Best 10 Bath Mats in 2018

The reason for searching for the 10 best bath mats is to be assured of safety and convenience. Many people slip while getting out of the bathtub and injured themselves. Others find the floor too cold or hard on their feet. Some individuals desire to improve the aesthetic appeal of the bathroom without spending too much effort or time.

Installing a bath mat is the easiest, quickest and most convenient way of dealing with the above issues. However, you need to invest in the best product. After comparing the different brands and types, we found the following to be the top 10 best bath mats to be your priority choices.

10. Clara Clark Bath Rug


Maximum absorbency, anti-slip and anti-bacterial characteristics are some of the reasons that make the Clara Clark bath mat a popular choice. The 17 x 24 inch mat is made from memory foam and is ideal for small areas. Courtesy of the smooth surface, the mat feels warm and soft on the feet. It also has a non-slip surface that minimizes any slippage or accidental falls. Additionally, the non-skid bottom surface ensures the mat remains in place at all times. Unfortunately, being a small mat, it is not very suitable for large surfaces.

9. Tike Smart, Extra-Long Non-Slip Bath Mat



The Tike Smart bath mat measures 39(L) x 16(W) inches and is one of the largest. The non-slip mat comes with anti-bacterial properties that help to keep the bath area clean and hygienic. It’s constructed from quality rubber that features a textured surface for good grounding. The machine washable mat is resistant to mold, stain and mildew and is suitable for the elderly, adults, disabled as well as the kids. Being an extra long mat, it may not be very suitable in small areas.

8. Simple Deluxe, Extra-Long Non-Slip Bath Mat


The Simple Deluxe is a long mat that measures 16 by 39 inches. It is ideal for medium and also large surfaces and provides more coverage compared to the standard type. Weighing about 1.2 pounds, it’s among the lightest mats in its class and can be used on both textured and non-textured surfaces. Thanks to being BPA-free and allergen-free, the Simple Deluxe is considered as one of the most eco and health-friendly mat. Unfortunately, users with small or oddly shaped bathtub may find it a bit too long.

7. NTTR, Extra Long Bathtub Mat


Another entrant in the 10 best bath mats list is the NTTR extra long mat. It measures 39 inches in length and 16 inches in width and has a weight of 1.9 pounds. The luxurious mat is made from eco-friendly PVC which is certified to be EN71 non-toxic compliant. Courtesy of the quality material and design, the mat is resistant to bacteria, mold, and mildew and will remain hygienic for a long time. To guarantee a user of optimum safety in the wet condition, the mat features more than 100 high-quality suction cups. Some users however claim the mat to be a bit narrow.

6. HIGHROCK Bath Mat


The High rock bath mat comes in a length of 24 inches and width of 16 inches. In addition to the bathtub/bathroom, the mat is also ideal for the toilet, sink and shower. It comes with advanced memory foam pattern that is both functional and an elegant. The mat easily absorbs moisture and water ensuring the surface remains dry and comfortable. Furthermore, it will still feel warm even in cold seasons such as winter. Looking at some reviews and opinions, some consumers claim the mat has some sticking issues particularly in very wet surfaces.

5. Magnificent, High Absorbency Bath Mat


The Magnificent bath mat is ranked as among the most absorbent. This is credited to the memory foam that has good absorbency rate. The 17 by 24-iInch mat weighs about 1.7 pounds and can fit in most situations. Thanks to its anti-bacterial properties, no bacteria, mold or mildew will thrive in the bath area. Also, it’s quite stylish and will improve the surrounding. The only major concern is that the mat tends to curl at the ends especially if handled poorly.

4. NTTR, Non Slip Bath Mat


Coming from the NTTR brand, the pebbles bath mat is a regular entrant in the top 10 lists. The non-slip mat is made from quality yet soft rubber that doesn’t slip even in wet conditions. It also retains its structural integrity for a long time. Coming with 100 plus suction cups, the mat will firmly remain in position assuring a user of safety. Similar to other top types, it’s also resistant to slipping and bacteria. Measuring 35(L) by 16 (W), the mat is extra long and may not be very suitable for small bathrooms/bathtubs.

3. Chesapeake Merchandising, Pebbles Bath Mat


Finding its way into the list of the 10 best bath mats is the Chesapeake Pebbles bath mat. Coming in two pieces, the mat measures 40(L) x 24(W) x 1(Thickness) inches and weighs 5.6 Pounds. The soft mat is made from 100% cotton and comes with a smooth, comfortable and warm surface. It easily absorbs moisture and water and this ensures the area is clean and dry. Furthermore, many people are drawn to this mat because of its plush and elegant appeal. Although it’s a bit bulky and heavy, the Chesapeake Pebbles mat is easy to clean and maintain.

2. Docbear, Natural Rubber Bath Mat


Made from 100% natural rubber, this bathmat is a top pick for people looking for a reliable product. It comes in dimensions of 33 (L) x 15(W) and weighs about 2.2 pounds. The high quality rubber doesn’t contain any toxic compounds and is quite durable. And to ensure it sticks to the surface, the mat comes with strong suction cups that are engineered using advanced technology. Besides being resistant to water, the mat can also tolerate high temperatures of up to 80 degrees. You however need to clean it regularly and thoroughly to avoid yellowing or stains from developing.

1. Epica, Anti Slip Bath Mat


We found the Epica bath mat to be the best product for several reasons. One, it is made from latex-free rubber that offers good traction and minimizes the possibility of slipping or falling. Two, the highly-effective suction cups boost safety in the bath area. Furthermore, the suction cups can easily be removed for cleaning and drying. Three, the anti-bacterial mat is resistant to bacteria, germs, mold and other elements. Four, it will retain its effectiveness and functionality for a long time.

The above mats are suitable for any kind of bathroom or flooring. They feature a good material that offers good grip and minimizes slippage. Courtesy of their smooth surface, the mats will be soft on the feet. Furthermore, they are resistant to water and moisture and will last for a long time. Apart from improving functionality and aesthetic appeal, and the bath mats mentioned above will assure you of safety.

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