Best 10 Snow Brooms in 2018

Winter is coming, don’t wait till your car’s windscreen is covered by a 10-inch layer of solid snow to start looking for a snow broom. Most of the snow brooms are multi-functional. They integrate more than one tool thereby saving you the need to have several tools.

The snow brooms are safe without leaving scratch marks on the glass or car. The broom weight is an important element needed to be considered as you can use them at a go without breaking your arm.

Best Snow Brooms in 2018

Check out the below best snow brooms and find out which will best suit your need for the winter.

10. BirdRock Home, 55″ Extendable Snow Moover and Ice Scraper




This BirdRock Snow Moover has been tested and found to move a ton of snow in a breeze. It has a maximum length of 55 inches when fully extended reaching all parts of the windshield, roof, and hood.

This is a lightweight ice mover with strong jaws made of thick plastic on one end to break up ice. Also, its handle feature foam padding that feels comfortable on your hands. The scraper on the other end is windshield friendly and won’t scratch or leave marks behind.

9. Sno Brum, Professional Grade Snow Removal Tool



Regarding versatility, this Sno Pro by Sno Brum takes the lead. It has emerged the winner in many tests based on non-abrasiveness, durability, and freeze resistance. It’s a professionally designed broom made of high-quality polyethylene foam that doesn’t freeze nor cause abrasion on your car’s paint.

The scrapper measures 16.75″ wide x 6″ tall, so you’re done with your vehicle’s windshield with a few strokes. Additionally, it comes with a 48 inches handle with die cast metal threads.

8. Mallory USA, Hopkins 511-E 36″ Telescoping Snow Broom


This is a professional grade 3-in-1 broom; it features freeze resistant bristles on one side and a super quality squeegee.

Hopkins 511-E also has thick plastic icebreaker on the other side that is glass friendly and will never scratch or leave unwanted marks. Its handle has a robust construction, lightweight, and offers a firm, comfortable grip.

7. Subzero, Hopkins 18841 Subzero 46″ Heavy-Duty Arctic Plow with Grip




Hopkins 18841 is one of its high-performing products that have been highly rated since its invention. It has an incredibly constructed steel handle with non-slip functionalities and requires little to no maintenance.

With its ultra-wide foam head with push-pull capabilities, you’ll be through with several windscreens in minutes. This brush is collapsible making it easily portable and storable in your car.

6. Hopkins 80037 Subzero 60″ Quick Lock Pivoting Snowbroom





Featuring a pivoting head that can be used on 45, 90, 180, or any other angle, this broom is just the right choice this winter. It features a telescopic handle with a quick lock extension that makes it easy to reach any corner of your truck, van, or SUV.

This broom features a broom with soft bristles, a squeegee, and an ice breaker reducing the number of snow fighting tools you need for your car. Its pivoting head makes it easy to fit it in your boot without hassles.

5. Subzero, Hopkins 14039 Crossover Super-Duty Snowbroom





With a handle measuring 50’’ in length and a wide brush head, Hopkins 14039 offers you more coverage making snow moving a relatively easy affair. It’s easy to use tool with a bent handle for increased convenience.

This handle is equipped with a quick push lock button that’s used to manipulate the length of the handle. Its scrapper consists of ice chippers that are used to break up tough ice.

4. Subzero, Hopkins Ice Crusher Pivoting Snowbroom


Hopkins 16619 is a pivoting snow broom bringing together a squeegee and a snow crusher in one tool. Its bristles feature dual action. They consist of a row of stiff but glass friendly bristles between 2 other rows of soft bristles.

This snow broom also has a telescopic steel handle that extends up to 50’’. The handle has 2 foam cushions that offer you firm grips on both ends. Hopkins 16619 is made of high-quality construction materials that make it durable and an excellent performer.

3. Snow Joe, Telescoping Snow Broom with Ice Scraper


This snow broom from Snow Joe comes with a patented dual design meant to make scraping and moving snow a quick and easy escapade. It’s sturdy and incredibly easy to use.

Snow Joe is a multifunctional tool that integrates several tools into one. It has an adjustable handle that extends from 30’’ to 49’’. The best thing about it is that all its 3 components are non-abrasive, lightweight, and durable. Weighing only 1.2 lbs, this broom won’t cause you any wrist fatigue.

2. Subzero, Hopkins Super Extender Snowbroom


Hopkins Super Extender Snowbroom from Subzero has all that you need to fight snow- an icebreaker, a brush, and a scraper. Its handle is made of durable steel and offers 2 soft hand grip cushions.

Its wide blade backed by the extendable pole gives you greater coverage and also protects you from getting buried in the snow. The tool is very suitable to remove the snow hill.

1. Sno Brum, Original Snow Removal Tool



Snow removal tool by Sno Brum is a pro in snow removal that comes with 2 sturdily constructed snow brooms to watch your back when your windscreen is 8’’ under. They are also ideal for removing snow on hot tub covers.

These brooms’ heads have been crafted from a rich blend of high-quality foam and polyethylene. The resultant is a glass and Paint-friendly material that won’t cause any harm on your car’s paint or leave scuff marks on the windscreen.

The above-listed products come at a reasonable price with high-quality material. Choose one among them to clear out the snow for a clearer vision.




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