Best 10 3-Way Car Speakers in 2018

Traveling for long distance can be enjoyable but very boring if the car you are using does not have a sound system. All you will have to hear is the sound of the driver engaging gears. With the current trends in society, a good quality sound system car complements the decency of a car. These days, cars are fitted with 3-way speakers that not only guarantee quality sounds but also tonal clarity.

With the 3 car speaker, the music will sound as if it is just in front of you. You have a choice to make as you can listen to either high, midrange and bass sounds of a musical. The sound that comes out is clear for you to understand the words. When you are looking to get the best sound from your head unit it can be very easy with the 3-way speaker. You can use the different units within the component to get the sound range that you require.

In the current market, today identifying an ideal 3-way speaker for your car can be difficult as there are many knocks off ones. Follow the review below keenly to ensure you are not deceived by the knockoff ones when making buying your speaker.

Buying the 3-way car speakers

  • Sound quality: You should go for a sound system that has a good sound quality. The frequency range determines the sound capacity of a system. Speakers with high-frequency ranges produce more sound. Other than the frequency you ought to consider the sensitivity range too. The sensitivity definitely controls how much sound the speaker produces using the power supplied.
  • Materials: You should always look for speaker made of a great material for the good lifespan of the system. The materials will also determine the sound quality of the system. The woofer, in particular, needs to be constructed with lightweight materials.
  • Price of the speaker: The different speakers are available in a variety of prices. The simple replacement speakers are cheaper compared to the speakers with high tech and high-performance systems. You have to increase the budget so that you will have the speaker with more capabilities.
  • Types of speakers: The speakers are available in two main types the component and the full range. The component speakers produce the best quality of sound. On the other hand, the full range speakers can produce any range of sound and their installation is also easy. Getting your ideal speaker will save you more money with a guarantee of quality sound.

10. Crunch, CS65CXS Full Range 3-Way Shallow Mount Car Speaker

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By: Crunch

First and foremost, we have this very reliable crunch speaker. It has spade speaker terminals that allow you to make the quickest of installations. The anti-resonant stamped steel makes the tone of the music very clear to you. Not only is the rubber moisture resistant to provide many years of service in steady state but also it provides the high bass impact needed. Additionally, it has silver alpha cellulose cones that provide the music power. The cone also adds resistance to other elements. Finally, the speakers have neo-Mylar soft dome twitter elements this is to make sure you listen to quality and reliable sounds.

Extra features:

  • The neo –Mylar soft dome tweeter element ensures you receive a great sound quality.
  • The anti-resonant stamped steel ensures the music is very clear.

9. Pyle, 3-Way Car Stereo Speaker System

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By: Pyle

Reinstall your vehicle sound system with this high-quality proven speakers. The 6.5-inch woofer has a blue poly injection cone to add extra stiffness with not adding weight. The 4-ohm component is used in the place of undersized wires in today’s vehicles. It also makes the 360 watts that your stereo delivers. Additionally, it has a pro three-way sound system, a one-inch neodymium film dome midrange, and a tweeter to provide a smooth loud sound. It also has a 20 oz. magnet structure. The non-butyl rubber surrounding keeps your speaker secures extending its also has a 6.5-inch trial speaker with a 360-watt peak power.

Extra features:

  • It has a blue poly injection cone to add extra stiffness.
  • The high-temperature ASV gives the best sound.

8. Planet Audio, TRQ413 Torque 3-Way Car Speakers

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By: Planet Audio

For sound clarity choose this planet audio speaker. With a frequency response of 70 HZ -20KHZ, a sensitivity of 86 dB and an impedance of 4 ohms this will make a great sound system for your car. The aluminum made voice coil increases the efficiency and performance of the speaker as it has higher temperatures strength with fatigue properties. The Butyl rubber is used to surround the cone to the basket as it is resistant to moisture and other weather conditions. Furthermore, it has grills and magnet covers for protection of the magnet. The cones are made of polyurethane to allow for maximum flexibility in order to produce great sounds. All you have to do in order for yours and wait for a great experience.

Extra features:

  • It uses 400 watts per pair to produce quality sound.
  • The surrounding Butyl rubber prevents moisture exposure.

7. BOSS, Audio 3-Way Car Speakers

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By: BOSS Audio

Just a single look and you will know they are pure quality. Whereas the rubber ensures smooth sound and durability the red metallic cones will deliver a very clear sound. The polyurethane substance allows for greater flexibility in order to produce great sounds in the near addition, the voice coil aluminum is able to sustain high and elevated temperatures that in the end will increase the effectiveness of the speaker.

The synthetic rubber further reduces exposure to any types of weather that’s why it is used for the surrounding which connects the cone to the basket. It has a frequency response of 100 HZ-18HZ and a 300-watt dome tweeter. You should have no doubts about acquiring this product as it comes with a 3-year warranty valid on products sold.

Extra features:

  • It has a stamped basket structure.
  • They are resistant to overloads that destroy high resistant drivers.
  • Their electric properties make them be used even without a crossover.

