Best 10 Window Fans in 2018

Keeping your indoor environment cool even when it’s blazing hot outside is as easy as installing a window fan. Window fan will keep your indoors cool even in the hottest days of summer. It also minimizes the use of the air conditioner which consumes much energy and quite costly.

Some factors when looking for the window fan are sizes, versatility (can it fit vertically and horizontally), noise level, effectiveness and energy-efficiency, as well as speed setting among other variables.

Best Window Fans in 2018

After reviewing the available products, we identified the 10 best window fans in 2018 which are as follows:

10. Bionaire, Compact Window Fan

Suitable for large rooms, the Bionaire compact window fan is rated as being 40% more powerful than its rivals yet it is 25% more compact. It features 3 fans that operate independently and can be fitted either vertically or horizontally.

The patented locking extender panel makes fitting in large spaces easy and comes with 3-speed settings. Controlling or selecting the desired speed is done manually via the user-friendly knobs.

9. Lasko, 2138 8-Inch Electrically Reversible Twin Window Fan

The Lasko 2138 window fan is suited for window spaces that are 12 inches high and between 25 and 35 inches wide. It features two independent 8-inch fans that are whisper quiet yet provide high airflow.

It’s electronically reversible and can work as an intake or exhaust fan depending on the selected mode. The E-Z Click expander allows for easy customization of the window fan and for those who want to place it on the floor or table, it comes with snap-on feet.

8. Lasko, 2155A Electrically Reversible Window Fan

This 16-inch 2155A window fan from Lasko can fit in different types and sizes of windows with minimal ease and without any demolition. Highly recommended for spaces with the width of between 26.5 and 34.5 inches and height of 22 inches, this powerful window fan can also be used in larger spaces by extending its side panels.

The window fan is ETL listed and features a patented fused safety plug, 3-paddle blades and doesn’t interfere with the closing of windows.

7. Nature’s Cooling Solutions, Eco Breeze Smart Window Fan


If you are seeking a device that does not want to consume any energy, yet still get the fresh cool air, this Eco Breeze Smart window fan is ideally matched your desired. The Eco Breeze Smart window fan from Nature’s Cooling Solutions uses the outside air and converts to the indoor cooling air.

This eco-smart window fan will work automatically when it is cooler and less humid outside while the louvers with also automatically close to minimize air leakage keeping the cool air inside and the hot air outside. The adjustable wing panels accommodate windows from 22 to 36 inches wide which is easily fit in the bottom of the window.

6. Holmes, Twin Window Fan

Holmes Twin window fan perfectly fits the window spaces that are at least 12 inches high and 25 inches wide. Operation using 6 blades, the fan features an adjustable extender screen and panel that secure it in larger windows and two independent fans each measuring 8–1/2 inches.

The unit is powered by electronically reversible motors that transform it from an intake to exhaust or the other way round while the 3-speed setting helps select the preferred temperature. Furthermore, the motor is water-resistant which can use even in rainy weather.

5. Avalon, Twin Window Fan

Certified by the ETL for assuring the safety, Avalon Twin window fan is quite popular in both homes and offices. It consists of two independent fans that feature 9-inch blades, operates under 3-speed settings and expandable side panels that increase its dimensions by an additional 6.5 inches on each side.

The Max Cool Technology and built-in thermostat maintain the temperature within 60 to 80 degrees while the LED indicator notifies you of the selected level. To withstand environmental factors, weather or corrosion, the motors are built from copper while its reversible airflow function changes the double fan from intake to exhaust and vice versa.

4. Lasko, #2155A Electrically Reversible Window Fan

This #2155A window fan by Lasko will easily fit in most windows and doesn’t require any dismantling or modification. It is recommended for windows whose width ranges from 26.5 to 34.5 inches while the height should be at least 22 inches.

The single fan features 3 paddle blades that suck in cold air while pushing out hot air. It is electronically-reversible meaning it can still work in reverse allowing hot air in when the indoor is much cooler than the outdoors. Its effective design enables you to close the window while away or in bad weather.

3. AirKing, 9166 Whole House Window Fan

The single fan from AirKing will keep your entire home cool during the warm days that is perfect for either large or small room. The Air King equipped with a powerful motor rated at 120-volt, 1/6 horsepower and comes with 3-speed settings for maximum efficient. With AirKing fan, it only occupies a very small space and provides the room with cooling air.

It can be fit in spaces whose width ranges from 27 and 38 inches while the height is 26.25 inches. The fan is OSHA and ETL approved product and features impact-resistant plastic housing, front mounted switch and powder coated steel grill.

2. Bionaire, Twin Reversible Airflow Window Fan

Bionaire window fan is perfect for vertical slider, double hung, casement windows and comprises of two independent fans. The 13-inch high product comes with 8.5-inch electronically reversible blades that can be controlled either manually or automatically using the included remote control (2 AAA Batteries required).

Its 3-speed settings together with the programmable thermostat enable the user to vary the temperature while the LCD screen indicates the current parameters such as speed, room temperature, and selected temperature. You can also change its operation from intake to exhaust using the remote control or manually.

1. Holmes, Dual Blade Twin Window Fan

Cooling your home or office in hot weather can be accomplished with this dual blade twin window fan by Holmes. It is suitable for slider and double-hung windows and also includes an adjustable extender screen that allows it to be fitted on large windows.

The two fans and dual blades allow faster dissipation of heat while the water-resistant electric motors can put-up with rain. Turning it from an intake to exhaust fan and vice versa is done manually and features two speeds setting for varying the air flow.

A window fan is simple, easy-to-install, and can work in a wide array of windows. It also comes with different speed settings for varying the desired temperature and is more energy-efficient when compared to alternatives such as AC.

Nonetheless, you are more certain to have the best experience if you select a top product such as those featured on our 10 best window fans 2018 review. These products are the best in terms of versatility, reliability, efficiency and user friendliness and this is clearly-evident form the high star rating and popularity.





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