Best 10 Off-Road Go Karts in 2018

Off road go-kart has become quite popular and is no longer a reserve for a few. You’ll see crowds of people, both young and old, visiting the go-kart circuit as participants or spectators. And to keep up with the growing numbers, manufacturers keep releasing new products. Some are ideal for professionals while others are suited for beginners.

Before purchasing an item, it is recommended to first compare different items. In this review, we will go through the top 10 best off-road go-karts in 2018. But before we begin, how about we look at why people engage in the activity and the important features to look at.

Why go-karting has become popular

There are quite a number of reasons why people opt to engage in go-karting. The following, however, are the main reasons:

  • Fun activity: we all know that people love speed and competition. Go-karting provides a good platform for both adults and children to have fun.
  • Future race drivers: It’s well-known that many race drivers honed their skills in go-karting.
  • Adrenalin rush: Many people love the spirit of competition and the adrenaline rush which is witnessed in go-karting.
  • Better reflexes: Go-kart racing helps a person improve his/her flexes and maneuverability due to the many corners and turns. The racer is required to avoid the obstacles as well as other drivers
  • Bonding time: The Go-Kart arena offers a good place for the family members to bond with each other. The parents, relatives, and neighbors will come to cheer their neighborhood or local hero.
  • Boost confidence: Experts use go-karting as an avenue it helps boost the confidence of a person who is afraid of driving or isn’t very confident. It’s also used to teach an individual vehicle control.
  • Team building experience: Companies and organizations use Go-Karting to teach and encourage relationships and team spirit among their employees.

What you should consider before purchasing

  • Power: Karts greatly vary in power. You’ll find some with low horsepower and others with lots of power. Inexperienced users start with low-powered units whereas experienced riders can choose high-powered machines.
  • Area of use: Different situations call for different go-karts. For instance, a kart for off-road use is different from that used on a race track or Soap Box Derby.
  • Ground clearance: The off-road environment calls for a unit that is raised to get over obstacles and bumps. Too low and the bottom will be scrapped.
  • Safety controls: You should choose a unit that has good safety features and ratings. Like other sports, there is always a risk of getting injured. The chassis should be sturdily built, the harnessing good, and the shock absorption system should be effective.
  • Comfort: A good off-road- go-kart features a comfortable and supportive seat. It will provide a perfect hold and will be well-padded for good comfort.
  • Size: You need to pick a go-kart depending on your age, weight, and height. Younger users should go for smaller units whereas a mature person will find larger go karts more ideal. A go-kart for heavy people should be strong to handle the extra weight.

Best Off-road Go karts in 2018


Available in a simple black color, this off-road go-kart from Trailmaster is well-known for its decent performance, reliability, and long-lasting performance.

It produces good power courtesy of the 163cc engine that churns up to 5.5 HP. The kart can be started with either a pull start or automatic start and has a powerful Led headlight for illuminating your path. It has double seats that can easily be adjusted to suit different users whereas the dual wheel drive offers better traction.

9. JCMOTO, Electric Go Karts For Kids

This 4 wheeler JCMOTO electric go karts is targeted for kids who love off-road go-karting. It is constructed from high-quality tubular steel frame for strength and stability. The unit features a 48v electric motor that charms up to 1800 watts.

The unit is moderately powerful for kids and also has good torque to get over small inclines. However, despite the decent power, it is relatively quiet. The kart is recommended for riders up to 220 pounds and includes a protective roll bar.

8. Kandi, 150cc 2-seat Go Kart

You or your kids will appreciate this go kart by Kandi. The off-road has a 5.9-inch ground clearance for getting over bumps and fairly large knobby tires for a smooth ride even in bumpy and tough terrains.

The machine is powered by a 150cc GY6 engine and features a smooth CVT transmission.


With this Trailmester go kart, your kids will have fun racing against each other. It is sturdily-built to bear the rough outdoors and is constructed a tubular steel frame.

The unit is powered by a 200cc engine that delivers adequate power and torque. It features high back dual seats with a height of 10.2 inches and is suited for riders 8 to 14 years. It feels powerful and can hit a maximum speed if 30 plus mph.

6. Coleman Powersports, CK100-S Go Kart

This go kart is ideal for off-road riding and is recommended for users with a weight up to 150 pounds. The unit is made from tubular steel for strength and lightweight and can tolerate impact, rough surfaces, shocks, and regular use.

It features a 4 stroke, 98cc engine that generates up to 3.0 HP. It is well-built, features a comfortable seat and has an effective foot operated hydraulic disc brake.

5. Razor, Dune Buggy

The compact dune buggy is designed for kids and can handle riders up to 120 pounds. It comes with a good ground clearance to get over bumps and raised road sections.

It’s made from solid materials to withstand the rugged terrains and has good shock absorption systems for a smoother ride. The dune buggy is powered by a powerful electric motor that delivers up to 350-watts and can achieve a maximum speed of 10 mph. The 8-inch knobby tires make the ride smoother even on rough surfaces.

4. XRX 300cc, Go Kart Trail Master Brand

Ranked among the top 10 best off-road go-karts in 2018, this unit is loved by inexperienced as well as experienced users. It features a nice and powerful 300cc engine that generates good power for fast take off.

It is also torquey to get over bumps and obstacles and has a high ground clearance for minimizing damage to the bottom section. The ergonomically designed seat offers good support and comfort whereas the tubular frame provides good strength and is lightweight.

3. Coleman Powersports, KT196 Gas Powered Off-Road Go Kart

Boasting of a 4 stroke OHV 1 cylinder engine, this off-road go-kart is what you are probably looking for. It’s constructed from a sturdy steel frame that can comfortably support up to 400 pounds.

The recommended age is 13 years and above and it has a 196cc engine that generates a maximum horsepower of 6.5 hp. The go-kart has good power to achieve a maximum speed of 31 mph.


Coming in blue color, the XRX mini is very elegant and looks very modern and can support up to 400 pounds. It comes with a 163cc engine for providing power to the solidly built unit.

The go-kart is fit for off-road riding and boasts of a sturdy frame to handle the rugged terrains and a good shock absorbing system for an improved ride. The good ground clearance of 3.5-inch protects the kart from bumps and raised sections whereas the knobby pneumatic tires make the ride smoother.


This is an adult size go kart that can handle people of different ages and weights. It is very solid and can put up with the rough off-road situations, knocks, impact, bangs, and vibrations.

Getting on and off the unit is easy thanks to its simple and effective design. It has a 300cc engine for attaining a top speed of 50mph and a ground clearance of 8.5 inches to get over obstacles.

Off road go-karting has been wooing more people due to its many benefits. It’s a fun and lively recreational activity, promotes social bonding and teamwork, it sets a good foundation for future racers and rally drivers and is also a good way to experience the adrenaline rush. In this review, we have taken a peek at the top 10 best off road go kart in 2018. And to do this, it was critical to focus on the size, power, design, speed, comfort, price, strength and price. You can be certain that these units will offer good service. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.