless steel (both blade and handle) and works as a peeler, slicer, and cutter. The unit comes with 3 ultra-sharp blades that cut/slice or peel in straight, serrated, or julienne styles.

It is suitable for both veggies and fruits and can be hand washed or put in the dishwasher. It’s a good choice because is very sturdy, stylish, durable and very effective.

6. iLOME, Julienne Vegetable Peeler

The iLOME veggie peeler is a multifunctional accessory and is made of stainless steel. It cuts, slices, peels, grates, and also cuts in julienne style.

The comfortable and firm handle works together with the sharp blades to easily and smoothly peel, slice, or cut different items. You will love it for its quality construction, steadiness, and super sharp blade. The only issues people have are that the handle is fairly thin, there is no guide, and it’s quite a heavy peeler.

5. Kleva Chef, Japanese Stainless Steel Veggie Peeler

Peeling vegetables and fruits in a safer and more convenient matter begin by acquiring this peeler by Kleva Chef. It is made of Japanese stainless steel and can peel or slice either forward or backward. The unit is suitable for right-handed and left-handed users and comes with a smooth handle.

Other than peeling and slicing, it also helps remove potato eyes. The blade is razor sharp and feels quite solid. The drawbacks are food may get stuck, and the gap between the blade.

4. OXO, Good Grips Pro Y-Peeler

This Y-Peeler by Oxo Good Grips is popular in homes, restaurants, hotels, and other places. It’s loved for its long blade that is easy to maneuver. Removing the peel/skin or rind is done in one sweep.

To offer the consumer long life and improve functionality, the blade is made of premium stainless steel and has been hardened. Its simple design, strong frame, and nonslip handle are what make it a top pick.

3. Chef Remi, Latest Veggie Peeler Set

The Chef Remi is revered for stability, strength, and comfort. It features a swivel blade that easily peels without wastage or requiring too much effort.

The accessory comes with 3 blade sets; y-shaped swivel, serrate, and a julienne blade. It features a firm grip nonslip handle and is effective on vegetables, fruits, and cheese. People who have used it love its sharp blade, simplicity in swapping the blade, and versatility (can peel almost anything).

2. Chefaith, 3-Piece Fruit & Vegetable Peeler Set

Chefaith veggie peeler is constructed from high-grade stainless steel that is both strong and hygienic. The accessory is silicone coated to make it non-slip and easy to clean.

The package comes in 3 blade types (Straight, Serrated, Julienne) and can be used on vegetables, fruits and cheese. The ultra sharp blades maintain their sharpness for a long time and are also effective for removing potato eyes.

Despite its high quality, this peeler is inexpensive. It’s also loved for its user friendliness, easy to clean, and strength.

1. Precision Kitchenware, Ultra Sharp Vegetable Peeler

Coming with an ultra sharp blade, the Precision Kitchen veggie peeler is ideal for pumpkins, potatoes, cucumber, carrots, zucchini and much more. It features a sturdy and ergonomic handle that offers a good grip even in wet conditions.

The device also cuts in julienne style and won’t rust courtesy of the high-grade stainless material. It scores highly for its good construction, easy to use, and the large blade makes peeling easy.

All the veggie peelers consist of hygienic and ultra sharp blades and will retain their sharpness even after continuous use. They come with handy supports and handles that ensure you maintain a firm grip to avoid the device slipping. The veggie peelers are also very flexible which can work on vegetables, fruits, and other items such as cheese.










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