Best 10 Tech Toys for Kids in 2018

2018 has witnessed a rise in demand for best tech toys. And to keep up with the demand, manufacturers have continued to release newer and better products. Older types have also made a comeback. One thing about these toys is that they are very interactive. They allow the user to feel part of the experience, unlike other types that are more passive. For instance, you find products that sing, dances, show emotions, imitate your actions and much more.

However, you will find good, average, and bad products sharing the market space. And if not careful, you may pay a premium for a bad one. Without much ado, let us now begin the countdown of the best tech toys in 2018.

Best Tech Toys in 2018

10. Wonder Workshop, Dash & Dot Robot Wonder Pack

The Wonder Workshop robot pack is ideal for kids who love being creative or things robotics. It comes in a decent size to be used at home or even school. By using their creativity and codes, kids will be able to assemble the robotic set. And by using a free app, they will program the robot to suit their needs. Once done, the unit should be able to sing, move, make sounds, light up, imitate your child’s voice and much more.

It is compatible with Android, Apple, and Kindle Fire devices. Other than using their hands and creativity, it sets up the kid to the world of programming. Positives of this unit include interactive, quality materials, durable design, educative, fun, and suitable for kids of varied ages.

9. Meccano-Erector M.A.X Robotic

Kids just like adults love robots. They represent the future and give them a sense of being in charge. With Meccano-Erector M.A.X, you don’t just get a robot but a very intelligent one.

It features built-in sensors for allowing it to avoid obstacles and artificial intelligence for displaying moods. The 12-inch tall robot can also be customized through programs to suit your child’s preferences. This robotics toy relies on a Ni-MH 1800mAh battery, two Smart motor Modules, 1 IR sensor Modules, 1 M.A.A.X Brain Module and much more. The accessory is very solid, interactive, and comes with clear instructions. It, however, maybe a little challenging for small kids especially those aged below 10 years.

8. Fisher-Price, Imaginext Justice League Mobile Command Center

Many kids love the Justice League superheroes and some wish they could be part of the team. Well, with this mobile command center, they get to feel just that. The unit features a Remote Controlled command center, Batman figure, projectiles, jail, remote control and much more.

By pressing the buttons, the child can launch the projectiles, allow Batwing fly to the sky, and raise the Batwing platform and much. It’s one of the most interactive toys that will keep your child fully engaged and entertained. It’s well built, durable, and very child-friendly.

7. Haite, Smart Dog Remote Control Robot Dog

This is not your usual toy dog. It can walk, sing, dance, lie-down, fart, stand, make different sounds and much more. With such a dog, which kid wouldn’t be interested? The robotic dog can also help your kid study the letters of the alphabets A-Z as well as the Arabian numbers from 1 to 10.

It is made from safe and environmentally-friendly plastic that keeps your kid safe whenever playing with the toy. The powerful remote control can operate the dog from distance as far as 50 feet. Both kids and adults love it because it’s very educative, interactive, cute, funny, and well built.

6. Anki, Cozmo

Although it’s a robot, Anki Cozmo behaves very real and is one of the best tech toys. He shows emotions, pesters you to play with him, rolls his eyes, moves, makes sounds, and much more. The smart toy will make a perfect gift for most kids because it’s very interactive.

By using the Explorer Mode, your kid will see things from the robot’s perspective. He/She may also decide to challenge the robot to a game or two. The unit features the Cozmo robot, 3 Power Cubes, and 1 Charger. It is compatible with Android and iOS devices and other than just playing with the robot, your kid also gets a chance to use codes. Setting up the unit is simple, it is very interactive, and makes a very realistic action.

5. Sphero, R2-D2 App-Enabled Droid Action Figure

Your kid(s) will love playing with this Sphero Droid action figure. It makes amazing robotic moves and motions. These include bipod stances, tripod stances, emotive waddles, spins and much more. By downloading the R2-D2 app, your child will be able to program new moves.

It also includes LEDs lights at the front and rear and built-in speakers that emit entertaining sounds. This droid is loved for its simplicity, realistic moves, decent size, and good quality.

4. Makeblock, DIY mBot


Your boy will fancy playing with this robotic kit from Makeblock mBot. Not only is it fun and exciting but quite interactive. It is made of quality ABS material for durability and safety and comes in a practical design and size for effective play.

mBot Ranger Robot Kit is a three-in-one STEM educational robot kit which supports 3 building forms: robot tank, three-wheeled racing car, and a self-balance car. It provides not only 5 on-board sensors, but also 10 extension ports that enable you to add more functions per needed. You can easily program and control the mBot via iPad, tablets, or laptop.

3. Piper, Educational Computer Kit

With the Piper educational computer kit, your child will not just have fun but will also understand and appreciate computers and engineering. Comprising of a handcrafted wooden computer case that features an LCD screen, this accessory will teach your child coding and STEM in a more exciting way.

A Raspberry Pi 3 project board that comes with a 1.2 GHz quad-core processor and a 1 GB RAM memory powers the unit. The Wifi-enabled set supports sharing and downloading levels and also includes motion sensors, led lights, switches, buttons, and buzzers. It’s praised for being very educative, well-built, and high quality.

2. LEGO, MINDSTORMS EV3 31313 Robot Kit

The LEGO Mindstorms robot kit allows your child to create an intelligent toy and to control it. It blends creativity and coding which are key components of computing and engineering.

The set comprises of more than 550 LEGO bricks, ARM9 Processor, Micro SD card reader, 4 Motor parts, sensors, and back-lit buttons among other things. For controlling the robot, the accessory relies on a range of infrared sensors. Once complete, an app that works with Android and iOS is downloaded to initiate the programming. Main advantage includes simple instructions, quality materials, kid-friendly, and works great.

1. The Nintendo Switch, Gray Joy-Con

The Nintendo Switch is one of the best tech toys in 2018 and is suited for users of different ages. it comes in a compact and easy to carry design and includes two Gray Joy-Con controllers for the ultimate gaming experience. It can be connected to the television set easily and relays high-quality images.

The unit instantly transforms from a dock station to a handheld device for use especially outdoors. Other than single-player mode, the unit also supports multi-player format. It comes in great quality, is easy to use, supports multiple players, versatile, and is very interactive.

Tech toys have changed the way we view and interact with toys. No longer do you have to deal with a passive accessory that requires you to control its every move. Tech toys come with smart features that allow them to show emotions, imitate you, dance, and sing. This makes the interaction more lively and satisfactory.

In this review, we have looked at the top 10 best tech toys in 2018. We delved into the design, intelligence, user-friendliness, realistic actions, and construction quality. Your child is thus assured of quality time and exciting experience. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.