Best 10 Pet Beds in 2018

We all love pets, or rather most of us do. They are friendly and seem to understand us much better than our fellow human beings. Though they never utter a word, just being around us make us feel loved and important. Today’s pet lovers are spending thousands of bucks trying to pamper their feline or canine friends. One way they do so is by getting them cozy beds.

While pet beds are ideally meant to offer comfort to your pet, it’s also an ideal way of protecting your furniture from lice, dirt, and fur.

Best Pet Beds in 2018

The market is choking with thousands of pet beds and getting the right quality for your pet can be a daunting task. Hence, we have identified and compared the best pet beds from several models in the market.

10. Furhaven Pet, Deluxe Solid Ortho Mat Pet Bed


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You’ll love the gratitude look of the pets whenever he/she lies on this bed. Furhaven mat pet bad is a super comfortable bed for your pet that won’t grab acres in your house. It features a robust construction with a generous availability of plush faux fur. The fur is safe for pet’s paws and nose.

Furhaven’s design is meant to offer unrivaled support and massage to your pet’s joints and muscles thereby relieving it of all fatigue. Its cover is zippered and can be removed for machine washing.

9. Aspen Pet, Self-Warming Cat Bed


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From Aspen Pet self-warming cat bed claims to be the warmest having been constructed with the same technology used in Mylar Space Blankets.

This bed brings a fine blend of faux lambs’ wool and wale corduroy fabrics. These materials will reflect your pet’s heat and hold it, so your cat won’t be leaving it soon. This bed has decent fillings that add to its durability. Moreover, it has a non-skid bottom for added stability.

8. HappyCare Textiles Rectangle Pet Bed


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HappyCare Textiles are happy to bring you what could be your pet’s bed soon. It’s a premium item with an innovative lavish design meant to deliver tons of comfort and relaxation to your pet.

Its bulky filling means that the bed won’t be flattening anytime soon. The lining is ultra soft and conforms to the shape of your dog. Note the raised sides with which your pet supports its head. What’s more is that the bed is reversible so your dog can use both sides. Again, HappyCare Pet Bed is wholly machine-washable. Four different colours are available with this HappyCare Textiles pet bed.

7. Armarkat, Oval Shape Pet Cat Bed


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Armarkat is a highly experienced company in the world of pets. It strives to offer what is safe for your pet. The Armarkat pet beds come in round/oval shapes and feature one of the most luxurious designs you could never resist. Putting safety first, these beds have been constructed using feline-friendly and canine-friendly material that won’t cause them any allergies.

Many users attest to the fact that these beds are durable, unbelievably comfortable, and stain resistant. Their lining is waterproof to keep your pet from the cold. They are also machine washable and come in different colors to blend with your décor.

6. MidWest Homes for Pets, Reversible Paw Print Pet Bed



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This eye-catching dog/cat bed is an ideal resting place for pets with up to 70 lbs. The paw prints give your pet a friendly and home feeling. A quick glance at it reveals loads of comfort hidden therein. Its thoughtful design requires no maintenance.

The best thing about this pet bed by Midwest is that you can use both sides so that it can elongate the time between washings. Again, this is a highly portable bed that you can always take along when your pet is accompanying you on a trip or camping.

5. MidWest Homes for Pets, Ombré Swirl Pet Bed


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It’s the elegant design featured by this pet bed that makes it an overwhelming choice for many pet owners. You can use it in your dog’s crates or use it as a bed by itself. It comes in different sizes and colors to fit any décor.

This pet bed has a generous fur stuffing with superior comfort for your pet weighing 26-40 pounds. Its bottom surface is skid-free and can, therefore, be positioned on any hardwood or tiled floors without the risk of skidding. Moreover, it’s machine wash friendly so that the pet bed will remain hygiene.

4. K&H Manufacturing, Ortho Bolster Sleeper


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K&H Ortho Bolster Sleeper comes in different sizes for different sized pets. These beds are ultra soft and have 3’’ medical grade foam. The bolster which adds more comfort and security has premium polyfill filling.

The bed has an incredibly soft micro-fleece cover which continuously delivers optimum comfort and warmth as your pet takes a nap. You can easily unzip the cover for washing.

3. Pet Trendy, Modern Chic Trellis Cat or Dog Bed



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Talk of luxury, only your cat or dog can explain what they feel when lying on this bed. It offers a Porsche feeling and style in 7 different colors to match your interiors. You know how hard it is to pull out a pet’s bed’s cover for washing? Or how painstaking it is to put it back after tumble drying? Now, all these have been eliminated in this Modern Chic Trellis Pet Bed. The whole bed goes into the machine wash and tumble dryer and comes out superiorly clean and smelling great.

The best thing is that it doesn’t lose its stylish design. The bed is super thick with an ultra soft bolster. It’s able to resist all hostility from your pet’s nails and sharp teeth

2. Gale Pacific, Coolaroo Elevated Pet Bed with Knitted Fabric


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Gale Pacific has huge trust on the quality of their pet bed. Its frame stands 7’’ off the ground thereby protecting your pet from the cold floor and hard ground.

The frame features stainless steel construction and has been firmly fitted to prevent wobbling even with frequent usage. The rest area is made of breathable fabric that is both flea and mite resistant. It’s highly durable and withstands sharp teeth and paws. This fabric is also washable and will be dried in a snap.

1. PetFusion, Ultimate Pet Bed & Lounge in Premium Edition


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This is for you who don’t compromise on your pet’s comfort. PetFusion Ultimate pet bed features a deluxe 4’’ memory foam that will not only deliver optimum comfort but also help your dog in relieving joint pain. It features a super design that will blend in well with your décor and complement it too.

This lounge has a removable and machine washable cover. The cover is of extremely high quality and is both water and tear resistant. PetFusion is a large bed and lounge measuring 36 x 28 x 9 inches. It’s, therefore, suitable for a large dog or 2 medium sized dogs.

Bringing a cozy, well-constructed bed for your pet is one treat that your pet can’t thank you enough for. On the other hand, pets have been known to be so selective. As such, you need to be extra cautious before spending your bucks on a bed. From the compact size to the large beds, we believe you’re going to find the best choice for your lovely pets.







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