Best 10 Car Chargers in 2018

It would be an extremely wise idea to purchase a car charger. Car chargers work by drawing power from the vehicle. They’re a relatively better option when compared to external chargers and battery cases.

You’ll find multiple, different models of car chargers. They offer distinct capabilities. In this review, we’ve considered multiple factors such as features, capabilities, as well as price.

 Best Car Chargers in 2018

Below, we present the top 10 best car chargers in 2018 reviews which are entirely accurate and unbiased. They’re a result of intensive research into the different models available today.

10. Vano, Powerful 3 Port USB Car Charger


Low weight and multiple port offerings are among the indicators of top-quality car chargers. The Vano 3-Port USB Phone Charger is a combination of the two factors mentioned earlier. You’ll love the ultra-compact and stylish approach.

Furthermore, this charger incorporates top-notch technology, which prevents overcharging, and overcurrent. The Vano USB Car Charger is widely vouched for as an excellent choice for device power management.

9. Anker, 5-Port USB Car Charger


Anker car charger is a multi-port charger (5 ports) which enables you to charge five devices at a go. A feature worth mentioning in this unit is the Power-IQ Technology. The charger will be able to know the device that you’ve plugged in. In turn, it’ll adjust the charging parameters appropriately, thus giving you the safest, fastest charge.

The device works well with official and 3rd party charging cables, as well. It’s an indisputably excellent car charger for the money.

8. Arcadia, Triple-USB Port


Arcadia Triple-USB Car Charger has been designed to deliver the highest charging speed possible, with the ports ranging between 2.4 Amps and 4.8 Amps. It’ll enable you to recharge 3 devices at a go. You can make use of this unit to charge smartphones like LG, Blackberry, HTC, Sony, Motorola, Samsung, and so on.

Despite its compact size, the Arcadia Car Charger boasts an adequate capacity to provide a maximum 6.6-Amps output per charging.

7. iXCC, Universal High Capacity Car Charger


It’s compatible with virtually all standard cigarette lighting sockets, boasting a 4.8-Amps output. It makes us of iXCC’s proprietary Charge-Wise technology to automatically detect which device is plugged in. It’s then able to adjust its power output appropriately.

The iXCC Dual-USB Universal Car Charger comes along with a 3-feet micro-USB cable which is compatible with most Samsung devices, among other Android gadgets.

6. AUKEY, 2-Port USB Car Charger with Qualcomm Quick Charge


AUKEY 30W 2-Port Car Charger would be a fantastic addition to your car, van, SUV, or truck. It’s a relatively simple, compact device which will quickly juice up all of your electronics. It’s designed with two 2.4-Amps ports, charging 75% faster than most low-quality models.

An integrated Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor gives you a higher power transfer rate through any traditional USB cable. Considering how affordable the unit is, the AUKEY 2-Port Car Charger is undeniably worth consideration.

5. Omaker, Premium Aluminum 3 USB Car Charger


Omaker Intelligent 33W Premium USB Car Charger enables you to charge three devices simultaneously. This unit boasts an inbuilt technology which automatically recognizes the devices attached to it.

It’s then able to provide the highest energy amount which the device can take in. This charger also features a softly lit LED which displays the connection status.

4. AmazonBasics, Dual USB Car Charger


Despite being an inexpensive model and solid performance, AmazonBasics Dual-USB High Output Charger provides features two USB ports which will enable you to charge 2 devices quickly at a go.

Using this device, you can charge any Android and iOS smartphone. You can also charge Amazon’s Fire Phone. The unit will take up tiny space on your console, credit to its small, compact design.

3. Motorola, Vehicle Power Adapter Micro-USB Charger


Motorola vehicle power charger is a micro-USB rapid-rate car charger which comes along with a cigarette lighting adapter. Besides that, it comes with an inbuilt cord and a micro-USB connector which work well with multiple handheld devices.

The sleek design of the Motorola micro-USB charger will complement your device’s modern appeal. On the other hand, its speedy performance will fully charge your device within no time.

2. Anker Dual USB Car Charger


Anker is widely famous as a leading brand in the battery charging industry. This charger, designed with Voltage-Boost and Power-IQ technologies, provides the quickest possible charge, getting your gadgets up and running within no time. The design is sleek, slim body will barely be interference to your driving.

1. Maxboost, Smart Port Car Charger


Here’s an exclusive model which features a double-injected frame. That comprises an inner polycarbonate layer which enhances the unit’s durability. The outer thermoplastic polyurethane molding provides for a soft grip. Maxboost charger is appreciably compact and light, thus making it an excellently portable car charger.

In addition, the Maxboost charger is designed with the brand’s proprietary Intelligent Circuit Design which helps prevent overheating, overcharging, and short-circuiting. As well, the internal LED light will enable you to charge any device easily, even while in the dark.

In today’s age, car chargers are essential things to have in any vehicle. They eliminate the inconveniences which come along with having a completely drained battery.

There are several factors you’d want to consider before making any purchasing decision. Such factors include the charger’s size, compatibility, as well as the number of ports.

Read through the reviews again and select the right car charger which guarantees you extra value for your buck.

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