Best 10 Kids Halloween Costumes in 2018

Looking forward to the scary season, Halloween, it is time for celebration! We all have fun for seeing our friends getting frightened or simply adoring their unique and elegant costumes. As it is a belief that the spirits would come back to the world, people dress like ghosts or wear masks to avoid from being recognized.

Whether it is a truth or a myth, just have fun with people around us. The below list is going to help you decide a costume for your kids in this up-coming Halloween.

Best Kids Halloween Costumes in 2018

After thorough review, we have concluded that the following are the top 10 best kids Halloween costumes.

10. California Costumes Toys Howling at The Moon


Howling at the moon costume by California Costumes Toys brings back the memories of the scary bad wolf with red eyes or the legendary werewolf. Imagine the effect it would have on other kids when your children enter the party scene adorning this costume?

Made from 84% Polyester and 16% Acrylic, this shirt comes in a tattered design and the arms and chest are covered with faux fur. The wearer will look like a wolf man who has come from the dark ages.

9. Rubie’s,  Haunted House Child’s Clown Costume


Haunted House Clown costume will certainly make the Halloween event quite eventful for your kids. The costume consists of a full jumpsuit and hat that will make your child as scary as the clown from the Haunted House. The item is ideal for children aged from 3 years up to 4 years. You are also offered a range of colors to choose from. Please note that the wig is sold separately.

8. InCharacter, Baby Lil’ Lobster Costume


Who said Halloween is for mature kids and adults only? You can now let your toddler or small kid is part of this event by purchasing the Lil lobster costume by In Character. Made from 100% polyester, this orange/ red costume resembles a lobster and consists of a zippered jumpsuit, hood with hook-and-loop closure, snap leg closures, and slip-on booties. The good design and material will ensure your bundle of joy is comfortable and breathes freely.

7. Rubie’s, Batman Child Deluxe Costume


Batman, The Dark Knight rises is evidently one of the most favourite movies for both adults and kids. To allow your kids relive the momentous movie and play the role of batman, you can now purchase the Batman Child Deluxe costume.

It features a headpiece/mask, muscle jumpsuit, boot tops and cape. The costume is quite strong and comfortable thanks to the 100% polyester material. Measuring 44 -48 inches in height, the costume is perfect for kids aged of up to 12 years old.

6. InCharacter, Baby Lil’ Monkey Costume


Make your baby appear like a baby or your mature kid remembers his/her baby days by acquiring the In Character Baby costume this Halloween. It is manufactured for 100% Polyester, and consists of a lined zippered bodysuit, attached tail, slip-on booties and hood with ears. The machine washable item looks like a real baby and may have some people believing it’s a genuine baby.

5. California Costumes, Soul Taker Child Costume


The Soul Taker costume comes in medium size and is manufactured by California. It made it to the 10 best kids Halloween costumes reviews for its real-like appearance, quality material( 100% Polyester), and user-friendly design.

This kit consists of a screen printed robe, transparent face cover, hood, gloves and a Scythe for ripping off the souls of people.

4. Rubie’s, The Joker Costume


The joker is one character that gives batman trouble. Not only is he conniving, annoying and pretty hard to beat, but is strangely loved by many children. You can now let your child be the Joker this Halloween by purchasing this costume by Rubie’s.

It features a synthetic material that captures all aspects of the villain including his wide and menacing smile. The item comes with a mask, jacket, pants, vest and tie.

3. Fun World, Phantom Costumes


The Phantom Costume is targeted at the big boys aged from between 8 and 10 years. It brings out the legendary phantom that operates alone and in the dark to bring justice. The costume is made from polyester that gives it the strength and elastic.

The package of the kit contains a Robe, Belt, Glasses that feature a fade-out and fade-in mechanism, hood and gloves.

2. California Costumes, Fire Breathing Dragon


Fire Breathing dragons are always a favourite for kids of all ages. How about dressing up your kid in a costume resembling this mythical creature? California Costumes is offering a toddler kit for kids aged from 4 to 6 years.

The polyester-made costume comes in a single piece jumpsuit that is attached to Velcro closure and tail. Also included are a separate character hood, matching shoe covers and matching wings.

1. Dress Up America Toddler Deluxe Police Officer Costume


Dress up America’s Deluxe Police Officer costume is our top choice. Meant for toddlers, this product is made from polyester and will make your kid appear like a real law enforcer.

It comes in a complete kit consisting of Pants, Shirt, Belt, Hat, Gun Holster and Whistle just like a true police officer. The patches are embroidered while both the shirt buttons and buttons are real.

Take fun to the next level by choosing one among the above Halloween costume for your kids. Oops, do not miss to place bowls of food outside your homes to please the spirits!



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