Best 10 Dinnerware Sets in 2018

Dinnerware is part-and-parcel of the modern home or kitchen and a time will come when you will need to upgrade or replace the existing set. You may do this after moving into a bigger kitchen, refurbishing, renovating your kitchen, or when about to host an event. Although finding a set is pretty straightforward, knowing what best suits your home and preferences is the bigger challenge.

Choosing the right dinnerware set is influenced by many things including the following:

  • Nature of Event: Casual dinnerware is suited for day-to-day and is sturdier compared to formal set which is more delicate and used on special occasions.
  • Material: The quality material should feature unbreakable materials such as laminate, metal, porcelain, heavy-duty china. The common materials are ironstone, bone china, laminate, porcelain, creamware, stoneware, majolica, semi-porcelain and faience.
  • Style & Texture: People choose dinnerware based on the style and texture. Some love floral patterns, others love plain pieces while some prefer textured designs.
  • Durability: Best pieces are microwave and dishwasher safe and are made from sturdy materials such as porcelain, bone china, and iron ware.
  • Cost: Materials such as majolica, stoneware, delft, creamware, faience are inexpensive compared to porcelain or china but don’t last as long.
  • Color Theme: The décor and surrounding influences the choice of the dinnerware set. Some designs and colors enhance the aesthetic accents; others are suitable for neutral colors while some suit brightly-colored rooms.Best Dinnerware Sets in 2018

Best Dinnerware Sets in 2018

10. Corelle, 20 Piece Livingware Dinnerware Set

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Upgrade your kitchen with this beautifully-crafted and stylish Livingware dinnerware from Corelle. It brings out a country cottage appeal and includes 10-1/4-inch Dinner Plates, 11-ounce-stoneware mugs, 6-3/4 inch Butter & Bread Plates, Storage Lids, and 18-Ounce Cereal/Soup bowls.

The set is unlikely to get scratched or break courtesy of the Patented Vitrelle glass technology and will fit in small spaces thanks to its thin, lightweight and space-saving design.

9. AmazonBasics, 16-Piece Cafe Stripe Dinnerware Set

Make the meal more exciting and enchanting by investing in the 16-piece dinnerware set by AmazonBasics. Made from AB-grade BPA-free porcelain, this lightweight set is not only elegant but also durable.

It consists of four 10.5-inch dinner plates, four 7.5-inch dessert plates, four 5.5 x 2.75-inch bowls and four 4-inch-tall mugs all of which are dishwasher and microwave safe. The gray trim together with the café stripe is what exudes the modern and sophisticated style.

8. Corelle, 20 Piece Livingware Dinnerware Set

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This 20-piece dinnerware set by Corelle will look elegant in any modern kitchen. It consists of 10-1/4-inch Dinner Plates, 6-3/4-inch Bread & Butter Plates, 11-ounce stoneware mugs and 18-Ounce Cereal/Soup bowls.

They come in a light, thin and space-saving design that will fit in tight spaces while the patented Vitrelle glass technology protects them from scratch and breakage. Besides being microwave-friendly, the USA-made dinnerware is also oven and dishwasher safe.

7. Lenox, Westmore 5 Piece Place Setting

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Breathe new life in your dinnerware by acquiring the 5-piece place setting by Lenox. The contemporary piece is made from quality bone china and is accented with 24 K gold.

It comes with the 10 3 / 4-inch dinner plate, 8-inch Salad Plate, 6-inch Butter Plate , 5 3 /4-inch Saucer and 6-oz Cup. The dishwasher safe set brings out a soft and subtle appeal and will look good in different surroundings.

6. Wedgwood, Renaissance Gold 5-Piece Place Setting

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Elegance meets reliability in this 5-piece renaissance dinnerware by Wedgewood. Made from high-quality fine bone china, this piece is very durable and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

It consists of ornate and contemporary-styled dinner plate, tea saucer, bread & butter plate, salad plate, tea cup and tea saucer and feature intricate designs and bold blue finish. The items are dishwasher safe and are easy to clean.

5. Lorren Home Trends, 57-Piece 24K Gold Floral Design Dinnerware Set

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The La Luna dinnerware set by Lorren Home Trends is not only elegant and trendy but also stylish. It consists of 57 pieces of fine bone china and accented by detailed 24K gold floral designs.

The set is intended for serving 8 people and includes oval and round-shaped serving plates, bowls, teapot, platters, creamer and holders for salt, sugar and pepper. In addition to being oven safe up to 350 degrees, the dinnerware set is also dishwasher safe.

4. Lenox, Garden Grove 5-Piece Place Setting

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If exquisite design, intricate detailing and unmatched hand-craftsmanship is your thing, then you will find the 5-Piece Garden Grove dinnerware by Lenox.

The American-made piece comprises of 10-3/4-inch diameter plate, 8-inch salad plate, 6-inch saucer, 5-3/4-inch butter plate and a 6- ounce capacity cup. The pieces are hand-crafted from fine bone china and accented with 24 karat gold and elaborate flower designs.

3. Barchesco, Collection 4-Piece Dinnerware Set

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The skillfully patterned 4-piece dinnerware set by Barchesco will have your guests admiring the pieces. The 10.5-inch dinner plate, 8-inch salad plate, 6-inch saucer and 7- ounce cup are made from quality and durable porcelain.

This assures you of longevity, reliability, elegance and value for your money. You also shouldn’t agonize about the set fading, losing its appeal or getting scratched.

2. Lorenzo, Lorenzo 57 Piece Elegant Dinnerware Sets

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The Lorenzo brand stands out in regard to elegance and sophistication, and this is evident with this 57-piece dinnerware set that is made from translucent bone china.

The durable , modern and exquisite looking set consists of eight 10.5-inch dinner plates, eight 8.5″ (8-ounce) soup bowl, eight 7.5-inch butter dishes and bread/salad dishes, eight 8- ounce cups, eight Saucers, eight 5.5-inch dessert/fruit bowls, one 14-inch Oval Platter, one 9-inch Serving Bowl, one Salt & Pepper set , 48-ounce Teapot with lid, one 5 x 3 x 4.5 inch creamer and 7 x 4 x 5 inch Sugar Bowl with lid. It is oven safe up to 350 degrees and also dishwasher safe.

1. Lenox, 5-Piece Gluckstein Audrey Place Setting

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The 5-piece Gluckstein Audrey set by Lenox make a good addition to the dinnerware as well as a gift item. It features intricate designs and patterns which have been well laid out on the fine handcrafted bone china.

The authentic design and quality come with the 10 3 / 4-inch dinner plate, 9 1/4-salad plates, 6 1 /4-inch butter plate, 5 3 / 4-inch saucer and 3 oz cup. The easy-to-clean set is dishwasher safe and microwave friendly.


It’s true that choosing dinnerware sets can be a complicated process. You will need to find pieces that complement the room, enhance the accents, match the colors and décor, and suit your personal styles.

It’s also vital to ensure the items are suited for the need at hand whether indoors or outdoors, formal or informal, made from sturdy materials and are microwave-friendly as well as dishwasher safe.





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