Best 10 Portable Clip-on Fans in 2018

With the hot days soon approaching, you have to protect your kids from the scorching sun by making sure they have the best cooling conditions; hence, it is important to keep your kids cool in the extreme weather.

The clip-on fans are portable and lightweight that ensure your comfort. It produces the cooling effect that you desire. The cooling fans keep the kids safe during hot summers. Most of them have a rotation of 360 degrees for them to push wind in whichever direction. Your kids will not be in a risk of falling ill when temperatures soar. Some fans are even designed with bladeless to ensure your kid’s safety.

With the many portable clips on fans identifying an ideal one for your needs can be problematic. This is because the market is flooded with much show off ones than the real ones. Follow the review keenly as it contains the best available in the market. Potential buyers can also feel free to use the information for decision making.

The Features

  • Speed: The speed that the blade operates should be easily adjustable. You should adjust it either low or high depending on your needs. The portable fan should be powerful enough to blow enough wind to give you the desired effect.
  • Durability: you should buy a battery fan that is durable to save future costs. Makes sure you choose the portable fan made of the best material in order to withstand the rough nature. A fan that is made of poor material won’t last for long.
  • Battery power: you should know the kind of batteries and the number required for it to operate. It’s important to choose a fan with a battery that can last long so that you don’t have to charge the fan each time. Other fans have multiple charges this can be to your advantage.
  • Size: The fans are available in different sizes. You should select the fan that fits your room well. There is no point buying a very large fan for a small room.

10. FYLINA, USB Fan Mini Clip-On Desk Fans

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Solve your cooling needs with this beautifully designed clip-on fan. Boasting of a large capacity battery with a fast recharge this battery can store up to 2*2200mAh charge which can carry the fan for 32 hours on minimum wind and 6 hours on maximum wins. In terms of recharging the fan, it can be reduced to around 4 hours when you use a 5v/2A adapter. Moreover, it is a sturdy structure with a quality brushless motor. Its lightweight nature ensures it can be used in a variety of places including cars, bedroom, and even offices.

The big dial controller makes adjustment easy. And yes, the big speed controller allows adjust it to the most comfortable wind. You can also use it to charge your phone as it has a USB port that makes it act as a power bank. Finally, the fan can use power from multiple sources either the cell adapter or the power bank. You have no worries purchasing this product as it also comes with a 12-month warranty.

Extra features:

  • It has a strong clamp for it to attach to the baby stroller firmly.
  • It can also be used as a power bank in emergency situations.

9. SkyGenius, Battery Operated Clip on Mini Desk Fan

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By: SkyGenius

Why persevere in a hot room while this beautiful fan is up for grabs. The clip style ensures you can put it in any place that you desire. In fact, it can be great for home and office, laptop, gym and car backseat. It lightweight and small size makes it possible to move with it to different destinations. Other than carrying it the fan can be adjusted 360 degrees either vertically or horizontally to focus the wind on the most important area.

In addition, it has a 2600mAH battery that can be recharged or replaced. You have to note that the battery can also be charged by a USB from a laptop. This device produces minimal noise while producing a great cooling effect. Just like any other quality material this fan is very durable and will be of great value to you if you buy one.

Extra features:

  • It can be powered by a multiple of power sources.
  • The motor has a maximum wind speed of 75ft/s

8. ANTMONA, Battery Operated Clip on Fan

ANTMONA, Battery Operated Clip on Fan

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Want a clip on fan for your office. Choose this fan to choose quality. The clamp easily grips firmly on any surface. Whether you to use it at home or office it can be very easy to open as it has rubber grips that can be placed on any surface without having any effect on the surface. In addition, the fan will rotate for 360 degrees up or down so you are just supposed to adjust it to the angle that you want. The fan will be sure to last for years as it is made of durable ABS plastic.

Just like many more clip-on fans, this one is also portable with an attractive design. The 2200mAh battery powers the fan and it can be recharged when it is finished. Other than the USB power source it can be powered by connecting micro USB cable to your computer. Buoyed by the high-quality motor the fan can circulate air at a speed of 900ft/min. when in motion the fan is protected from short circuiting and surges to ensure it is safe.

Extra features:

  • It has a safety protection to protect the fan against power surges, short-circuiting, and speed regulation.
  • It’s durable as it made of the ABS plastic material.

7. SUNPOLLO, Clip-on Fan and Desktop Fan

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Your roof doesn’t have sufficient cooling conditions relax as this SUNPOLLO product is here to your aid. The fan can be powered either by USB or battery depending on the one that you have. When you want to install, it’s very easy you just have to attach the clip on fan to anything having a ledge.

Furthermore, the fan is very effective the 5.2 frame produces an RPM of 2200 this will surely generate a steady airflow. The fan can rotate for 360 degrees to get the airflow from other directions too. This fan is ideal for the baby stroller can decide to clamp it firmly on it such that wherever you go it has the fan. The minimal noise it makes will work to the advantage of anyone.

Extra features:

  • The 5.2 frame fan produces an airflow of2200RPM.
  • You can easily attach it to anything that has an edge.

6. BriGenius, Battery Operated Clip-On Mini Desk USB Fan

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By: BriGenius

Tired of the scorching sun? Buy this fan for effective cooling. You can decide wherever to put or clips, this makes it ideal for strollers, homes, and offices. Its size and lightweight makes it be easily portable. The 360 degrees vertical and horizontal rotation ensures the wind can be blown in the direction that you want. Fitted with a high-quality battery 2600mAh this can last for 3 to 6 hours depending on the speed type. You can easily recharge it via USB or a power bank. When it operates it has a maximum wind speed of 75 ft. /s this surely will be enough for your needs.

