7 Things You Will Stop Doing When You Get Rich

Being rich is an art that has been mastered by few; a minority is believed to have been born rich, some learn how to be rich and embrace it while others have it bestowed unto them. It is an art that requires cultivation of patience and a combination of various virtues of life for instance being honest and acting in utmost good faith. Becoming rich is a process. Before you are rich you will have to shed of unhealthy demeanours that way you down and hinder your financial prowess.

Once you become rich, you may spend less time thinking about how you will survive a day without a meal or how you rely on your boss to meets your daily needs. Your focus shifts to discussing matters development and investment with likeminded individuals in the society. Therefore, your network grows and you become a highly efficient and reliable individual. It is always self-fulfilling to spend your hard-earned coin on yourself or those that are family to you. It makes you look forward to earning another extra cent to keep the feeling at home.

Sometimes the resources you possess help you to hasten the execution of your plans and dreams while at the same time attending to minor details that you have keenly mapped out. Your preference is always inclined to quality work and you never compromise on service delivery and hence your chance of reaping a heavy harvest is almost certain. Money is an essential factor of production that drives each individual’s economic status in the society and eventually reflects the country’s gross domestic product.

We have made a summary of some of the things you STOP doing once you start living your dream of being super rich:

1. Eating fast foods

A wise man once said that real wealth is your health. Being rich gives you an opportunity of being able to focus more on the type of food you take since you no longer take a meal only to survive another day. Your food security stops being interrupted and is never shaken by the worst economic ripples that arise from business interactions you choose to engage in. Therefore, you live to eat and not eat to live. Your interests meltdown to the individual users of every single unit of food and your general wellbeing; of course, you have no problem of seeking the advice of a nutritionist to shed insight into you endeavour because you can afford their services.

One of the foodstuffs you will no longer crave for are fast foods since they are unhealthy and have a detrimental effect on your health. You have a wide variety of foodstuffs to pick from especially those that are healthy and beneficial to your mental well being. Your desire is to live long enough to be able to craft a better life for your grandchildren’s children.

2. Watch TV

Idleness is cancer that can eat you mercilessly without your knowledge and conviction. Sometimes it appears in form of a seemingly important active that you routinely engage in without actually being productive to yourself or the community at large. Some television programs can be more addictive to watch and follow them than you can ever imagine. Think of the lengthy soap operas that are televised worldwide; millions of people spend at least half of the day watching these series.

Rich people love to make the most accurate decisions in every situation that may appear before them. To do these they need information in its purest form to enable them to analyze and dissect issues into all the possible dimensions that shed the light of clearer conceptualization of ideas. They will need more inspiration books that delve into matters at their disposal to beware of how others have solved such matters in the past and how it applies to their current situation. Once you become rich you will prefer to read newspapers and journals to watching movies on the television sets.

3. Sleeping Too Much

Sleeping for longer hours than those recommended for a normal human being can slow down your pace in achieving your set goals. It means you will need more days to complete a task that you should have been able to complete within few hours.

As a person who is rich, you have ambitions and deadlines to meet. You believe that opportunity knocks once and when it does you want to be always prepared to make the best out of it. Oversleeping is not in your diction. It belongs to the poor who have no purpose in life and are not assertive enough.

You will need to be up to date with emerging trends and needs of the world around you lest you are left behind and make poor judgments of your day to day activities. You will realize, each moment of the day, requires your A game to propel you forward in a steady manner. To stay well informed you will always have to conform to this a basic foundation of being resourceful. You will need to punctual enough and learn how to use the time resource effectively as a factor of production. To plan ahead, you will need to be an early riser and relatively retire to your bed reasonably late hours of the night. If you do not plan early enough, rest assured that you have planned to fail miserably.

4. Buying Irrelevant Products That You May Not Need

Impulse buying is a vice that has eaten into you until you can no longer account for it’s damage to your financial life. It’s just an estimated figure that is not clear in your mind. You no longer budget for your expenditure but embrace the full meaning of ‘’living in the moment” phrase. Mark you, all these demeanours will have to fade away if you become rich so that you can manage to resourcefully stay afloat.

