Best 10 Shower Hoses in 2018

Very few situations are as frustrating as getting into the bathroom after a long, tough day only to find a broken shower hose, with water spraying everywhere. In such instances, most people often decide to purchase the shower head and hose combined. Another great option would be to buy the hose itself. Besides being cost-efficient, it requires quick and easy.

There are numerous, different options to select the shower hose on the market today. Choosing the model to purchase might not be an easy task. Below, we review the top 10 best shower hoses in 2018. Make use of these reviews as a guide when purchasing a replacement shower hose.

10. Senlesen Extra-Long Handheld Shower Hose, 118-Inch


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The Senlesen Extra-Long Handheld Shower Hose features a complete, stainless steel construction. That’s inclusive of the 0.5-inch ends. In particular, you’ll appreciate how long this hose is. Also, its chrome finish ensures that you’ll have an easy time when cleaning it. You’ll find it amazingly simple to install the Senlesen 118-Inch Shower Hose. As well, it doesn’t kink. As a matter of fact, it’s incredibly flexible. You ought to consider this particular model if you’re seeking a long shower hose for certain needs.

9. KOHLER K-8593-CP MasterShower Metal Shower Hose, 72-Inch


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This hose will elevate the straightforward act of showering to an incredibly luxurious experience, tailored to your design. It’s a 72-inch long metal hose, coming along with a swivel base. This model is undoubtedly worth considering. Its finish helps resist tarnishing and corrosion. In fact, the KOHLER K-8593-CP exceeds industry standards when it comes down to durability. Also, they incorporate fluid design lines. In turn, such allow for easy, yet quick cleaning. You can opt for the K-8593-CP as KOHLER’s quality won’t disappoint you.

8. Ulteri Shower Hose, 79-Inch


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This accessory features a top-quality stainless steel outer tube. In turn, that ensures for durability. This model comes in an appealing, chrome finish that’s incredibly easy to clean. In turn, that enables you to achieve longer and more efficient service from the device. It’s an anti-kink model that’s 79 inches long. As such, the hose is relatively long when compared to most other models.

Installing it is a hassle-free process. Although the ends are directed to specific ways, you won’t have any difficulties during the installation process. You’re definite to be pleased with this item. In fact, it’ll be among the most notable improvements you’ll ever implement for your bath needs.

7. Fivanus Shower Hose, 96-Inch


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The Fivanus Shower Hose is an ultra-long (96-inch) model. It has several remarkable features worth praising. For instance, it boasts an exclusive spinning inner core design. That, in turn, will eliminate all worries about the hose twining. As well, it has been rigorously tested and proved to be corrosion-, tarnish-, and high pressure- resistant. The included brass insert and nut allow for easy installation, without requiring any additional tools. Besides, the Fivanus 96-inch Hose comes backed by a reassuring 3-year warranty.

6. MoonCity, Chromed Double-Buckle Shower Hose, 60-Inch


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The MoonCity Chromed Shower Hose will give your bathroom an improved, yet stylish look. This 60-inch hose features an incredibly flexible design, including chrome plating. In turn, that makes the accessory excellently easy to clean. The silvery tone is highly appealing. Also, it’ll easily match your bathroom’s décor. This hose boasts a solidly rigid, but highly flexible construction. For the price, the MoonCity Chromed Double-Buckle Shower Hose is undoubtedly worth every penny.

5. Hansgrohe Techniflex B Hose, 63-Inch


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This shower hose guarantees you freedom of movement. As such, you’re assured of a pleasing shower experience. The Hansgrohe Techniflex B-Hose is incredibly easy to clean, thanks to its top-quality, plastic sleeve. Also, its metal look gives the hose an elegant overall appearance. In fact, it’ll be among the most stunning visual highlights in almost any shower.

This shower hose doesn’t only impress with its design. As well, you’ll be amazed by its innovative functionality. Any limescale residue won’t remain on the hose, thanks to the smooth, plastic sleeve. This hose will continue to be reliable for multiple years to come. Selecting this model implies choosing to experience first-class quality in sanitation engineering.

4. Purelux, Extra-Long Double-Lock Shower Hose, 100 Inch


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It deserves the term ‘extra-long’, considering that it measures a whopping 100 inches. The Purelux Shower Hose is constructed out of high-quality stainless steel. That assures you of its anti-corrosion nature and durability. It comes attached with a regular washer, as well as a mesh washer. It’s quite flexible and doesn’t kink. Its brass connectors are of superior quality. Besides, its premium quality chrome coating will be an excellent match to your bathroom’s décor.

3. DELTA FAUCET, Master Plumber Shower Hose, 59-Inch


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Are you seeking a heavy-duty shower hose? Then, you’d want to consider the DELTA FAUCET Master Plumber 682-812. In fact, it’s among the best heavy-duty shower hoses you’ll come across on the market. In particular, it measures a considerable 59 inches long. Also, it takes pride in its reliable, long-lasting construction. The stainless steel finish is definite will always be an eye-catching aspect of your bathroom. It’s an inexpensive model that offers features and capabilities you’d expect in a high-end shower hose.

2. ThreeE, Kink-free Extra Long Shower Hose, 79-Inch


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The ThreeE shower hose features exterior tubing that’s constructed out of stainless steel. Therefore, you’re guaranteed of longevity and quality with this particular hose. The inner pipe is 100% made by odorless, non-toxic EPDM material which offers high-pressure resistance. Besides, the conical and hex connectors are constructed out of solid brass.

Besides, the incorporated standard 360 degree rotatable connector ensures for kink-free and the double lock structure design ensures the hose very flexible.

1. Xlshower Extra Long Handheld Shower Hose, 96 Inch


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Topping our list is the 96-inch long shower hose by xlshower. This model can be used with almost all handheld shower heads. It’ll be especially handy where extra length is required. For example, it could be useful for physically challenged persons who’re in a seat. Although it’s constructed out of stainless steel, the XLSSH8FT doesn’t kink. In fact, it’s extremely flexible and friendly to use. It features 0.5-inch standard size ends, coming along with two rubber-made sealers. It’s a top-quality shower hose that you’ll appreciate, particularly for its performance and durability.

Purchasing a top-quality shower hose is critical for your bathroom. A quality model won’t tarnish. Also, it ought to offer a lightweight, flexible feel, allowing for easy use. Following the above reviews will enable you to select a high-quality, durable, and top-performing shower hose. Besides, you’ll find appealing models which are definite to match your bathroom’s décor. Your experience when selecting a shower hose need not be daunting. The above models offer excellent value, yet at affordable prices.

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