Best 10 Blu-Ray Players with WiFi for 2018

Our entertainment is an important part of our lives. After a long day at work or in class, we want to be able to come home, sit on the sofa, put our feet up and enjoy the rest of our evening. We want to catch up on Breaking Bad on our big screen HDTV with crisp graphics that emphasize the scene and highlight the masterful cinematography. With a new Blu Ray player with WiFI, we have that opportunity.

As this particular type of Blu Ray comes equipped with WiFi, you can browse Netflix or your favorite television and movie app. Many of these Blu Ray players with WiFi come with different features that would be suitable to distinct needs of the individual. Before making a purchase, the consumer needs to survey the best players available and see what they have to offer. Then, they will be able to make an informed decision about which is the best Blu Ray player with WiFi for them.


The Best Blu Ray Player With WiFi Reviews

1 – Sony BDPS3500 Blue Ray Player with Wi-Fi

It used to be that if one wanted to watch Netflix or YouTube, they would need a different device. If they wanted to play the latest Playstation game, they would need several pieces of equipment. They would constantly have to shuffle through different pieces of technology, unplugging one and plugging in another. Setup for their night of entertainment would be more stressful than it needs to be. The best Blu Ray players with WiFi have changed the game here, to bring several features under the one roof.

None have done this better than Sony with the BDPS3500. This brilliant Blu Ray player merges several features so that it can be your all-in-one entertainment system. If you want to stream YouTube, Netflix, Playstation games, Amazon, listen to music, watch videos, this model is equipped to perform all of these functions. Rather than having a cluster of obtrusive and unsightly pieces of tech, your entertainment system can have just one underneath your screen. That alone makes the Sony BDPS3500 a worth contender in the best Blue Ray players with WiFi list.

2 – Samsung BD-J5700 with Wi-Fi

In past generations, if an individual wanted a television possessing the capability to access Netflix and other features on the internet, they would have to go out and purchase a smart television alongside their BluRay device. However, the BD-J5700 boasts that it will turn any television into a smart TV.

This means that if you want to stream movies or even access apps such as Facebook, this model will turn your television into a smart television. It will give it it the capability to access your favorite shows and movies via WiFi. It will also sync all of your devices through the WiFi connection. So, the user will be able to share content phone their laptop, phone or tablet to their television, and it is all completely wireless.

3 – LG Electronics BP350

One of the unfortunate effects of the development of technology is that some of our older tech will be left behind. If an individual had an impressive VHS collection, it become outdated with the DVD player. Now that BluRay is available, DVDs have become outdated, and an impressive collection of DVDs will fade into the background. The BP350 serves as a bridge to our DVD collection.

Users can proudly put their DVDs on display with their newer BluRays, for the BP350 will upgrade the visages to a high definition 1080p. It also has access via the WiFi connection to apps such as Netflix that stream movies and your favorite shows. But the ability to upgrade DVDs to high definition puts this model among some of the most sophisticated BluRay players.

4 – Panasonic DMP-BDT360

We have very high expectations for our technology, and especially our entertainment. When we are in front of the television, it is the time that we want to relax and enjoy ourselves. It is not the time that we want to wait for things to buffer, watch a blank screen, wrestle with our devices, unplug things and plug them back in and try to figure things out. We want to relax our minds. As a trusted brand Panasonic has delivered state of the art models with every generation that come with less stress.

With their DMP-BDT360 Blu Ray player with WiFI, they offer faster load time than previous and rival models. It also starts up faster, so that you do not have to wait several minutes to get to the screen that you want. This model is crafted for a generation that has a zeal for convenience.

5 – Spy-Max Bluray Player

Many users are concerned with the security of their home and particularly their expensive electronics. Your BluRay player is usually seated underneath a television that may have cost north of a thousand dollar. It may be flanked by expensive gaming consoles and an array of expensive games. If you go on vacation or if you are out for the day, you want to feel secure and know that nobody is in your home who should not be there.

You also would like to know if your child who told that you that they are sick in bed is really watching television or playing video games. The Spy-Max Blu Ray player with WiFI comes with a hidden camera that connects directly to your computer. This means that you can watch your living room live from a remote location. With the Spy-Max, you will feel much more confident in the security of your home.


6 – Samsung BD-H6500 Blu Ray with WiFI

Sometimes it seems as though there are no more upgrades that one could possibly imagine. We just do not know what they could add that would enhance our entertainment experience (aside from faster and more efficient models). But when movie theaters began to feature 3D displays, there was a wave of excitement among television enthusiasts. We knew that the next step was to bring 3D to the living room, and that innovation would only be a few years ago. Today, with the Samsung BD-H6500 Blu Ray player with WiFI, that very innovation is here. 3D television is available for the living room.


7 – Samsung Electronics UBD-K8500

As we are watching our favorite show on Netflix, audio is important. It is no longer enough to merely be able to hear what is happening on screen. We need to be engulfed in it. That is why so much emphasis has been put on surround sound audio systems and why people will upgrade just so they can have that amenity. This UBD-K8500 Blu Ray player with WiFI from Samsung, comes equipped with a 7.1 channel Dolby True HD/DTS-HD Master Audio. Developers also boast that it can play 3D BluRays, so that the latest tech is integrated in your Blu Ray player and you will have optimal visual and audio. This model offers the best viewing experience and should be regarded as integral to the wave of the future.


8 – OPPO BDP-93 Blu Ray DVD

Developers with OPPO can proudly say that their BDP-93 model is compatible with any disc technology that one needs. Your old DVD collection does not need to go to waste and your favorite BluRays and even 3D content can be enjoyed with optimal quality. You can even play streamed content. You can do all of this on a crisp image that has been crafted with sophisticated by some of the most qualified developers of the modern era.

The user can even adjust the television definition to a number of different settings, depending on what you are watching. In this way, whether a DVD or a BluRay movie, you can watch anything that you would like with optimal quality. This OPPO is one of the most advanced Blu Ray players with WiFi on the market.

9 – Pioneer Elite BDP-80FD 2D/3D

Toggling through different settings has never been quite so easy. While, historically, televisions have had one setting, this Pioneer Elite Blu Ray player with WiFI offers an upgrade to your television. It makes it into the television that you would have had to pay hundreds of extra dollars to purchase. It will play your favorite CD, DVD, BluRay, and 3D content, but it will also stream live wirelessly from the internet.

You can even use your mobile device to project onto your television via the Pioneer Elite. If you want to watch a series of music videos on a YouTube playlist or view a Picasa slideshow, this model can accommodate you. You do not have to use a number of different pieces of technology. The Pioneer Elite seems to merge all of your entertainment needs.


10 – Philips BDP2805 Blue Ray DVD Player

With a sleek an attractive physique, the Phillips BDP2805 makes an excellent Blu Ray player with WiFI. Adding complement and decor to any entertainment center. It represents a tech-savvy living room as it connects you to the internet wirelessly and streams your favorite apps, such as Netflix and YouTube. It will even upscale DVDs to 1080p so that they will very closely mimic actual high definition quality. Like all of the best of its’ class, this Blu Ray player with WiFI can handle 3D content and produce the best quality that our modern age has to offer. This model makes no compromises on technological innovation, and reviewers even boast of the high speed loading and startup process. They do not have to sit around waiting for it to load and it has very few problems.


So that’s our selection of the best Blu Ray players with WiFi. There is something here for all tastes and all budgets. Each of these is a great Blu Ray player in it’s own right and all could be considered the best. But the crown can only sit on the one that suits you personally. Whichever one you choose, you won’t be disappointed. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.