Best 10 Cabinet Hardwares in 2018

Yes, it may look like a very basic item. However, it plays a very important role to the cabinet. It makes opening and shutting the cabinet easier. The accessory also minimizes contact with the cabinet itself. It’s a known fact that some materials will react with moisture, oils, and sweat. Using your fingers or hands too often will stain or corrode the material. Another reason why the pull is essential is that it enhances the beauty of the cabinet. The items listed below are the best cabinet handle pulls in 2018.

Best Cabinet Hardwares in 2018

10. Franklin Brass, Satin Nickel Cabinet Hardware Handle Pull

Adding this cabinet hardware handle pull is a perfect way to improve the looks and functionality of your cabinets. The units can easily be fitted with any cabinets and the process takes a very short time.

Courtesy of the good size and design, opening and closing the cabinet is very easy. The pieces come in a trendy satin nickel finish which goes well with both traditional and contemporary decors and are crafted from die-cast zinc for sturdiness and longevity.

Length: 5-inch

9. Cosmas, 783SN Satin Nickel Cabinet Hardware

If elegance and improved functionality are what you want, then this cabinet hardware handle pulls are what you need. The pack comprises 10 pieces and boasts of a high-quality satin nickel finish for improved beauty.

Each piece comes with a good length and width for quick and easy opening and closing. It’s also very simple to install and all that’s required are the basic tools i.e. a screwdriver, drill, and using the included screws to fix them.

Length: 3-inch

8. VAPSINT, Sturdy Solid Steel Bedroom Furniture Cabinets Hardware

Opening and closing the cabinet will be easier with the right handle pulls. This pack from VAPSINT is a good example and comprises 25 pieces for fitting on several units.

The handle pulls are crafted from high-grade commercial grade steel for enhanced performance and longevity and come in a nice length and width for improved performance. The pieces can be fitted to most cabinets in the kitchen, bedroom, cupboard, and office. And to improve the grip and elegance, the pieces feature oil rubbed bronze finish.

Length: 3.5-inch

7. Franklin Brass, Francisco Kitchen  Cabinet Hardware

If you are thinking or replacing your existing cabinet handle pulls or installing new ones, then this piece from Franklin Brass is ideal. The pack contains 10 elegantly styled pieces that can be fitted in different types of cabinets, drawers, or cupboards.

They are made from a soft die-cast zinc metal and feature a highly polished finish for extra panache. They have a good dimension for easy pulling and pushing of the cabinet and can be installed fast due to their simplicity.

Length: 3-inch

6. Amazer Handle Pulls, Oil Rubbed Bronze Drawer Handle Pull

This Amazer traditionally styled handle pulls will complement different decors, both contemporary and classic. The oil rubbed bronze pull feel smooth on the hand and also maintains a firm grip for easy opening and closing. Each piece is individually polybagged for extra protection and comes with the necessary mounting screws.

Length: 3.7-inch

5. Cosmas, 1387SN Satin Nickel Cabinet Handle Pull

This Cosmas cabinet handle pull is very stylish and should improve the elegance of the cabinet. It comes with a high-quality satin nickel finish that gives it a modern appeal.

The unit has a good size and length of 4 inches for easy operation and a 3-inch hole center for easy fitting. Affixing the piece to the cabinet is simple and straightforward and the pack comes with the mounting screws. And considering the pack contains 25 pieces, you can fit them in many cabinets to have uniformity.

Length: 4-inch

4. Goldenwarm, Square Bar Stainless Steel Cabinet Drawer

Voted as one of best cabinet handle pulls in 2018, these Goldenwarm black pull handles are designed for mounting on drawers and cabinets. They have a nice hole center of 5 inches (128mm) and a length of 5.5 inches (140mm) for convenient opening and shutting of the cabinet and drawers.

They are crafted from a high-grade stainless steel for improved functionality, durability, and are resistant to stains, rust, and corrosion. The accessories come ready for assembly and this should only require a short time and the basic tools.

Length: 5.5-inch

3. Cauldham, Solid Stainless Steel Cabinet Hardware

You like many other people will appreciate this cabinet hardware pull. They are a popular pick because of their solid nature courtesy of the quality stainless steel material, good looks thanks to the brushed satin nickel finish, and good handling and efficient because of the nice length and 20.125-inch (512mm) Hole Centers.

You also don’t need to worry about the pieces getting all rusty, corroded, or losing their shiny and sleek appeal thanks to the commercial grade 304 stainless steel constructions.

Length: 20.5-inch

2. Cosmas, Euro Style Satin Nickel Cabinet Hardware Handle Pul

Featuring a 3-inch drilling/ hole centers, fitting this handle pull to the cabinet, drawer, or cupboard should be easy. They come in a good length of 5 3/8 inches and width of 1 / 2 inches for a good hold when opening and closing the cabinet.

They are constructed from a strong material and feature an elegant satin nickel finish. The pieces are individually packaged to reduce damage and also protect them from abrasion. They come with the necessary mounting screws and will stay firm once fitted.

Length: 5.38-inch

1. AmazonBasics, Euro Bar Cabinet Handle

Comprising 50 pieces, this pack of cabinet handle pull will help maintain uniformity in the home and office. You can use them on newly constructed pieces or as replacements for existing cabinets.

They are made from a lightweight but sturdy metal and are resistant to corrosion, rust, fading, and stains. For easy and quick mounting, the pack comes with 1 & 1.63-inch screws whereas the satin nickel finish gives them the modern and classy look.

Length: 7.38-inch

A cabinet handle pull, although looking basic, is an important accessory. It makes opening and closing the cabinet and helps to prevent corrosion and extends its life.

A good device will also enhance the aesthetic appeal of the cabinet. To assist you to make the right decision the first time, we reviewed several items on the market. We looked at the design, material, beauty, size, fitting ease, strength, reliability and price. By selecting the best cabinet handle pulls you will enjoy good and reliable service. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.