Best 10 Flatware for 2018

There are three types of flatware available: Stainless Steel, Silver-plate, and Sterling Silver. Stainless Steel flatware is used in casual settings, but it can be set out on a formal table as well. It is dish-washer safe, and you can polish it for special events. Silver-plate and Sterling Silver requires more care and is considered formal dinnerware. It is recommended that they be hand washed for best results.

When selecting a design, think about how you will use your flatware. Intricate patterns are ideal for formal settings while plainer pieces are considered casual. Modern dishes look best with sleek designs, and the floral and swirl designs work well with classic china patterns. Once you have a design in mind, you will need to decide on the finish. Finishes range from mirrored shine to matte looks.

Most important is how it feels in your hand. Some people prefer a heavier forged piece while others appreciate light weight flatware. Silverware that has hollow handles with three piece construction is the lightest. Last but not least, how many settings will you need? If you love to entertain, you will need a larger set than if this will just be for your family.

Cambridge Silversmiths 20 Piece Cortney Mirror Flatware

This set of flatware has a traditional, plain design that works well with a variety of dinnerware. It includes four dinner forks, four salad forks, four tablespoons, four teaspoons, and four butter knifes. This 2.0 gauge flatware is constructed of 18/0 stainless steel with a mirror-like finish. The sleek design and the fact that this set is completely dishwasher safe make it the ideal flatware for everyday use. It also fits in nicely with more formal settings due to the elegance of the shiny finish. It is durable and comes with a 25 year limited warranty.




Royal Stainless Steel Mirror Polished Flatware Set

This 20 piece set includes four salad forks, four dinner forks, four teaspoons, four knives, and four tablespoons. It is made with durable 18/10 stainless steel that won’t bend. This set is ideal for families due to the excellent grip it provides for both children and adults. The mirrored finish does not require any polishing and holds its sheen for a luxury look that lasts. The classic design is timeless and appropriate for both formal dinners and everyday use. It comes in a black gift box.




Stainless Steel Flatware Set by MosesMo-Modern

This quality flatware is available in a 20 piece, serves for four set that is perfect for small families or a 40 piece service for eight set that is ideal for entertaining. It is constructed of durable stainless steel for a durability and has a mirrored finish that will never rust. The luxury design works for formal and everyday meals. It is the ideal weight for regular use, and it is dishwasher safe. It never needs to be polished, and retains the shiny finish throughout the years. The manufacturer offers a money back guarantee on both sets.




KitStuff Stainless Steel Black and Gold Flatware Set for One Person

This flatware set stands out with the gold plating accented by black handles. It has an elegant look that woks wonderfully in formal settings. It is constructed of18/10 stainless steel that doesn’t rust. It comes in a service for one with one dinner fork, one teaspoon, one soup spoon, and one knife. You can create whatever size flatware set you need by purchasing the exact number of settings you need for your table whether you have a small family or plan to entertain.




Royal Cutlery – Sterling Quality – Multipurpose Flatware Set

This 20 piece set includes four dinner forks, four salad forks, four knives, four soup spoons, and four teaspoons. It functions nicely for home use as well as for the demands of kitchen and restaurant use. The stainless steel construction has a hi-luster, bright finish that resists rust while maintaining its gleam for years to come. The mirror finish provides an elegant yet simple style with a unique pattern embossed on the handle. This design works as nicely with formal china as it does with every day dishes, and it is dishwasher safe.




Ikea 900.430.76 Fornuft 20-Piece Flatware Set

This set includes four salad forks, four dinner forks, four teaspoon, four soup spoons, and four knives. It has a very basic, utilitarian look to it that is well suited for daily use in the home. It works well with trendy dinnerware, and it is dishwasher safe. Each fork has a unique rounded edge that makes this set stand out from others. Designed by Maria Vinka, this flatware is constructed of durable stainless steel with a shiny finish. The durable construction makes this set a favorite among young couples, families, and those that love to entertain.




International Silver Kensington 20-Piece Flatware Set

This service for four includes four dinner forks, four salad forks, four dinner knives, four tablespoons, and four teaspoons. This is the flatware for anyone that is searching for a set with some heft to it. It has an obviously bulky design with striping around the handle that adds elegance to each piece. It comes with a lifetime warranty, and it is dishwasher safe. The superior 18.0 stainless steel construction means that it will hold up for years to come whether you purchase it for special dinners or every day meals. Best of all, it never needs polishing.




Cambridge Silversmiths Soiree Mirror 30-Piece Flatware Set

This set offers a service four six with six salad forks, six dinner forks, six teaspoons, six tablespoons, and six butter knives. The additional place settings make this flatware ideal for larger families. Each piece has a shiny, mirrored finish that is highlighted by a pitted design on the handle. This creates an elegant look that perfectly suits any formal dinnerware setting, but it is still practical enough to be enjoyed every day. It is dishwasher safe, and is constructed of quality stainless steel. It also includes a 25 year limited manufacturer’s warranty.




Cambridge Silversmiths Blossom Sand 20-Piece Flatware Set

This flatware set has a classic look that includes service for four with four teaspoons, four tablespoons, four dinner forks, four salad forks, and four knives. The brushed metal finish of each piece and the pretty floral pattern on the handle makes this flatware an excellent choice when paired with traditional fine china patterns. It has an elegance that is well suited to formal dinners, but could still be used daily with features like being dishwasher safe. It comes with a 25 year limited warranty from the manufacturer.




Olinda 18/10 Stainless Steel Hammered Flatware Set

This set includes four dinner forks, four salad forks, four knives, four teaspoons, and four tablespoons. The 18/10 stainless steel provides strength and durability in this heavy weight flatware. It has a good grip with a three millimeter thickness to each dinner spoon and fork. It has a mirror finish with a unique, trendy pattern embossed in the handle. It can be used for every day meals as well as special occasions due to the classic look that is well suited to a variety of dinnerware choices. It is manufactured in Europe with a restaurant quality that can be appreciated in any home setting.

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