Best 10 Electric Fireplaces in 2018

Electric fireplaces are becoming popular in both homes and offices. They are seen as a better alternative to the traditional type and also a good way to enhance the elegance and ambiance at home. The electric fireplace is designed with flame effect, which will provide the realistic effect. Using it will provide energy efficient with no emissions and no pollution.

Unlike the conventional fireplace that required remodeling or tearing walls down, this one can easily be installed without interfering with the structure. The electric fireplace is much cleaner than wood or charcoal one and is also easier to control. The accessory also improves the beauty and can be used as the focal point. The following are currently the top 10 best electric fireplaces in 2018.

Best Electric Fireplaces in 2018

10. Giantex, Electric Fireplace (28.5 Inches)

With this Giantex electric fireplace, your home, office, or any other place will stay warm and also look extra beautiful. It has a realistic appearance that includes the log flame effect with adjustable levels brightness.

The electric fireplace is wall-mounted which is suitable for small and large spaces. The elegant black glass front is detachable and providing a real glowing frame effect with the power of 750W and 1500W.

The electric fireplace comes ready to operate and no assembly is required. Simply mount it, connect to power, and turn it on. It has handy remote control for easy operation. Consumers like the quick installation, simple design, clear instruction, and good heating.

9. HomCom, Free Standing Electric Fireplace Heater (16 inches)

This stylish HomCom electric fireplace will keep your surrounding atmosphere warm without increasing the power bills. Thanks to the innovative design and advanced technology, it produces quality heat almost instantly.

It features two heat settings, 750 and 1500W, to cater for varied requirements and is very easy to operate. The portable electric fireplace measures only 16 inches for space-saving and is also easy to carry. It enhances the elegance thanks to the copper handles and sturdy steel frame metals finish. Consumers like the realistic flame and log effect, good heat distribution, energy efficiency, easy installation, and portability.

8. Touchstone, Sideline Outdoor/Indoor 50″ Electric Fireplace (50 Inches)

Your hunt for the best electric fireplaces in 2018 will end after acquiring this stylish black electric fireplace from Touchstone. It is 50 inches wide to resemble the conventional type and can be used either indoors or outdoors.

The wall-mounted electric fireplace delivers good heating that can cover a large space and also features the usual embers, flames, logs, and crackling and hissing noises. It has 5 flame levels with 3 flame color settings which the top setting is a roaring flame, and the bottom setting is a peaceful ember. It’s worth buying because of its high quality, easy to install, works great, and has a reasonable dimension.

7. 3G Plus, Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace (40 Inches)

This 3G Plus electric fireplace is a good solution to the cold environment or the high power bills. The 40-inch fireplace easily fits in many places and doesn’t require assembly or modifying walls and partitions. You simply fit it on a wall, plug to a power outlet, and it will warm the room within minutes.

The 1500W unit produces up to 5,100 BTUs and is effective in an area up to 400 square feet. The temperature, which ranges from 62-82°F, can be varied via the remote control.

It features the realistic flame with 3 color changing options: Blue, Red, Blue& Red. It is CETL certified for ensuring the overheat protection. It’s one of the top 10 best electric fireplaces in 2018 because it heats up fast, covers a large area, consumes minimal energy, and is easy to install.

6. Northwest, Electric Fireplace Wall Mounted (54 Inches)

The Northwest electric fireplace will look as real as the conventional fireplace. It comes with changing flames, logs, and burning embers.

The unit features 750W and 1500W heat setting to suit varied situations and has good heat distribution. It uses LED technology which is very energy efficient and also lasts longer than other technologies. It mounts easily and also improves the décor. The fireplace’s positives are quick installation, energy efficient, stylish, and durable.

5. Duraflame, Infrared Quartz Fireplace Stove with 3D Flame Effect

The Duraflame electric fireplace looks very real thanks to the 3D flame and suits perfectly at homes, offices, meeting rooms, and many other locations.

It has a good dimension to fit in most places and doesn’t occupy lots of space. The infrared unit is energy efficient and produces maximum heat while keeping the power consumption minimal. The 5,200 BTU heater warms up to 1,000 square feet. It comes with a special feature with the cool to the touch design that is completely safe for kids and pets.

It’s made of durable and strong metal and comes in black color and has 5 easy-to-adjust brightness settings. Main pros are sturdy construction, efficient, aesthetic, and good heat.

4. GMHome, Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace (40 Inches)


The GMHome wall mounted electric fireplace may be small compared to other types but the heat it produces is awesome. The 40-inch unit has good coverage and will suit most living rooms, bedrooms, offices and dining rooms.

It features energy-efficient LED technology and space-saving design. The unit can be used freestanding wall-mounted and has 750W and 1500W heat settings. It features with adjustable flame brightness-5 setting and realistic crystal stone flame effect with up to 9 changeable flame color (yellow, green, blue, white, yellow & green, yellow & blue, yellow & white, green & blue, green & white) Color Cycling and Off. Thanks to its lightweight and compactness, carrying and mounting it is easy. And like other top products, it looks very life-like, heats up fast, warms the area quickly, is easy to fit, and is also energy efficient.

3. PuraFlame, Western Electric Fireplace Insert with Remote Control (33 Inches)

3. PuraFlame, Western Electric Fireplace Insert with Remote Control (33 Inches)

The PuraFlame electric fireplace comes in black color and is rated 750/1500W. The genuine looking fireplace is revered for its good heating and low energy usage thanks to the superior LED technology.

The fireplace brings out a 3D effect and includes an ember bed, life-like logs, and 3 flames that make it appear real. It has a heat range of between 60 and 84°F and is ideal for areas up to 400 square feet.

It is a top choice because it looks very real, covers a large area, works great, and is easy to install. Unfortunately, it’s not designed to work with 220-240AV power directly.

2. Dimplex, Prism Wall Mount Linear Electric Fireplace (74 Inches)

High power bills shouldn’t make you stay in a cold environment. You also shouldn’t tolerate the fumes, smokes, or struggle to control the flame and heat. With this Dimplex electric fireplace, you get quality heating without digging deeper into your pockets.

It’s based on superior LED technology that consumes minimal power and lasts for a longer time. It depends on the fan-forced heater to distribute the heat and comes ready to install. Consumers like its quality built easy mounting, large coverage, and nice looks.

1. Touchstone, Sideline Recessed Mounted Electric Fireplaces (50 Inches)

People will easily believe that this electric fireplace is the real thing. One, it measures 50 inches, which is similar to many brick-and-mortar fireplaces. Two, its designed for in-wall mounted and can easily are placed where the traditional one was.

Three, the flames, logs, embers, and crackling sounds are very similar to a real fireplace. Four, the flames change from blue, blue-orange, and orange just like a true fireplace. Other positives include good heat distribution, two heat settings, good performance, and multiple modes.

An electric fireplace does more than just heating the room. It also helps to enhance the elegance and ambiance. The top products have a striking resemblance to the traditional type. The flames look very real, it produces realistic sounds, and also the colors are very genuine.

This review has focused on the top 10 best electric fireplaces in 2018. They are high quality and made from sturdy materials, have the highest degree of resemblance, are easy to install, and also generate the right heat. Furthermore, the pieces can be installed in most places very conveniently and also improve the elegance of the room. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.