Extra features:

  • It has a quality battery that is 2600mAh and is able to last for a minimum of 6 hours.
  • Its design is unique and fashionable can meet any room’s décor.

5. Cool on the Go, Bladeless Battery Operated Stroller Fan

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By: Cool on the Go
Want a solution for your cooling problems? Choose stroller fan to choose quality. It is easily portable to ensure you can use it wherever you has no blade that makes it extra safe for any babies. In fact, you can clip on any infants seat for to keep the infant cool. If you would like to go to outdoor events with kids then you should not live your stroller home.

Other than other fans this one can operate without a battery. The 4 feet USB cable can be used to direct to the power source. In the event you need a battery it uses 4 batteries that can power it at for 5 hours at a maximum speed. Consider buying this clip on fan for your kid for better cooling conditions.

Extra features:

  • It can function without a battery but it has to connect directly to the power source.
  • The fact that is bladeless makes it very safe for kids.

4. Ommani, Clip-on Fan USB Rechargeable Battery Operated Fan

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By: Ommani

For those who like the modern design products can buy this clip on fan. It is a sleek design with smooth fringe and a more stable head that won’t be damaged easily. This clip-on fan optimizes the air structure to increase the airflow. Boasting of the 4 speed this will breeze strong winds that are enough for you.

Fitted with rust fewer brushes and rust less copper core motor it can make strong wind up to 80 ft. /s while producing the least of terms of powering it has a 2600mAh battery that can last for 8 hours depending on the wind speed. Additionally, the battery is lightweight for easier transportation. The head rotates at 360 degrees to ensure any direction is catered for. You should have no reason purchasing the product as it comes with a 1-year warranty.

Extra features:

  • It has an upgraded battery 2600mAh that can last for 8 hours.
  • The 4 speeds it has will bring you the wind that you require.

3. ADDSMILE, Portable Clip-On Fan for Baby Stroller

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Looking for a durable clip fan? Choose this ADDSMILE product. Boasting of premium materials this makes it very strong and sturdy. The materials are also lightweight so that the fan can be easily moved. It’s powered by 2pcs 2200mAh batteries this is very convenient. In fact, it can use multiple charging methods such as computers, laptops and power banks so long as they have the USB device. As a result of running on 4400mAh batteries, this will surely last for long. Charging the batteries takes 3.5 hours.

This will last for 6 hours at the highest speed and 40 hours at low speed. Finally, it has a step less speed regulation that is you can set any speed from zero to the maximum.

Extra features:

  • It has a step speed regulation that you can set any speed you want.
  • It’s powered by 2 batteries thus will last for longer compared to the other clip on fans.

2. OPOLAR, 2 in 1 Rechargeable Battery Clip & Desk Fan

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You don’t have to wait until you can be able to afford the most expensive clip fan when the affordable OPOLAR fan is up for grabs. With its lightweight design, you can use it wherever you want, in fact, it can be great for an office, baby strollers, outdoors and more. It boasts of 3 settings with a strong airflow while producing the very quiet operation. The 5.2 frame can rotate at a speed of 2200RPM for 9 hours effectively thus suitable for outdoor events. Within its packaging, it comes with easy to open clamps and rubber grips that can be placed anywhere.

Furthermore, the timer control function enables you to control the hours which the fan is supposed to operate. The fan also has an upgraded battery that can last for 11 to 48 hours depending on the mode that you are using. For effective charging use a USB it will take close to 7 hours. For greater comfort every day at your home consider buying this cooling clip fan.

Extra features:

  • It has a timer for you to control the hours which the fan should operate.
  • It has 3 settings with a strong airflow of 2200RPM.

1. COMLIFE, Rechargeable Battery Operated Clip-on USB Desk Fan

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Get this quality fan for the best refreshment while relaxing. It can be convenient for either indoor or outdoor use as it can be powered by multiple of sources such as the cellphone adapters and the different power banks. Other than cooling function in emergency situations it can supply power for a phone as it is fitted with a USB port. You have the extra pleasure of choosing your favorite wind by adjusting the big dialer controller. All you have to do is adjust it slowly to the most comfortable wind.
Moreover, it is has 360-degree rotation thus able to focus on any angle.

With a wind speed of 10.5ft/s and noiseless operation, this can fit in any room. Both the stand and clip are in 1 design thus making it easier when transporting terms of power, the large capacity 2*200mAh battery supplies the power. On a maximum wind, it can last for 6 hours whereas on a minimum it lasts for 32 hours. All these reasons are enough for you to consider purchasing the product for best of uses.

Extra features:

  • The stand and clip are in 1 design to make it easier for carriage.
  • The fan can charge for 4 hours compared to others last longer and in charging and shorter time in cooling.

Wrapping It Up!

The added advantage of the clip-on fans are easily carried is that you can have the same cooling effect anywhere at any time all you need to do is to switch it on. You have to keep your body cool in hot days in order to be more comfortable. Within this review, all the clip on fans are of good quality and will definitely satisfy your needs. You can choose any of the fans here if you are intending to have one but be rest assured you will have the desired cooling effect with any. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.