Best 10 Snow Sleds in 2018

Sledding is a worldwide winter outdoor activity, it is a common recreational activity that involves the use of an object to slide down a snow- or ice-covered hill. However, it can be either fun or a dangerous activity. A conducted research shows that the prevention of sledding-related injuries is warranted, particularly regarding the impact of helmets in reducing injury rates. Some proper tools should be put into consider to prevent any accidental trouble, such as  helmet, snow sled and the sliding terrain.

Identifying a good snow sled in the market may prove to be an uphill task. This is most noticeable today where there are all kinds of accessories on offer. You need to take time to scrutinize each and every product, understand your needs, both current and future, and also know the important features. Normally, their joy is short-lived because the accessory delivers poor results, doesn’t last long, never maintains the pressure, or may be too large or too small.

In this review, we will guide you to find the top 10 best snow tube sleds in 2018.

Features of a good snow tube sled

Snow sleds may look similar yet they have some different features. They vary in color, weight, design, materials, brand name and much more. Nevertheless, the top products share the following similarities:

  • Easy to inflate: Inflating the accessory is easy and takes a very short time. You also don’t need to use lots of effort;
  • Durable: They are made from strong materials to resist tear, wear, the elements, rough surfaces, and regular use;
  • Comfortable: The snow tube sled will have a smooth surface, offers good support, and has good shock and impact absorption;
  • Good size: The right item will be just right, not too large or too small. Before purchasing a product you should look at the age and weight specification. And if buying from a physical store, try it out before buying; and
  • Portable: A good item is easy to carry, lightweight and compact. It will deflate easily to occupy minimal space.

Best Snow Sleds in 2018

10. KingMys, Snow Sledge Toboggan Sled

Measuring 7.01 x 16.81 x 32.4 inches, the KingMys snow sled is perfect for kids of different ages. The decently-sized play accessory will allow them to sled fast and conveniently.

Thanks to its solid construction and tough materials, it’s resistant to ripping and tears. It is also very portable courtesy of its lightweight of about 4.5 pounds. Consumers choose it because of its good size, quality construction, and nice speed.

9. Slippery Racer, Airdual Inflatable Snow Tube Sled

This 60-inch dual rider is what will make the snow season worthwhile. Coming in a blue color, this Slippery Racer inflatable snow tube can be used by kids and adults. It comes in a good dimension to suit different users and is constructed from robust PVC material to withstand the friction and abrasion.

The item has four well-sized and spaced handles for a comfortable grip and a heavy-duty slick bottom for minimal resistance and maximum speed. It’s coated with a special material to protect it from extreme cold. Users love it because it feels very solid, moves fast, comfortable, and heavy-duty.

8. Jasonwell, Winter Snow Tube Ride On

Jasonwell snow tube is amongst the best snow tube sleds on the current market and is suitable for both adults and kids. The heavy-duty unit can handle heavy weights thanks to the extra-thick PVC material.

It inflates relatively fast and maintains the pressure for quite a long time. The practical and well-designed handgrips feel very comfortable whereas the 0.6mm thick material resists tear and wear. The product is rated highly for strength, durability, easy inflation, and comfort.

7. Porpora, Big Tire Inflatable Snow Tube Sled

Your kids will love you for gifting them the Porpora snow sled. The inflatable accessory is designed for children aged from 4 years and above as well as adults. It’s made of a commercial-grade hard shell polyethylene for strength, longevity, and maximum absorption of impact and shock.

The accessory features double reinforced nylon handles for the best grip and a slick-coated surface for good speed and tolerance to the surface. It’s worth buying because it’s strongly-built, lightweight, easy to use, and high quality.

6. Chanvi, Air Tube Winter Inflatable

This Christmas themed snow sled from Chanvi will make a perfect gift the upcoming Christmas. The 38-inch unit is very strong thanks to the 16-gauge PVC material and can handle a weight of up to 180 pounds.

It features double welded seams for extra strength and longevity whereas as the firm grip handles to keep the user stable and safe. It inflates pretty fast courtesy of the large valves while their double locking nature prevents air from escaping. Consumer loves the high quality, easy inflation, nice grip handles, and durability.

5. Fat Tire USA, Snow Tube (Deluxe Edition)

The neon orange colored snow rube is ideal for kids and adults. It comes in a nice size to accommodate different heights and weight and is made from a tough and wear-resistant material.

The slick vinyl bottom allows it to move fast on the snowy ground whereas the flexible inner tune maintains the pressure for a long time. It features a foam cushion insert for extra comfort and has a smooth surface. Key advantages include sturdy construction, very comfortable, durable and easy to use.

4. A-DUDU, Inflatable Snow Sled

4. A-DUDU, Inflatable Snow Sled

Hunting for the best snow tube sleds in 2018? How about you go for this snow tube from A-DUDU? It’s designed for kids and adults and can accommodate a weight of up to 250 pounds.

The heavy-duty unit is constructed from tough and eco-friendly PVC and measures 47 inches. The snow tube comes with an ultra-thick 0.6mm bottom to tolerate the friction, bangs, impact and scraping. Thanks to the K80 material, it is tolerant to extremely low temperatures up to -40 degrees. It also features a double locking for ensuring the air will be sealed tightly. Main positives are the strong material, large size, eco-friendly, and easy to inflate.

3. Zipfy, Two Tone Series and Freestyle Luge Snow Sled

Sledding will be more fun this winter season when riding on this Firefly Red colored snow tube sled. The accessory is targeted at users of all ages, both adults and kids and is easy to inflate.

It’s made from a high-grade polyethylene plastic that can withstand the friction, bumps, impacts, and shocks and will maintain its appeal even after extended use. The lightweight and compact design make carrying it easy whereas the sturdily-built and ergonomic handles improve handling and maneuverability. It’s loved for its versatility, easy handling, simplicity, good quality, and great performance.

2. Bradley Snow Tube Sled

The Bradley snow sled is not only one of the best snow tube sleds in 2018, but also among the most popular. Thanks to its relatively large size and strong heavy-duty industrial grade vinyl bottom, it can support weights as high as 425 pounds.

The inflatable features a 42-inch cover made from 600D polyester canvas and comes in a variety of colors. For extra support and comfort, the item has 2 sewn-in handles. It’s worth the time and money because of its high quality, large size, heavy-duty bottom, and nice support. It, however, may feel a little small for very big people.

1. Yukon Charlies, Hammerhead Pro Sled

The Yukon Charlies sled combines strength, performance, reliability, and elegance. It’s among the most colorful and stylish items on the market and targets users who want extreme performance.

The orange-colored sled comprises of materials like powder-coated aluminum, polycarbonate, and stainless steel, all which contribute to its sturdiness and speedy performance. It’s suitable for kids and adults and has soft rubber groups for improved handling and maximum comfort. For improved handling, the sled comes with a convenient carry strap. It gets a thumb up for speed, strength, quality construction, and elegance.

It’s true that picking a good snow tube sled can be a challenge. You will find lots of items, get a little confused by the specs, or will lack sufficient knowledge or time. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t own a good product if you lack the skills, time, or information. By following good reviews, not only will you save time, money, and effort but will own the best accessory the first time. We have listed the top 10 best snow tube sleds in 2018 by looking at the design, material, comfort, use friendliness, portability, inflating ease, durability, and affordability. You are therefore assured of excellent service all through ownership. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.