Best 10 Budget Tablets Under $100

In the 21st century, technology has only continued to evolve. Computers were once huge bulky box like objects that were extremely hard to move around. Over time however, the design has been continuously slimmed down and compacted. Now computers can fit in the palm of your hand as a phone or tablet. At the same time, the price has steadily come down for all devices. Now companies have invested in budget designs that sell for less than $100.

These days, its possible for just about anyone to have access to the internet, music, and all kinds of entertainment just from a device in their pocket. The budget products have various levels of design and hardware specs. There are devices for children, adults, and even tech savvy people. Anybody should be able to find a device that fits their needs and target user. The main reason why people pick these devices over the high end ones are because they both do basically the same thing, despite one costing much more. In terms of the casual consumer, slightly lower processing power or screen resolution will make little difference.

Getting a working device is the top thing someone wants in their product. This article lists 10 budget tablets from across the market, while listing the pros and cons of each one. That way, you as the consumer, can make an informed decision.

1) Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet

Children always want the newest technology. It looks cool and allows them to fit in with their friends at school. However, tablets are expensive and you never know what accident your child might cause. This is why the Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet is highly recommended for the young children. It has a child-proof cover that protects it from spills and dropping. It’s built-in parental control and limited access means parents don’t have to worry about what their might come across on the internet. This device is one of the best for anyone younger than their pre-teens.

Pros: Durable, Kid-Proof Case, Parental Controls

Cons: Limited capabilities for pre-teens, limited internal memory




2) Fire HD 8 Tablet with Alexa

This is the current version of Amazon’s Kindle Fire. It’s gone through countless upgrades over the years and still remains on top of the rest in the market. Unlike the first device listed, this device is targeted to adults and especially those who frequently use Amazon. It features specs that are above the industry standard for budget tablets. As a bonus, the device has the popular virtual assistant Alexa. The A.I. can do tasks with just a vocal commanded. This device would be a smart investment for a wide range of consumers.

Pros: HD Display, modern hardware, Alexa, Battery life

Cons: The better model is more expensive




3) 10.1 inch Tablet Android

While the previous devices listed are very respectable in their own right, this tablet features one of the biggest screens you can find at the budget level. It’s definitely marketed for the more tech savvy user. It’s screen size and memory are great for someone who plans to use the device on a regular basis. The device even has sim card support for someone who might be already under contract with a phone company. The main draw back of this device is that the weight is slightly heavier than normal.

Pros: Screen-size, Memory Available, Sim Card Support

Cons: Weight




4) Fire 7 Tablet with Alexa

This is a nearly identical device to the Fire HD 8 Tablet with Alexa. The only major differences are in the specs. The overall size is smaller. The processing power and resolution are also slightly weaker. This is more geared for the causal market. If you are just looking for a tablet that functions good, this might be the device for you. Especially if you are not doing anything overly complicated, there may simply be no need for the more expensive models.

Pros: HD Display, Newest level of specs, Alexa, Battery life

Cons: Weaker model of an existing product.




5) Lenovo TAB3 Essential

Tablets tend to be an individual device. Consumers often just buy one for only themselves, but this device promises to be different. It features different profiles for each member of the household. That way everyone can share and still keep some level of privacy. This device is best recommended for a causal user. It’s smaller size and weaker specs don’t support tech savvy users.

Pros: Family themed, multiple profiles

Cons: Weak Specs




6) NuVision 8-inch

There are many kinds of tablets featured on this list, but this has easily the most advanced specs of any listed. It features a high resolution HD screen, 2 GB of storage, webcam, SD card compatible, among others. This is the perfect device for a tech savvy user on a budget. There is however, one draw back to this high performance device. The battery life is low at only 6 hours. Using the device for extended periods of time may not be recommended.

Pros: Advanced features, webcam

Cons: Poor battery life




7) Astro Tab A935

This device is the best of both worlds for casual and tech savvy users. It features specs that both kinds of consumers would be happy with. Neither the most advanced with a 1.5 GHz Quad core processor nor the best resolution at 1080p, yet still able to keep up with the market. It’s the perfect middle ground device for a consumer on a budget.

Pros: Perfect for any user

Cons: Not very advanced in its specs




8) Dragon Touch X10

This tablet features some of the strongest specs for the budget category. Its screen resolution, processing power, and features are some of the best around. That would put the device on par with many high end products. The Dragon Touch X10 is the best tablet for someone looking for a fancy device in the cheap range.

Pros: High Tech Design

Cons: Low ram size




9) High Performance RCA Viking Pro

Unlike the other products on this list, the Viking Pro is a 2-in-1 laptop and tablet hybrid. It has a keyboard on one side and a touch screen on the other. This device is perfect item for someone in high school or college. They can take it with them on the go and use it tasks such as projects, note taking, and research in any location. It even features some of the best specs available at this level.

Pros: Laptop/Tablet hybrid

Cons: Lowest memory among the models




10) Yuntab 10.1 inch Tablet

This is an extremely versatile tablet. Its advanced wifi and high memory storage are very desirable for tech savvy consumers stuck on a budget. Unlike most devices at this level, the tablet even works with bluetooth. The major aspect of the device its ability to work with sim cards. It’s likely the perfect device for a consumer looking for a cool device and something they can use with a product they already own. The only negative is that’s slightly heavier than normal due to the big screen size.

Pros: Versatile, Sim card usage

Cons: Weight




Tablets have greatly become more accessible to the average consumer over time. You don’t need to buy the high end brand names for a good experience, the cheaper devices do the same thing with basically the level of specs. This list features devices for the tech savvy to the casual and from children to adults. There is definitely a device that will meet your needs for a relatively inexpensive price.


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