Best 10 Pool Basketball Hoops in 2018

Basketball is an entertaining game played across the globe. It can be enjoyed both indoors and outdoors. It’s even more interesting when the fun is taken over to the swimming pool. As such, having a stable pool basketball hoop is needed.

Best Pool Basketball Hoops in 2018

From the hundred of pool basketball hoops on the market today, the below review are some of the best we’ve come across.

10. Intex, Floating Pool Volleyball & Floating Hoops Basketball Game


Intex floating pool is well designed for both basketball hoop and volleyball hoop. The hoops fill with water for stability and stay put throughout the game.

Additionally, this package comes with 3 balls and 2 patches for repair. The basketball hoop measures 26.5’’ x 21.5’’ offering a competitive time for the in-pool gamers.

9. Swimline, Super Hoops Floating Basketball Game


The red, blue, and white colors floating basketball hoop from Swimline make it an excellent choice for a patriotic holiday party. The net is hand-woven and doesn’t wear out easily because of water.

Swimline basketball hoop is made of strong PVC pipe that will not pop apart. It also offers a pool basketball that’s ease to inflate and durable.

8. Balance Living, Water Sports Inflatable Pool Basketball Set


Balance Living gives the best addition to your pool with its inflatable pool basketball set. It comes with nice attractive colors that’ll give your kids fun and happiness throughout the summer.

The durable construction material brings happy moments to your family from one summer to the other. It can be easily deflated or inflated in seconds.

7. SwimWays, Spring Jam Basketball


This is a hoop from a well-renowned company with many years of experience in pool game accessories. It has a heavy-duty vinyl construction making it a must-have addition to your pool fun arsenal.

Though pricier than other hoops, serious pool basketballers will tell you that its quality is worth every buck. It’s easy to inflate by mouth and has the twist-and-fold design for easy storage and portability. The package also includes a professionally designed basketball and a carry bag.

6. Intex, Inflatable Pool Hoop & Basketball


For those who want to spend just a few dollars for a basketball hoop for their kids, Intex inflatable pool hoop is the best choice. It has been firmly constructed to withstand several waves of abuse especially from those who would like to use it as a ‘floatie’ and even those who want to dive through the posts.

The basketball hoops will stay inflated for a long time. The package has repair patches too in case of leaks.

5. Poolmaster, Pro Rebounder Poolside Basketball


Pool Master has one of the leading basketball hoops to change your pool into an all-time basketball court today. It’s a sturdily constructed hoop measuring 34W x 18L x 25.5H inches.

It features heavy duty PVC backboard that offers maximum strength for dunks. Pool Master has a real net which has been hand-woven from durable polyethylene. This hoop is supported by a sturdy base into which water or sand may be filled.

4. Swimline, Giant Shootball Inflatable Pool Toy


This giant inflatable hoop is for the rough players. Your kids will be splashing in the water all day long with no intentions of coming out anytime soon. This is a 36-inch bottom circumference by 45-inch height hoop made of durable vinyl.

It’s beautifully designed and colored to give it a lavish look. The heavy construction material and wide support poles make it sturdy and prevent it from being swayed by the wind. The package also comes with one basketball with a real-feel texture.

3. Intex, Floating Hoops Basketball 


This basketball hoop is topping several lists of the best hoops this year not only because of its eye-catching summer-friendly colors but because of its pocket-friendliness as well. It’s the best-selling hoop on Amazon today. Its 10-gauge vinyl construction will give you such a big time over the summer.

The best thing about this hoop is that its base can be filled with water for more stability for the pool goals. This means that the game doesn’t stop with winds blowing over the pool. The hoop also comes in different colors all which will be a great addition to your pool’s aesthetics.

2. COOP, SwimWays Hydro Spring Basketball


SwimWays Spring Basketball is a perfect hoop for a family of pool basketball lovers. It has been designed to offer unending fun without flaws. It comes in 3 amazing colors: green, blue, and medium green. Its 24.4 bottom ring circumference offers excellent stability for serious gaming.

Moreover, this SwimWays Spring Hoop has a fabric spring at the middle that adds more stability for the hoop to withstand goals. The top and bottom rings also have a fabric covering with cool patterns that add to your pool’s aesthetic looks.

1. Colonel Pickles Novelties, Giant Pool Inflatable Basketball Toy Set


Colonel Pickles Novelties Basketball Hoop is amongst the biggest and sturdily built hoops you’ll come across today. This is a multi-age pool accessory that has been sturdily built to withstand heavy shots without crumbling.

Its stability in water is mainly derived from its 47 inches width and 6 inflatable poles. Through pricey, its heavy duty PVC construction makes it more durable, and your kids will grow with it. The package also comes with 2 real basketballs.

As the summer approaches, we’re all yearning to have a good time by the pool. It’s even more fun to enjoy the pool basketball together with families and friends under the summer sun.


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