Best 10 Glass Cleaners in 2018

Using the right glass cleaner will leave the windows or other surfaces shinier, mask any scratches, pleasant smell. They work best on the glass to get rid of dirt, dust, oils, stains and other unwanted things completely. As a matter of fact, considering the ease of using the product (a spray or solution), and the kind of packaging .

Best Glass Cleaners in 2018

To discover the right item the first time, we compared various type of the best glass cleaners and have ranked them in the following order.

10. Mothers, re|vision Glass+Surface Cleaner


Remove the toughest dirt, fingerprints, grime, dust, oily film and stains using the re|vision glass cleaner by Mothers. It works on a range of glass surfaces including normal glass, windshield, tinted, mirrors, fiberglass as well as countertops, appliances, tablets, TV, countertops, chrome, gauges, monitors and much more. Courtesy of being ammonia-free, it will leave your glass sparkling without causing any damage.

9. Grab Green, Natural All Purpose Cleaner


Grab Green glass cleaner consists of 3 bottles that will last you for a long time, and since it doesn’t contain any ammonia and toxic formula, you need not fear about allergic reactions.

Not only does it give a nice fresh scent
of sweet tangerine, grapefruit with herbal touches of lush lemongrass, it also contains powerful cleansing agents that remove the unwanted particles and leave the glass shiny and clear.

8. Windex, Outdoor Glass & Patio Cleaner


Windex glass cleaner comes in a 32oz plastic spray bottle and is mainly designed for outdoor use. It will easily clean the glass within minutes without need of water or other cleansing agents and will also dry very fast.

The product also features an attachment that can be linked to the garden hose and besides glass; it also cleans patio, playsets, furniture, and plastic which leave no streak or haze.

7. Meguiar’s, Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner


Perfect Clarity on your glass can be achieved within minutes using glass cleaner from Meguiar’s. It uses a unique formula to remove messes that will affect the clarity and cleanliness of your window.

It will combat dirt, bugs, dust, tree sap, grime, vinyl fog, oil stains, road grime among other nuisances and will leave your glass free of streak and haze.

6. Windex, Glass Cleaner


The 26 Ounce Windex glass cleaner is without doubt one of the best glass cleaners on offer. The ammonia-free formula boasts of the revolutionary Windex streak-free shine that will leave your glass not only very clean, clear and hygienic, but also free from haze.

Thanks to its angled bottle, it can be used from different angles without undermining its effectiveness and is also easy on the hand.

5. Spic and Span, Cinch Glass Cleaner


Cleaning glass is easier done with the Cinch Glass Cleaner by Spic and Span. It comes in a handy 64-oz spray bottle that is light and easy to use. Getting rid of stains, dirt and other debris is as simple as spraying a small amount on the glass, waiting for while then cleaning it.

You don’t need to use any water to rinse as it dries almost immediately. Avoid using it on aluminum.

4. Invisible Glass, Premium Glass Cleaner


The window glass cleaner by Invisible Glass is a premium product and is ideal for all kinds of windows and plastic. It comes packaged in a large black plastic container that features a spray gun for easy use. The 22 ounce product is quite powerful and constitutes of active ingredients that will eradicate dirt, dust, oils, stains and much more within a short time and will leave no haze, streak, or residue behind. It doesn’t contain any scents, soaps, dyes and foams but is slightly more costly than its alternatives.

3. Sprayway, Glass Cleaner


Glass cleaner by Sprayway will restore the elegance and functionality of your glass in no time. Courtesy of its active cleaning and restorative agents, and clinging form that attracts and breakdown soil, dirt, dust another particles, it requires no rinsing.

It works on glass, plastic, mirrors, window panes, car windshields, TV screens and other glass surfaces. The exclusive cleaning formula doesn’t contain any ammonia and uses denatured alcohol that is fast-acting, quick-drying and leaves no smell, no haze, no film, and no streaks.

2. Invisible Glass, Premium Glass Cleaner


Invisible Glass cleaner is also premium grade and is suitable for the ordinary person as well as professionals. It comes in a 19 oz aerosol can that makes application easy and simple and gives you more control over the amount to use.

The active compounds will completely eradicate stains, dirt, and other debris without leaving behind any residues, streaks or haze.

1. Method, Natural Surface Cleaner


Method glass cleaner comes in a 28 ounce pack and is renowned for its quick action, effectiveness and streak-free cleaning. It is made from 100% safe ingredients using Powergreen technology and won’t cause any toxicity or damage to the environment.

It’s not just a glass cleaner, but also an all-purpose cleaner and will work on plastic, fiberglass, granite, marble, wood, stone, stainless steel, aluminum, tiles and much more. And to ensure your home or cleaned surface smells fresh, it comes in lavender fragrance.

All the glass cleaners come in a handy and user-friendly package that is designed to speed up the process. Furthermore, they don’t contain harmful or offending chemicals such as ammonia and won’t leave streaks, haze, or unpleasant odors on the surfaces. Which product will  suits you best?

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