Once you are rich, you will plan for your expenditure and work towards them until you achieve them. If a product or service exceeds your budget allocation, you would rather go back to the drawing board and reevaluate the urgency of some of your needs to be satisfied. Note that the tendency of your sticking your early plan will always out way the need for you to drastically change purchasing plans on reaching the market.

Being rich is much of attaining the right mindset towards your income management strategies to create an environment that promotes wealth creation and savings for future investments than its consumption. The evil of spending in an unsustainable fashion is one that you will ridicule and avoid as the plague; you will develop a culture of spending your money only after you have saved some. Your worry will shift from having wealth to maintaining what you already own a viable model.

A lifestyle that is coupled up with excessive intake of alcohol will be no more for you. You will have developed mechanism of sticking to your budget and avoiding unnecessary expenses to nurse your ego. Note that most people addicted to substance abuse have the least chance of saving money. You may find it necessary to join a rehabilitation centre in your neighbourhood to diagnosed and treated accordingly.

5. Surround Yourself With Poor Individuals

The world is made of people who more indiscipline than those who have mastered the art of self-discipline. You become poor by not having the discipline of saving a little of your earnings every time you get an income. No matter the income you earn, without self-discipline, poverty will strike like an armed robber. You will slowly find yourself in an unsustainable debt crisis and even be declared bankrupt.

On climbing the ladder of being resourceful, you will have to stop being indisciplined and obey the laws of staying rich unabated. You will become principled in the way you run your finance and everything that pertains to it. You will seek not the counsel of less resourceful individuals since their ways are backwards. Your friends have a share in the determination of your status and reputation in any given organized setting. By prioritizing this, you will stop valuing the company of poor minded people.

6. Spending Much Time With Family, Friends and Loved One

Most people from poor backgrounds get to spend quality time with their family and friends almost all the time. These are because they are few engagements in their daily schedules since they may be running shops which are less interactive and have a low economic scale in the market. If you are one these poor souls, you will notice the low stock turnover kills your moral to bury your head deep in such a business. As a result, one may end up having a relatively large family to take care of yet he/she has meagre earnings.

Friends and family are the backbones of every society. You will find time for them in your busy schedule and enlighten them on possible opportunities in the market for them to venture in. As a rich person, you understand that every single day is an opportunity for you to grow your empire and this turns out to be your priority. In the fullness of time, you will be rarely at home unless if the headquarters of your income-generating empire is located there.

You will limit the time you spend on charting and enjoying family integration moments. Your ambitions will push you to work hard and smart every second so that you can, later on, celebrate the achievements thereof. If you have friends that believe in superstition until it has affected their productiveness and well being, you will stop visiting them. You will stop blaming people in your life as the reason for your failures. You would rather act on your weakness and expect not less than that from other members of the community, for instance, your relatives, managing directors, government officials or even demons. You will stop blaming others and start blaming yourself and find a way out your current predicament.

7. Income Generation Objectives; You Would Rather Keep Your Reputation Intact

Most individuals would rather make money at all cost including engaging in immoral activities. Income generation is a basic principle but once you have acquired enough money, your reputation will be your first priority. You will avoid engaging in activities make you appear as an immoral member of the society. You would rather be the champion of social justice and promote an environment of law-abiding citizens. The opinion of the public about your general behaviour will matter to you and you will hold it in regard since most people will be already regarding you as a leader or their role model.

You will stop relying on rumours as a source of knowledge upon which you make your judgments. You will focus more on newspaper dailies that are realistic and books that broaden your mental capabilities. Your mental capacity will now be able to handle immense pressure from your external and internal environment since you will stop looking at the factors that affect your responses with a narrow mind.

You will focus more on creating wealth in areas of where you are more knowledgeable. You will stop investing your time and resources in exploiting scams of get-rich schemes. You will understand that wealth creation is a process that takes time and requires you have to be on top of your game.

You will also stop putting your eggs in one basket. You won’t invest in only one industry or line of business activity. You would rather diversify the products you offer and ensure that you have a wide variety of products in stock. Your income will stop coming from only one basket of investment but flow from the many streams of rivers you have put out on the market.


After carefully going through the things you will most likely change once you have become rich or rather as you journey your way to becoming rich, I hope you will reevaluate your ways and be wise. Our review was well researched and widespread enough to absorb a majority of the behaviour of the current wealthy men and women on the planet.

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