Best 10 Running Waist Packs in 2018

A waist pack makes jogging and hiking with your personal accessories such as phones, keys, cards and cash more convenient and safe. You don’t have to be bogged down by bulky carrying accessories like backpacks or risking losing them because of placing them in your hands. Waist pack comes in a light and compact design that stores your belonging accessories and is conveniently tied around your waist. Furthermore, it eases pressure on your spine and back reducing the chances of injuries.

You, however, need to understand that these waist packs aren’t made the same way and some are more suitable than others. The best approach to getting the perfect item is understanding what features to watch out for and also relying on credible product reviews.

Selecting the Best Running Waist Pack

To experience the benefits of running waist packs, it’s paramount to look at the following features:

  • Capacity: A good waist pack should be able to accommodate all your essentials without leaving too much space or having to cram them in the tight space. It pays to first understand what you will be carrying before beginning the search;
  • Weight: The best pack shouldn’t be too heavy as this will inconvenience you while running. The type of items you plan to carry also determines the size and weight. For instance, people carrying MP3 players and large phones require bigger bags than those carrying a small phone and one card;
  • Comfort: Waist packs are made from varied materials and come in different designs. It is always important to focus on comfort as this determines how easy and freely you will run, jog or hike;
  • Duration: The longer you run the more likely you will experience discomfort or being bogged down by a waist pack. People who run for long period of times may need the lightest product; and
  • Pockets/Compartments: A bag with many pockets is more convenient than that with one large compartment. Chances of losing all your items at once are more likely when you place everything in one slot in contrast to splitting them into different sections.

Best Running Waist Packs in 2018

10. AOOK, Running Belt Waist Pack

The premium AOOK running belt is large enough to fit large phones. It comes with a transparent touch screen and several smaller compartments for your keys, cards, earphones.

Made from high-quality polyester Lycra, the elastic belt measures between 23.6 to 35.4 inches (60-90 cm) when unstretched and up to 42 inches/128 cm when stretched. It dries quickly and soft on your skin and is useful while running, cycling, jogging hiking, workout. However, the placing of the ear buds slot isn’t the best.

9. Level Terrain, FlipBelt

Conveniently storing and accessing your phone, cards, keys and other accessories while hiking, cycling, jogging or walking is easy with the Level Terrain FlipBelt. The highly-elastic belt is made from Micropoly (92%) and Lycra (8%) which make the belt dries out pretty fast.

It is very comfortable courtesy of the ultra soft and stretchy material and despite lacking any fasteners; the bounce-free belt will keep your items safe while the reflective 3M logo enhances its elegance. The key issue with this belt is that feels a bit tight for large device such as iPhone 6S.

8. MEMO Athletics, Reflective Dual Pocket Sports

Jogging, cycling or hiking with your phone, cards, cash, keys is safer and more convenient with the MEMO Athletics waist pack belt.

The reflective belt features expandable dual pockets that can be expanded to accommodate larger objects and is made from water-resistance and elastic Lycra that stops water, snow, rain or sweat from damaging the stored objects. The elastic waistband can be completely adjusted from 24 to 48 inches with ease, but according to some users, the belt is too stretchy.

7. Dimok Running Belt Waist Pack

Although it is among the slimmest belts in the market, Dimok running waist belt packs quite a punch. This is attributed to the stretchy material and its adjustable nature that can extend from 28 up to 49 inches.

The water-resistant belt is made from Neoprene material that resists snow, sleet, mud and will stay dry even in the wet condition. Some of the compartments are quite small for a bunch of keys.

6. Urban Active Sports, Running Belt PLUS Two Bonuses

With the capacity to stretch from 27 to 47 inches, the Urban Active Sports running belt is perfect for both small and large waists. It is made from highly-elastic material and can easily be adjusted to store phones, cash, keys, and many other items.

To make listening to music easier, the waist pack also features headphone jack. Although the sweat-proof padding ensures the compartment is always dry, the belt is somewhat quite bulky.

5. SportzPros, LED Running Belt

This premium quality running belt from SportzPros is very light but can accommodate several items including phones, keys and cash. It is very strong and comfortable courtesy of the quality Lycra material and the breathable mesh fabric.

The easy-to-adjust belly can fit waists of up to 46 inches. For enhancing your safety while jogging in the dark, the belt feature built-in LED system that will ensure you remain visible up to a distance of 1000 feet. The LED system contains 3 light modes (constant, quick and slow flash) using USB to recharge the battery. However, the belt doesn’t come with reflectors.

4. Camden Gear, Hydration Running Belt

Able to fit waist sizes of up to 43 inches, the Camden Gear running belt is a good choice for runners, joggers and hikers. It is made from strong and elastic material that will remain firm even when carrying heavy objects like water bottles.

The Hydration running belt comes with a large pocket, 4 elastic straps for hanging items and a Velcro strap for adjusting its length. One con about this waist pack is that it tends to ride up when worn by people with large waistlines.

3. Creek Fitness, SpartaBelt Running Belt

Suitable for both men and women, the Creek Fitness SpartaBelt running belt matches the phones, cash, keys and other accessories. It is built from sturdy and elastic neoprene that allows it to stretch and accommodate even the bulky items.

The water-proof belt will remain dry even under wet conditions and doesn’t chafe or bounce thus ensuring you are comfortable. Although it is quite elastic, large phones don’t fit well when placed horizontally hence you may be forced to place it vertically.

2. Mind and Body Experts, The Amazing Running Belt

Run free without being bogged down by keys, phones, cards and other accessories by wearing the Mind and Body Experts running belt. This simple yet stylish belt is ideal for android and iOS phones, passports, wallet, cards and money.

The sleek design belt features several pockets, quality zippers for keeping everything intact and is very light and comfortable. Unfortunately, this running waist pack doesn’t come with RFID blocking despite it being a bit pricey.

1. Sport2People, Running Pouch Belt

Runners, joggers, and cyclists will appreciate the pouch belt by Sport2People. The relatively slim belt comes with several compartments for storing small objects like cards and keys and is also stretches to accommodate large devices.

It is made from waterproof neoprene material that protects your stuff from moisture, sweat and water. Although the quality fabric also protects your phone and other items from scratches, some people claim the material is a bit thick.

The above waist packs are light, comfortable, and will keep your vital accessories safe and within reach. These products score well in terms of reliability, user friendliness, affordability and comfort and this is evidenced by their rising popularity and a high percentage of 5-star ratings.

Besides safe storage for your valuable accessories while working out, they also make running, hiking or jogging more relaxing and enjoyable. Before spending your money on a product, it is beneficial to go through 10 best running waist packs reviews for more insight.

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