Best 10 Soundbars in 2018

Truth is televisions have become more sophisticated, feature-filled, elegant and offer high-resolution images. However, one thing that never seems to change is the sound quality. Even the largest and most advanced types will still produce the sound that isn’t quite right and this ruins the whole experience. You can nonetheless improve the bad audio by investing in a high-quality soundbar. Soundbars are quite varied and it’s critical to know what to look for during the search.

A soundbar is used for enhancing the audio from your TV. It comes in form of a long slender box that consist of several built-in speakers and some also include a sub-woofer. To find the most suitable item you should focus on the following features:

Audio Quality: The quality of sound is key when choosing a soundbar and should be clear, audible and also distinguishes the bass, trebles and surround sound;

Connectivity: A good product will have many connectivity options such as HDMI, multiple USB ports, analog (RCA) and many more functions. This allows it to connect to TV, DVD players, gaming consoles,etc.

Portability: Top sound bars are light, compact and take very minimal space. They can be placed almost anywhere without causing any inconvenience;

Remote Control: A good Soundbar comes with an ultra-light but highly-sensitive remote that increases/decreases the volume fast and efficiently.

Best Soundbars in 2018

Other important features include Bluetooth range, subwoofer quality, design and how it complements the surrounding. Read the below review to find out the best soundbars in 2018.

10. SoundPal, Wireless Audio 2.0 Channel Sound Bar




SP603 Sound Bar by SoundPal will turn your home into a movie theater thanks to its highly advanced and sophisticated features. It is a 37-Inch wireless system that delivers 2.0 audio channels and comes with Digital Volume Control.

With the weight of 5.5 pounds, the unit can be wall mounted and comes with a remote control. The ultra-slim and stylish TV speaker has three audio options and features multiple connectivity options (2 Aux Cable, or Bluetooth).

9. Philips, Bluetooth Soundbar Speaker with Subwoofer


Soundbar by Philips is suitable for TVs measuring 32 inches and above and comes in 2.1 channels that deliver 60 watts. It puts lots of high-quality audio thanks to the 2 dedicated tweeters, a subwoofer, virtual surround sound and double BASS.

Measuring 2.6 (l) x 27.9 (w) x 1.9(h) inches and weighing about 2.3 pounds, the Bluetooth Soundbar speaker can be placed near or some distance away from the TV. You will, however, need to buy an optical cord since it is not included.

8. BOHM, Audio Modes Sound Bar with Bass Technology


BOHM Soundbar guarantees you of better, clear and more audible sound when watching TV shows, listening to music or playing video games. The 60-watt system comes with 4.0 connectivity, 3 audio modes (Music, Movie and Night) and features advanced Bass Technology.

It comes with multiple connection options which include optical audio cable, Bluetooth 4.0 and 2 Aux cable jacks. The 31.5 x 3.2 x 3.8 inches Soundbar weighs 9.2 pounds also comes with 3.5mm Cables, Wall Mounts, Remote control and User Manual.

7. VIZIO, SB2920-C6 Soundbar


Improve the sound quality from your TV and other devices by connecting it with the SB2920-C6 Soundbar by VIZIO. Measuring 20 inches in length and featuring 2.0 channels, the Bluetooth Soundbar comes in a sophisticated and compact design and features DTS TruVolume that limits volume fluctuation and DTS for real surround sound.

The Bluetooth connectivity enables you to stream music from computer, laptop, tablet, Smartphone and other devices.

6. Samsung, Wireless Audio Soundbar


HW-J355 Sound Bar by Samsung weighs approximately 13.34 pounds and measures 37 inches in length. It comes in 2.1 Channel and has an output of 120 Watts which is adequate for producing great sounding audio.

The wireless audio soundbar which can be mounted on the wall comes with TV sound, USB, optical and Bluetooth inputs.

5. Samsung, Wireless Audio Soundbar


Coming in 2.1 Channel and producing 300 watts of sound, the wireless Samsung HW-J450 Soundbar is a popular choice. The 37-Inch unit measures 37.1(L) x 2.6(W) x 2.3 (H) inches, weighs 12.1 pounds and also includes a 6.5-inch wireless Subwoofer.

It comes with Bluetooth connectivity, can be mounted on the wall, and has 1 USB, 1 HDMI, 1 Optical and TV Sound connect inputs.

4. ZVOX, Sound Bar with Built-In Subwoofer




SoundBase by ZVOX is the best sound bar in the market and consist of 5 full-range speakers, powered subwoofer and amplifier and. The 30-inch ultra slim unit is only 3.5 inches high and brings out the home theater experience and will easily fit under the TV cabinet, wall unit, and other many places without creating any clutter or undermining the ambiance.

The unit comes with no external speaker wires and also features Bluetooth, AccuVoice, thunderous bass, and virtual surround technology. The Bluetooth is quite short range for this soundbar.

3. Klipsch, HD Theater SB 3 Soundbar


Soundbar by Klipsch comes with the innovative horn-loaded technology that produces powerful and clear sound. The Horn-loaded tweeters deliver varied ranges of dynamic sound while the 10-Inch rear-ported subwoofer enhances the bass. Its peak sound is rated at 300 watts, supports Dolby Digital decoding and assures you of durability courtesy of the aluminum diagram.

The Soundbar is compatible with most TVs in the market and doesn’t require any special programs, tools or skills.

2. Sonos, Playbar TV Soundbar



Sonos Playbar TV Soundbar will not only improve the listening experience, but also complement the surrounding. It features nine amplified speakers’ drivers and a simple two-cord setup (one for TV and the other for power).

The wireless design allows you to stream music and sound from various devices and this is boosted by the Subwoofers 5.1 surround system. You can also control via iPhone, Android or iPad using Apps.

1. VIZIO, Channel Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer


Sound Bar by VIZIO measures 38 inches and comes in 2.1 Channels and includes a wireless subwoofer. It has a power output of 100dB and is a good choice for TVs measuring 42 inches and above.

Similar to other VIZIO sound bars it also comes with DTS audio and Dolby audio technologies that produce great surround music and good bass. Wirelessly streaming from a computer, laptop, Smartphone or tablet is made easy courtesy of the built-in Bluetooth feature.

Although looking simple, a soundbar will change the audio experience in your home or even office. What’s more, this is the cheapest and quickest fix to poor sound and can be connected to other devices.

After reading the 10 best soundbars in 2018, which one do you think deserves your need?


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