Best 10 Fitness Trackers in 2018

Fitness tracker has become a must-have device for fitness enthusiasts. If you are health lover, you probably need to find fitness tracker which can track your steps, calories burned, heart rate, sleep tracking and so on. It also gives you real-time and accurate data that helps you stick to your routine and to meet your goals.

The device helps you keep track on the different activities you engage in. It is also depended on individual preference whether to use as a 24/7 tracking or only for any specific activity tracking.

Most of the fitness trackers come with a plenty of color bringing another casual fashion. With all kinds of brands and products in the market, which one should you buy? We take a deeper look at the top 10 best fitness trackers.

10. Pushman, Smart Bracelet


The Pushman smart bracelet comes with light weight and cool design with a wide range of colours selection. It is designed for all type of sports and activities and will keep tabs on your calories burnt, distance covered, sleep quality which all of these functions can be synchronized with your smartphone (either iOS or Android) using APP.

Besides working as a fitness tracker, the Pushman smart bracelet can also used as a phone finder with its “looking for phone” function. The built-in USB port allows for charging the battery via computer or power bank easily.

9. Withings, Activité Pop


Looking like an analogue watch, the Withings Activite Pop will help you track your activities for instance walking, running, sleeping and much more. The medium-sized device is very light and weighs 37 grams. It’s compatible with both Android and iOS and also features Bluetooth 4.0. The built-in battery can last for as many as 8 months while the pvd-coated case is smooth and safe on your wrist/skin.

8. Samsung Gear Fit 2


Keep watch on your daily steps, heart rate, calories burnt and sleep quality by acquiring the Samsung Gear Fit 2. Made from a highly-elastic rubber, the device measures 24.5mm x 51.2mm and has a strap length of 95mm x 84mm and width of 20mm. It weighs 22grams and has a clear OLED display measuring 0.7-inches.

The handy gadget is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows and features a battery that can last for up to 5 days. It uses Bluetooth 4.0 to connect to other gadgets such as smartphones, Tablets and smartwatches.

7. BLUEWEIGH, Fitness Activity Tracker


The BLUEWEIGH fitness tracker features a durable and elastic silicon strap. Powered by Bluetooth 4.0, the device keeps a record on the time you have been active as well as sleeping. In addition to giving you a clue on how active you are, it also helps you set and meet your goal. It comes with a quick-charging battery that takes approximately 20 minutes while it can last for up to 10 days.

6. Gosund, Fitness Tracker


The Gosund fitness tracker is regarded as among the most versatile and dependable fitness trackers in the market. This wireless device will keep tracking your steps, distance and burnt calories. It consists of highly sensitive sensors that will accurately monitor the activity and it works with both iOS and Android with “DayDayBand” app.

It features LED touch screen that you can control the tracker conveniently. The IP65 waterproof function makes it comfortable to wear in any situation and the Bluetooth 4.0 makes transferring data and connecting to other devices easily.

5. Fitbit, Charge 2 Heart Rate + Fitness Wristband



The Fit bit Charge 2 comes with improved design and straps that allow more air circulation and minimize sweating. The smart tracker will check your heart rate, monitor your sleep, and keep count on the steps and distance covered, and many other activities.

Problems that affected the earlier versions for instance fiddly interface, unresponsive screen and shaky heart rate during extreme exercises have all been dealt with in the latest Charge 2 fitness tracker by Fit bit. The main concern is the limited color choices.

4. Moov, 3D Fitness Tracker


Moov Now features a more improved and robust design for normal and high-intensity workout. The rubber-made piece comes in a small and round shape and can be worn on the wrist or strapped around your leg.

Its Bluetooth feature allows it to be paired or connected with compatible devices such as smartphones and computers. One of its innovative features is the audible voice alert that warns you if you are not keeping pace with your target.

3. Fitbit, Wireless Activity Wristband


Designed to automatically synchronize with computers, tablets, smartphones and other gadgets, the Fitbit wireless activity wristband will help keep track on all your selected activities. You can take it with you during your morning or evening jog, walk in the park, biking, hiking or on your way to work.

It features Bluetooth 4.0 that can wirelessly connect using android, iOS, Windows and other leading technologies. Its light weight plus small wrist strap keep you comfortable all day long. It is water-resistant and can keep charge for up to 5 days. However, you may find your wrist sweating a bit more.

2. Garmin, vívofit 2 Activity Tracker


The Garmin Vivofit 2 is praised for its solid and reliable construction. Coming in a size of 152-210mm and weighing 25.5grams, the activity tracker will accurately and quickly monitor your steps, distance covered, heart pulse, sleep quality and much more. The clear and backlit 25.5 mm x 10 mm display gives you the data in real-time.

In addition to being compatible with iOS and Android, you also have a reliable battery that can last for one year plus. Thanks to its waterproof nature, you don’t have to worry about sweat, moisture or rain affecting its performance. Also, you will love its small size, light weight and Bluetooth connectivity.

1. Fitbit, Alta Fitness Tracker


Tracking your steps, calories burned, distance walked, sleep quality and the minutes you’ve been active is much easier with the Alta Fitness tracker by Fitbit. It features several sensors and a bright OLED display. It comes with interchangeable bands made from leather, metal or plastic that can be swapped to suit your preference. Apart from sending texts on your performance, this Fitbit Alta Fitness tracker also gives you a call. It is however not designed for use in the shower.

Now, you can keep tracking steps and distance covered, heart pulse, sleep duration and quality, and much more no matter you are walking, running, or even sleeping. Not only will you enjoy reliability, but maximum satisfaction as well.




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