Best 10 10 Self Balancing Two Wheeled Electric Scooters 2018

Self Balancing electric scooters, or also known as Swegways / Hover-boards have become massively popular over the past year after making their way from their inception in China to all over the globe, especially in the US and UK, and with rap artists, playing a main role in lots of their videos and even stage shows!

Since hitting the market in early 2015, Hoverboards, mini-Segways, Swegways or self-balancing boards – whatever you want to call them, have been in heavy demand and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon!

These two wheeled balancing scooters offer the user a fun and adventurous means of travel and have several really cool features that doesn’t just include lights and being able to spin around on it. As with other similar products such as scooters and skates, there are quite a few brands to choose from when it comes to these two wheeled balancing scooters, which could make choosing one a bit difficult.  In this article we will take the hassle out of deciding what hoverboard to choose and give you our top 10 best smart two wheels electric balance scooters in 2016 list.

Me and my son Jason have personally tested all of these self balancing scooters to the breaking point and our top ten list takes into account the following aspects.

– Easy of use
– Quality of build
– Responsiveness
– Performance
– Durability

All of the scooters below have scored high on all of these areas of testing.

10. Shareconn Hover Boost, Airboard Scooter

This self balancing scooter is slick to say the least. It’s super easy to control and can be mastered in a matter of minutes, which is one of the great things about this particular model. I found that it accelerates easy enough and the action of the controls was very responsive. You simply apply some pressure with the front of your feet. There’s two motors of a combined 1000W that drive the two wheeled scooter, with the added feature of being about to power them individually to create easy turns, rotations and increased acceleration. The motors also allow for a smooth braking.

The shareconn hover boost is ideal for short-distance travel of between 1k and 15k. It can go 20 kilometers, but this is dependant on the quality of the surface it’s riding on and the weight of the user. I rode it to pick my daughter up from school, which is 6K away and it didn’t slow down one bit. The only thing I found was that it wasn’t as smooth as say the Swagway X1 model when moving in straight lines. Other than that it’s a great two wheeled balance scooter.

It can be used in pretty much all weather, below -10C and above 40C is not advisable.

Here’s some more specification details.


Battery:36V 4.4AH Samsung Lithium batteries

Highest power:500-1000W.Max load:120kg.

Using temperature:-10c-40c.


Tyre size:170MM.

Low battery protection:when battery is lower than 10%,it will slow down and finally.

Size:10.3 x 9.9 x 25.6 inches

package:charger,user manual.

9. Leray Self Balancing Scooter Balance Motion 6.5″ Two Wheel Hoverboard

This self-balancing scooter is a lot of fun. I recently tested this bad boy out and was really impressed with the performance and overall construction of the balancing scooter. When I first stood on the Leray, it just felt stable, robust and very good quality. The scooter is easy to carry round with one hand (maybe not so easy if you’re a kid). With a weight of only 29lbs, it’s a breeze to carry around with you when you don’t want to whizz around on it.

The wheels are solid rubber, which means no worries about getting a puncture, but I have to say that I get a smoother and quicker ride with air filled tires. But to be fair to the Leray self-balancing scooter, it does perform very well despite the solid plastic tires.

There’s two pressure-sensitive motors on this self-balancing scooter, which are directly under each foot pad and that are connected via a single axle running horizontally across the frame.
With this model, the action of the pedals is very good and has hardly any lag. As an added bonus, the motors are intelligent, so if you do want to do something stupid on it, it will rattle to let you know “Excuse me, but you can’t do that”. I found this out when I applied pressure on my left foot to the pedal and the motor started to shudder, so make sure that pressure is applied to both motors so you can move off smoothly.

The Leray has two purple colored lights on the front of the balance board scooter, which look pretty bad ass when you’re riding around at night. It lights up when you stand on the pads and even blinks when you make a turn.


The battery on the Leray is quite simply awesome! When I review products, I like to test them out properly, so with the battery, which is a 11Wh Lithium battery, I gave it a good thrashing. To the shops and back, then up to the park with the kids, then back home topped off with some more cruising around the house and garden. In total the Leray self balancing scooter was on the go for 6 hours and it still wanted more! So really you can get a good 6 to 7 hours usage before you need to charge it up. By the way, it only takes an hour to charge up, but make sure you don’t leave it on charge for longer as it could over heat.

Here’s some more spec details on the Leray balancing scooter.

  • Max Load: 220 lb; 15km in range;Max Agility: 10km/hr; 15 degree incline; angel-free circling
  • Fast Charging in 60 – 150 min; less than 2.5 hour
  • Brand Warranty Protection: Unique Code assigned to each product for warranty identification
  • FCC, RoHS, CE, UN38.3 Certified.

The downside to this balancing scooter is that the sides will scratch up really easy. For me it’s not an issue but for those who like their stuff looking in mint condition, then this scooter isn’t for you. To combat this, I’d get a darker color like black. WIth the lighter colors it will show up scratches really easily.


