Best 10 LED Camping Lanterns in 2018

Camping remains a preferred outdoor activity. It allows the adventure seeker get in touch with nature, momentarily change their surrounding and also experience the adrenaline rush. However, when darkness falls, what we need is have adequate lighting.

In order to enjoy maximum satisfaction, many campers and adventure seekers opt to invest in a LED lantern. Read on to discover the top 10 best LED camping lanterns.

10. EUREKA, LED Lantern


Just as the name implies, anyone who buys this LED camping lantern will exclaim “EUREKA.” This is after discovering its high-quality and bright illumination. It is made from rugged ABS and also features a rubberized handle and accents for good grip.

The 230 Lumens and 230IR LED Lantern can be controlled manually or via an infrared remote control. A noticeable disadvantage is the battery cover that requires some extra effort and turning to open.

9. Gama Sonic, Rechargeable LED Lantern


Gama Sonic rechargeable lantern delivers adequate lighting courtesy of 40 premium LED units. The product is made from solid and flexible material that can withstand falls and shocks and is also waterproof.

It is recharged from a 110-volt point and when fully charged, it offers up to 7 hours of continuous lighting. You don’t have to worry about overcharging since it can automatically stop charging using the overcharge protector. You will however need to be quite patience as it charges rather slowly.

8. SUAOKI, LED Camping Lantern


The Suaoki Camping Lantern is highly innovative and comes in several LED units. The collapsible unit comes with three lighting modes. High provides very bright light, Low is for average illumination and SOS blinking is designed for alerting and emergencies.

It can be recharged directly via solar or by a battery or charger via a USB port. Its collapsible design allows it to be folded into a smaller unit for easy carrying and storage.

7. SUBOOS, Ultimate Rechargeable LED Lantern


The rechargeable lantern by SUBOOS is a suitable chose for any camper or hiker. It is professionally-designed and runs on either 3 AA or 2 lithium-ion batteries. It features 4 light modes that can be easily selected to suit your desires or needs. Weighing only 14 ounces, the 5-inch high lantern can also be collapsed to an even smaller size.

It also includes a 5200 mAH power bank plus a USB cable that can charge tablets, phones, and other mobile devices. It takes quite long time to get fully charged especially if it was completely drained.

6. Image, LED Camping Lantern with Ceiling Fan


This LED camping lantern by Image comes with 18 LED lenses that provide very bright light. The highly-portable light can easily be fitted anywhere inside the tent, on a tree, or anywhere outside courtesy of a hook. Its lighting angle can be adjusted to a tune of 360 degrees giving you all-rounded illumination.

To create a good ambiance even while in the outdoors, it also features a ceiling that comes with adjustable rolling speed. The two-speed mode allows you to choose the desired comfort.

5. Supernova, Ultra Bright LED Camping Lantern


The Supernova LED camping lantern is classified as one of the brightest products. It has a lumen rating of 500 and can illuminate a very wide area. The plastic-molded lantern is covered with sturdy and waterproof rubber.

Being a LED lantern, it still uses very low energy despite its ultra-bright light. The built-in LEDs can offer up to 100, 000 hours of non-fading lighting. To minimize the possibility getting lost, it features a slow-pulse LED indicator. It’s quite small compared to other topnotch products.

4. Rioa, Ultra Bright LED Camping Lantern


The LED camping lantern by RIOA provides ultra bright lighting. This is delivered via 30 premium LEDS. Its superior construction and design gives the product its compact, light and heavy-duty appeal that is well suited for the most rugged outdoors.

The great point about this ultra-bright lantern is that it doesn’t heat up or get too warm even after many hours of used.

3. Etekcity, 3 Pack LED Camping Lantern


Almost making it to the number 1 position is the Etekcity 3 pack camping lantern. It consists of 30 high-quality LEDs that are found inside military-grade housing. The lantern is compact, lightweight and very portable.

This is further boosted by the foldaway handles. It runs on 9 AA batteries that guarantee you of more than 12 hours of proper lighting. However, of the 12 hours, the last 4 will be available in dimmed lighting.

2. Divine LEDs, 2 Packs LED Camping Lantern


The 2 packs camping lantern by Divine LEDs is a quite high rated camping lantern in the market. It is quite light and portable and weighs only 1.3 pounds. With dimensions of 3.8 x 5.4 x 7.6 inches, carrying the lantern with you won’t feel like a chore. It’s made from military-grade plastic that is sturdy, durable and water-resistant.

The 30 built-in LEDs offer bright white light that covers a wide area and makes the lantern suitable for small, medium, large tents and also in the outdoors. Despite the ultra-bright light, expect to enjoy 12 hours plus of continuous lighting. And similar to other premium products, it also comes in collapsible design.

1. Divine LEDs, Ultra Bright LED Camping Lantern


Divine LEDs boasts of several camping lanterns. This type is one of its top and is suitable for camping, hiking, emergencies, storms, hurricanes and other situations. The multipurpose lantern is made from military-grade material and can tolerate the rugged environment, rough weather and poor handling.

To offer you the brightest light, it relies on 30 built-in individual LEDs. Other than its light weight, it also comes in a collapsible form for added portability and convenience.

You don’t have allow lack of proper lighting affect your time out camping anymore. By focusing on the items we have covered above you will be able to acquire a LED camping lantern that is versatile for different camping needs and environments. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.