Best 10 Lego Architecture Sets in 2018

Since time immemorial, people have always been fascinated with iconic buildings and landmarks. Some are drawn by their timeless nature; others love their magnificence and architectural appeal while some love the rich history that is attached to the monumental buildings. And to be able to recreate the architectural pieces, many turn to the ever dependable Lego. These pieces come up with an exact replica of the world-famous buildings that seem to defy time.

Lego comes from the Danish words “leg godt” meaning “play-well” which refers to “I put together“. It allows people to develop their creativity and flexibility. In 2008, the world’s tallest (100 ft) Lego Tower using 500,000 bricks is built to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Lego Bricks in Legoland Windsor. Nowadays, Lego is not only just a toy for the kids, but it has become so popular among the adults.

Why playing Lego?

  • improve creativity and flexibility;
  • boost thinking skill in three dimensions ability;
  • burn time and enhance communication with friends and family.

Best Lego Architecture Sets in 2018

Without wasting time, let’s look at the 10 best Lego architecture sets that appeal to both Lego enthusiast and collectors.

10. LEGO, Sydney Opera House


The Sydney Opera House in Australia is undoubtedly one of the most remarkable architectural pieces in the world. The monumental building located close to the Sydney harbor which is the representative of the modern architecture and serves as an inspiration to many people including future designers, architects and engineers.

You can now own a smaller version of the iconic building by purchasing this LEGO set. It allows you to use your creativity to merge the monumental building to the beautiful harbor and marvel at its beauty.

9. Lego, Taj Mahal Model


The Taj Mahal is regarded as one of the wonders of the modern world. Built by a Raj (King) to impress her queen as well as a status symbol, the time-defying structure together with the amazing and well-kept gardens continues to draw many visitors to India.

As an aspiring architect, engineer, designer, collector or a Lego enthusiast, you can recreate the Taj Mahal with 5,922 pieces. Once finished, it will feature the base, finials, minaret, domes, stairs, and arches and will stand at a height of 41 cm/16 inches with a width of over 51 cm/ 20 inches.

8. LEGO, Eiffel Tower


Bring the famous Eiffel Tower near you by acquiring the Make & Create architectural set by LEGO. This monumental tower made from iron was created many decades ago and is undoubtedly the “must-see” monument in France.

The 3428-piece Lego set is built in a 1:300 scale and will stand at over 3-1/2 feet tall when finished. Based on the original blueprints, this miniature Parisian structure captures even the small details including kiosks, elevators, staircases.

7. LEGO, Star Wars Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon


Star Wars remains one of the most epic stories to have graced our screens. The Millennium Falcon is the most recognized in the Star Wars Universe and can find its way into your home when you purchase this architectural Lego set.

Consisting of 5195 pieces, this set can create a replica that measures 33.1 (L) x 22.2 (W) x 8.3 inches. The Guns in top and bottom turrets can rotate which top gun turret can be removed to sit mini-figur.

6. Lego, Statue of Liberty Sculpture


Create an exact copy of the Statue of Liberty using 2882 LEGO pieces. Undeniably one of the most famous structures in America, The Statue of Liberty is not only an architectural marvel but also has a rich history.

This model will include everything including the pedestal, torch, as well as the finest details and measures 2.5 feet without the pedestal when complete.

5. LEGO, Sydney Opera House


Regarded as one of Australia’s best architectural masterpieces, the Sydney Opera House is also classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It is used as the reference point for architects, engineers and other professionals for its sophisticated forms, subtle detailing, sturdy construction, angled walls and sloped bricks.

These are some of the reasons that make this LEGO set a popular choice. The final piece measures over 11 inches/28 cm high, 25 inches/ 63 cm wide and 15 inches/ 38 cm deep.

4. LEGO, Big Ben Building Kit


A visit to London is never complete without stopping over or having a closer view of the Big Ben Building. Located in the vicinity of the Westminster palace and Elizabeth Towers, the iconic building is famous for being the most famous clock tower in the world. It is home to the giant bell better known as Big Ben that has never stopped sounding/chiming since it was constructed.

The building is also used as an example of the great architectural engineering that has defied time. This lego kit features the Big Ben bell, 4 printed clock faces, windows, corner plates, ski poles, flowers and measures over 23 inches/ 60 cm high, 17 inches/ 44 cm wide and 7 inches/20 cm deep.

3. LEGO, Louvre Building Kit


The Louvre Building features among the most respected buildings in not only France, but worldwide as well. It depicts real-world architecture and consists of the famous glass pyramid and the prominent Pavilion de l’Horloge.

The architectural Lego set comprises of 695 pieces. When fully complete, the building stands at 5 inches (13 cm) tall, 7 inches (19 cm) deep and 6 inches (17 cm) wide.

2. LEGO, Tower Bridge


The famous Tower Bridge stretches over River Thames in London and was created in 1894. It stands out as one of the most recognized landmarks in the entire world courtesy of its unique architectural design, rare elements and colors, and time-defying appeal.

You can own a miniature Tower Bridge Designed by acquiring the LEGO Tower Bridge architectural set that consists of 4,295 pieces. It includes a drawbridge that opens and closes, the famous black London taxi, red double-decker bus, a green car and a yellow truck. The completed kit is 102 cm (40 cm) long, 45cm (17 in) high and 26 cm (10 in) wide.

1. LEGO, United Nations Headquarters



The United Nations Headquarters architectural set from LEGO is a good choice for builders, architects, designers, collectors and other enthusiasts. Replicating the famous UN Headquarters that was built in 1949, the architectural piece consists of more than 597 bricks and captures every aspect of the world-famous building.

Measuring 10.1 inches (25.9 cm) tall, 4.4 inches (11.2 cm) wide and 4.9 inches (11.2 cm) deep, the completed LEGO piece will look good on your office desk, playroom, and collection kit.

There you go, a brief roundup of the best Lego architecture sets in the market. They are exact replicas of some of the most famous architectural marvels and iconic new buildings in the world.

To ensure they capture every single detail, the Lego set is well-crafted and come with clear instructions. In addition to Lego lovers, the set is suitable for future architects, engineers, designers, collectors and many others.


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