6. Kenwood, 3-Way Car Speakers

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By: Kenwood

Want a speaker to that will produce the best of sounds while lasting for long? Choose Kenwood speakers to choose quality. The 6.5” speakers give 300 speaker power and an RMS power of 30 with the speaker too. With just an impedance of 4ohms, a sensitivity of 92 DB and a frequency response of 35 HZ -22KHZ this will give you very clear sound. Moreover, the maximum power is 400 watts per speaker and an RMS power of 45 watts per speaker.

The balanced dome tweeter with a 6.5 cone further ensures that you listen to quality sounds. Furthermore, the steel basket is very effective in reducing noise cancellation. Both the steel basket and dome tweeter contribute to achieving a superior quality sound. You will find it easy to install the speaker to your car. For the best of sounds consider getting this speaker.

Extra features:

  • It has a steel black basket that is effective in reducing noise cancellation.
  • It can handle 300 watts of maximum power and an RMS of 30 power per speaker.

5.  Rockford Fosgate, 3-Way Car Audio Coaxial Speakers

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By: Rockford Fosgate

These speakers are loud as hell. You should consider putting them on your vehicle for a great sound. It just has a mounting depth of 2-3/16’’.With a peak power of 90 watts on each speaker, this will produce the loud sound that you are craving for. It just requires an RMS power of 45 watts on each speaker for it to function effectively. Furthermore, the ½ ‘’ silk dome tweeter further guarantees quality sound. The coaxial speakers are usually made of a great material for them to sustain the loud music while giving years of service in the stable state. If you are looking for a different tones bass, mid and highs install this in your car for a better look and sound quality.

Extra features:

  • They have1/2 silk dome tweeter for quality sounds.
  • They have a peak power of 90 watts and an RMS power of 45 watts each.

4. Kicker, D-Series 3-Way Car Audio Coaxial Speakers

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By: Kicker

Get this kicker speakers fitted on your car, lower the windows for the best of bass sounds. Those outsides will be left admiring for a lift. The speaker boasting of an enormous 360 watts and an RMS of 70 watts this will produce the loudest of sound. You may have to adjust the volume to the level that fits you. The tweeter protrudes from zero to minimal depending on the volume level. Additionally, with the adapters made of 4 runners, it is easy to install it. In case, you find the bass sounds not enough you can add an external amplifier to it for the best of sounds. Buy these kicker speakers for your car and you will thank me later.

Extra features:

  • It has an enormous bass sound with 360 watts and peak and an RMS of 70 watts.
  • The tweezers protrude from zero to minimal.

3. JVC, CS-J6930 3-Way J Series Coaxial Car Speakers

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Transform your vehicle into a party house with these JVC speakers. With just at an affordable price you can get these speakers that have a nice sound quality and are very clear. The 6’’x 9’’ series speakers are very easy to install on your car. Just like, other speakers this produce quality clear sounds as it has a power handling peak of 400 watts and an RMS of 45 watts. The powerful dynamo bass is due to the mica cone woofer and the hybrid surround. These speakers normally do not have a grill. It has an impedance of 4 ohms, a frequency response of 30-22000HZ and a sensitivity of 92dB. The sound quality is further guaranteed by the polyether balanced dome tweeter. If you are a fan of the large doom sounds then this can be ideal for you.

Extra features:

  • It has a power handling peak of 400 watts and an RMS of just 45 watts.
  • The mica cone woofer and hybrid surrounding are responsible for the bass sound.

2. Pioneer, TSA1676R 3-Way Car Speakers

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By: Pioneer

When you talk about sound quality you cannot forget to include the ever-reliable pioneer speakers. They are available in a 2-way coaxial design that fits vehicles very well. The TS-A line includes a highly rigid mica matrix cone for effective sound dispersion. The new tweeter gives an improved range of mid to high frequencies. The improved technology results in better performance of the system. You will also be able to play different types of music like reggae and rock. Furthermore, the diaphragm is made of extra light materials in order to produce sounds clearly. The multi-layer mica matrix other than offering rigidity it also makes use of light and water resistant material. The speaker boasts of a maximum power of 320 watts and 50 watts nominal. For improved bass and dynamic range, you have to consider acquiring this next generation speaker.

Extra features:

  • The lightweight elastic polymer surrounds increased sensitivity.
  • The diaphragm is extra light to produce sounds clearly.
  • It boasts of a new tweeter to give an improved range of mid to high frequencies.

1. JBL, CS763 CS-Series 3-Way Coaxial Car Audio Loudspeaker

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Tired of the old speakers that are worn out and produce poor sound? Get this JBL loudspeaker it will solve all your sound needs. With 3 speakers it comes in sets of two (165) mm to ensure it produces enough sound needed. It has a frequency of 55HZ -21KHZ and a sensitivity of 93DB at 2.83 volts. Moreover, it has an impedance of 40 ohms and a power handling of 45 whims. The balanced dome tweeter ensures that you listen to quality and reliable sounds. This is a very effective speaker that will satisfy your desires for a quality sound.

Extra features:

  • In each of the speaker, they come in sets of two.
  • It has an effective power handling up to 135 watts.

To conclude

For the purpose of clarity, it is important to have quality sounds.All the speakers here are of good quality and will produce the desired sound. Based on the review conducted you can choose any for your effective sound provision. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.