8. Powerboard by HOVERBOARD

One of the original players of the balance boards, this model is a bit different to the most recent two wheeled scooters that have come out as the Powerboard is a little lower to the ground due to the 6 inch wheels rather than the other new models that have 6.5 inch wheels. It makes it a little easier to get on and makes changing direction and steering a lot easier and more responsive.

It’s got a really good battery that lasts up to 6 hours from a full charge, which takes just over 1.5 hours. Again, this is all dependent on the usage. If you’re on the heavy side then you’ll use up more charge.  

Although it’s pretty decent when it comes to handling and Smooth & Simple Acceleration, the speed slightly lets it down as this model has been limited to 8 miles per hour for safety reasons. It’s loaded with light indicators for when the battery runs low and comes with a one year warranty.

Overall the Powerboard is a great buy if you’re looking for a solid self balancing scooter. It scratches up quite easy, and it’s not as fast as other models out there, but the handling more than compensates for that.


7. Razor Hovertrax Electric Self-Balancing Scooter

I actually haven’t tested this one myself, but my 13 year old son did for about a day and was impressed with the smoothness of this self balancing scooter, even on uneven ground. But what really impressed him the most was the virtually silent motors which gave him the sensation that he was actually on a real Hoverboard from Back To The Future!

This particular model features some super quiet dual hub motors that come with gyro sensors which make it so smooth to ride. Although the speed isn’t what you call fast at 6 mph, the manoeuvrability and steering is one of the best on the market and more than makes up for the lack of speed.

It has an anti-slip foot platform which is good as it stops you from sliding off the board should you have wet feet or it starts raining when you are riding it. Build quality is really solid with the Shatter-resistant polymer frame. It comes in a choice of colors, so if you don’t like blue you can always go for a black, red or even white!

The manufacturer states that the battery lasts up to 115 minutes of continuous use, which I think would be about right, although my son was using it for a good 3 hours and it still had plenty of charge.


This self balancing board is about twice the price of hoverboards by other manufacturers, but do consider that Razor is now the owner of the hoverboard technology patent. When you buy this board you are paying for the tested and proven technology which is authentic and safe, not to mention the brand recognition whereas other self balancing boards are now technically unlicensed knock-offs.

The manufacturer, Razor, offers solid assurances that their boards will not burst into flames. That’s a weight off your mind!

6. Spaceboard Electric Self Balancing 2 Wheel Scooter Hoverboard Bluetooth Speaker Remote Control

This self balancing 2 wheel scooter from SpaceBoard is awesome. Why? Well for one, it has 8 inch wheels. This is a massive benefit for me as there’s a nice gap between you and the ground which gives you that extra clearance as well as comfort when riding the board. It also has a protective rubber on the base which is great for protecting against scuffs, scratches as dents.

Then there’s the bluetooth connection where you can link it up to your iphone and play your fav tunes while riding about. Although this is a cool function, I prefer not to have my music blasting out as I wouldn’t want to put my bad musical tastes on the rest of the neighbourhood. The speakers are really good quality to be fair, but for me it’s a bit of a waste and not to mention a drain on my battery.

Self Balancing two wheeled scooter
There’s lights to the front and back of the board, which is great at night but again a waste of battery while riding in the day. The grips are really good and keeps your feet secure on the board even if it’s raining. Talking of raining, this board is fully waterproof, so you can pretty much use it in all weather (apart from snow of course).

The top speed of this board is very fast. Switch it to expert level and you can go up to 16mph which could hurt if you fall off it! So beware.

It takes about 100 minutes for fully charge and you get a good 5 hours usage out of it thanks to the awesome LG battery and the 3 piece motherboard (most boards only have 2)


5. Sharper Image-Sogo Two Wheel Electric Self Balancing Scooter/Personal Transporter with LED Lights

With 700WATTS of power the Sogo two wheel self balancing scooter is a beast!
It comes with a Samsung lithium long lasting battery which gives you up to 15 miles of travel range, or about 5 hours of continuous use, which is pretty decent when compared to other models.

The speed isn’t that fast, but I think 7mph is fast enough, especially if you’re 13 to 16 years old.
The major strength of this two wheel scooter is the ease that you can master it and the stylish LED lights.

What’s included:
Pretty simple really as you get the scooter, charger and a Lithium-io battery.
Here’s some more product spec:

  • 7.1″H x 22.5″W x 6.8″D
  • Weight: 24 lbs.
  • Maximum speed: 7.2 mph
  • Weight capacity: 220 lbs.
  • Battery life: up to 15 miles
  • Recharges in approx. 3 hours
  • Age: 12 years & up


4. The Original Monster Wheel: Intelligent Self Balancing Hoverboard with LED Lights; Model – M3-RDBK

The manufacturer calls this a “Monster” and it pretty much is just that! The M3 is called “the future of transportation” and it’s more than equipped to be. This self-balancing scooter is solidly built, can take a lot of bashing and scratches without affecting performance and to top it off, really easy to learn and ride.

