Best 10 Winter Hats For Women in 2018

Winter almost approach us, it’s time that we all held our hats in readiness for the same. For you who misplaced yours or wishes to add some more to your wardrobe, we have some of the best deals on the market today. To sieve these from the thousands there, we identified certain features. We made sure that all our contenders feature a sturdy construction and won’t be ripping off anytime soon. We also made sure that the hearts are thick enough without being overly bulky.

For your convenience, we favour some brands that offer the winter hats in various colors in case you would want to order more than one. Moreover, we are after hats that are more versatile and multifunctional. For instance, we highly considered those that are double layered and will cover your ears or your face for maximum protection from the cold.

Best Winter Hats For Women in 2018

Let’s check out the best-recommended winter hats below.

10. Bienvenu, Winter Warm Knitted Scarf and Hat Set


Bienvenu is a renowned brand when it comes to winter accessories and this is one of its best. It doubles both as a hat and a scarf. They have both been hand knitted and feature a solid color.

They come in several colors so that you can have a couple of them to go with several outfits. The hat features a decent design and fits comfortably on your head while being a bit fluffy. Notably, they are soft and majority of the buyers confirm that they are warm.

9. Angela & William, Fur Pom Pom Beanie Hats

Beanie hats have been with us for as long as we can remember with their stylish design that always finds a way to blend well with almost every occasion. From Angela and William, you’ll have to make a hard decision not to order 2 or more of these winter hats. They all feature 13 centimeters but fit in almost any head thanks to their flexible material.

Having being made of 100% acrylic, it’s expected that they are super soft and won’t give you any itchy feelings. Additionally, they are incredibly comfortable on your head and come in various colors.

8. AlexStudio, Warm Winter Knitted Hats Outdoor Mask Cap


As you prepare for some outdoor endeavors during this winter, it’s a dead giveaway that you’ll need a hat to keep warm. That’s what AlexStudio Women’s Winter Hat promises you. It’s a beautiful hat knitted thick to keep both your head and part of your face protected.

It’s made of super soft yarn, and its durability can be confirmed from its sturdy design. Its interior features a thick, soft lining to keep your head and face warm during those cold days. The facial mask is attached to the hat by 2 easy-to-use buttons. The mask is soft to breathe through it.

7. Fashion Hat, Women’s Cable Knit Visor Hat

If you’re after a killer beanie hat that will keep you warm while not hiding your beauty in the snow, why not try this one by Fashion Hat. It’s a comfortable and cute hat with a stretchable design to fit all heads perfectly.

Your ears and hair will go in comfortably ensuring you maximum shield from the cold. This gray hat is made of 100% acrylic, hence we can’t question how soft it feels. Moreover, the stylish flower on the left side and a little bling are its other plus.

6. FUNKY JUNQUE’s CC Confetti Knit Beanie

Funky Junque’s CC Confetti Beanie features a modern design that our ladies will love to keep around for quite some time. It’s a little bit pricier than the models we’ve just covered, but that’s justified by its thoughtful design and unbeatable quality.

It’s made of a silk-soft material and is machine wash friendly. It’s a 9’’ by 8’’ flexible beanie that fits all sizes and comes in several colors. The leather CC label complements its cozy design.

5. Spikerking, Womens Winter Warm Hat

No other hat confidently welcomes the cold winter season like this cute and chick fur pompom. It has been hand knitted to make sure that all your expectations have been met. Having been made from thick and soft acrylic, Spikerking Women Warm Hat is both warm and functional.

It’s not scratchy and stays put all day. The 3 buttons feature an adorable design. Don’t worry about the size as it is a one-size-fits-all pompom thanks to its loads of stretch.

4. Wonderful Fashion, Newsboy Cable Knitted Hat

Newsboy Winter Hat for Women is a perfect choice for those seeking for a hat to put on even after the cold season is gone. This hat’s circumference is double layered and offers you warmth like no other hat. It covers your ears perfectly.

It features a 2’’ brim that will come in handy on the sunny and windy days. The brim won’t come sinking on your forehead thanks to the cushion on the inner side of this hat. You’ll also find it in different colors, so everyone in the family will get a perfect match.

3. ELACUCOS, Cabled Checker Pattern Knit Hat

Women Winter Beanie features a thick and durable fabric and is quite warm on you. Its neat stitches make a unique pattern that gives the hat a gorgeous look while giving you a fashionable look for any occasion. It fits well and is also highly stretchable for use on your bad hair days. Reviewers praised its favorable price and adorable colors.

2. HINDAWI, Women Winter Warm Knit Hat

Given how cute and functional this hat is, it’s a no-brainer that you’ll be forced to have each color to flock your wardrobe. All its colors are adorable and fashionable and you won’t find it hard to match with your outfits. It’s thick and has an additional layer of fleece to keep you warm.

1. C.C, Trendy Warm Chunky Soft Beanie

CC is a big name when it comes to the world of winter hats. This Trendy Warm Hat is one of its most popular makes. Just like its name, it’s the trending beanie hat that’s commanding the highest five-star rating on the market today.

They are sturdy and feature a cable knit differentiating them from other beanies. They are extremely soft, comfortable, and breathable. Another plus of this winter hat is that they are designed to go well with both men and women.

We found Women Fashion Winter Warm Knitted Scarf and Hat Set more versatile since it’s heavily built and it comes with a scarf. We highly recommend Alexstudio’s Winter Hat since it comes with a facial mask. These two are more ideal especially when participating in snow sporting activities. If you’re in search of stylish and fashionable hats, Trendy, Hindawi, and Spikerking can’t be a wrong bet. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.