Safe for kids and big kids (adults) and it loaded up with smart balancing technology and Anti-slip foot grips, which might I add is essential if you want a comfortable scootering experience.

The top speed is 6.2 miles per hour which isn’t that fast but fast enough for kids.

It comes with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty so you can be sure that if anything goes wrong wit your board (which probably won’t happen) then you are covered.

I’ve rated this board quite high due to quality of build and the responsiveness of the sensors. It’s probably one of the best that I’ve ridden so far in terms of sturdiness and responsiveness of the controls.


3. Koogo X1 Smart Balancing Electric Scooter

This self balancing scooter is in the top 3 best scooters for a number of reasons. First of all it has awesome wheels. 8 inch non slip tires are on this bad boy, and when they say non-slip, they actually do mean non-slip! I’ve been out on this scooter in all weather and there’s no uncontrolled movement when turning sharply. Not only that, but you can go off-road with this board with no decrease in performance. Normally I only use balancing scooters on flat / smooth surfaces, but with this one I can take it on woodland tracks and gravel.

Secondly, the motor is pretty impressive as well with a high performance 2X 350W motors for each wheel.

The Koogo has a really good frame as well, and is extremely robust. It has an improved aluminum frame that can hold upto 220 lbs. I have got about 5 hours of continued use out of the Koogo and the recharge time is just under 2 hours. Not bad at all! The battery is pretty dope as well. Samsung Li-ion battery with a 2000 times recharge capability.

When you do receive this product, make sure you activate the warranty online. You get a 1 year warranty with this scooter, so if anything happens to go wrong, then you’re covered.


2. Self Balancing Scooter, Skque® 6.5″ Smart Two Wheel Self Balancing Electric Scooter

I really like the Skque brand of smart two wheeled self balancing electric scooters as they are Very elegant and beautiful in appearance. Really well designed visually as well as excellent construction / build.

Out of the 10 two wheeled self balancing scooters on this best of list, I would have to say that this is probably the most sturdy and robust scooter out of all of them. It’s a very stable rise and the action on the controls are super responsive, which makes the scooter do exactly what you want it to do, as well as making it more secure and safer to use. It’s anti-slip grip on the board is extremely secure, even when your feet are wet.  

I found that this two wheeled balancing scooter is really good for doing 360 degree turns on the spot, due to the quality of responsiveness of the controls and the motors. Talking of the motors, you have two very powerful ones within this scooter that can be controlled individually with both feet, making it easy to turn, steer, rotate, acceleration and brake extremely smoothly.


It carries two driver motors within the wheels that can be controlled with both feet individually for easy turns, rotation, acceleration and smooth braking.

The LED lights are a lot brighter, so being visible at night isn’t an issue.

Here’s some more product spec details.

Max Load: 120KG (264LB);

Max Speed: 10KM (6.2MPH);

Motor: 500W (250W*2);

Max Distant: 20-25KM ( 11-15 Miles);

Battery Capacity: 158W LG/Samsung 44000mAh battery pack;

Input: AC110-220V 50-60Hz;

Charging Time: 1-2 Hours;

Wheel Size: 6.5 Inch;

It comes with a Smart Balancing Wheel,manual wall charger,free remote control,turn on and off.

Note that this product is fully compliant with American and European safety regulations.

1. Swagway X1 Hands-Free Smart Board

We have rated the Swagway X1 smart self balancing scooter the best in our list mainly down to the overall performance of the smart board. It’s simple in design, but very robust and comfortable to ride, plus you get a powerful battery pack that has a range of 20 miles before you have to recharge again. I just hate having to charge up my smart board every 45 to 60 minutes, so this is a great option for those who want longer periods using their balance scooters.

With a speed of 10 miles per hour coupled with the distance range, this model does offer a far superior performance and makes it one of the best on the market. Speed and range will depend on the rider’s weight, the road condition and the temperature.

It’ll also charge from flat to full in around 2 hours, which means you’re never too far away from your next hoverboard session!.

Swagway offer a 1 year warranty on the X1, but remember, you have to register the product online as soon as you receive it, so that the warranty is validated.


Other features of the Swagway X1 is the zero degree turning and the ability to climb up to a 15 degree incline. Rest assured that the battery is safe and that the product itself comes with all the safety certification you need: U.S. Brand.; FCC, rohs, CE, WERCS, Prop65, Un38.3 Certified.


Final words

There’s been a lot of bad press recently about 2 wheeled self balancing scooters ( AKA Hoverboards ) with lots of cheap and illegal imports flooding the market. When you do go to buy your self balancing scooter, make sure you are buying a recognised brand of hoverboard and you buy from decent places online like Amazon.

The scooters listed above are all fully compliant with American and European safety regulations.

If these hoverboards are a bit too fast and scary for your kids, we have a best kids scooters guide that you might get more use from. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.