Best 10 Baby Walkers in 2018

Many parents and guardians look forward to seeing their babies make their fast step. Not only does this signify they are growing well, but also signals the start of exploring the outdoors. However, learning to walk is never easy for the tiny weak legs and this may cause the baby to fall or even get injured. You can now help your baby to walk better and safer by can relying on baby walkers.

Benefits of Baby Walker

  • Freedom: A baby walker makes the baby more independent and allows them to move around with minimal restriction;
  • Support: Due to their weak legs, babies learning to walk are more likely to fall easily. They also may adopt poor posture will affect them as they grow up. Such issues are minimized by using a baby walker;
  • Safety: Possibility of the baby falling down or bumping into objects is minimal when using a walker. Furthermore, it protects him/her from sharp edges, corners, or bumping into the walls and other objects;
  • Good Exercise: A baby on a walker is more active compared to that who sits on the floor or inside a crib;
  • Versatile: In addition to aiding a baby to walk, some walkers also serve as jumperoo or chair and may come with musical devices.

Best Baby Walkers in 2018

10. Fisher-Price, Bright Beginnings Activity Walker


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The Bright Beginnings walker by Fisher-Price is elegant, colorful and features 4 large wheels for better control and stability. It comes with a vibrant activity panel that hosts a range of entertaining features including sliding beads, turning and spinning gears. The walker can be folded to a smaller size for easy storage or carrying. Unfortunately, it does not come with musical devices.

9. Delta Children, Lil’ Drive Baby Activity Walker


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The Lil’ drive walker from Delta is shaped like a vehicle and is certified safe by CPSC, ASTM, and JPMA. Its square base provides good stability and support while the adjustable height accommodates the baby’s changing size and height.

The extra large holes are fit for chunky babies while the AA battery-powered tray accommodates the baby bottles, toys and other accessories.

8. Baby Einstein, Baby Neptune Walker


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Baby Einstein Neptune baby walker features a sturdy elliptical shape and cute design, a corner loop for placing toys and a baby-friendly steering wheel. It comes with solid wheels for easy movement and rubber brakes for quick stops, especially in rough terrains.

The colorful walker comes with interactive lights and sounds for baby’s enjoyment. Unfortunately, the walker is a bit hard to move sideways because of the non-swiveling wheels.

7. Kolcraft, Tiny Steps 2-in-1 Activity Walker


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The Tiny Steps walker by Kolcraft is both a walker and a walk-behind accessory and is effective for babies learning to walk as well as for the more mature ones. The JPMA-certified product can be folded for easy storage, comes with comfortable padded seats and is machine-washable.

6. Chicco, Walky Talky Baby Walker


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The Chicco baby walker is a sturdy baby walker which is elegantly-styled and colorful accessory comes with a removable padded seat, music and entertainment station, and can be folded up for storage. The baby walker features 3 height positions to accommodate growing babies and flat position for storage. The fun walker has a play tray with colorful characters, fun tunes, and spoken audio in 6 languages to help developing your baby’s multi-lingual and sensory. Nonetheless, the tray can be removed easily from the walker for playtime anywhere.

5. Joovy, Spoon Walker


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The all-white plastic Joovy Spoon walker comes in a simple design and a cushioned green seat. The sturdy wide base enhances stability and safety of your baby’s toes while the height can be adjusted in three different positions. It also comes with a non-slip stair pad and easy-to-remove tray for food and toys.

4. Combi, All-in-One Mobile Entertainer


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Referred to as an All-in-One entertainer, the Combi baby walker which resembles a car is a common and popular pick for the babies. It consists of a solid and wide base for good support, lockable jumper and three-stage adjustable height.

The wide openings are also ideal for large babies while the play station tray provides a good feeding point and also features entertaining lights and sounds.

3. Bright Starts, Walk-A-Bout Walker


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The Walk-A-Bout safari-themed baby walker by Bright Stars is ideal for both boys and girls. The ergonomically-designed chair offers firm and comfortable support while the height can be adjusted to match different needs. It comes with a removable tray for holding toys and can be folded for storage or carrying.

2. Safety 1st, Sounds ‘n Lights Discovery Walker


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Those looking for a versatile, trendy and inexpensive baby toy should opt for Sounds ‘n Lights baby walker by Safety 1st. It comes with dual activity foldable trays and includes 5 dinosaur toys whose lights and sounds will entertain the baby.

The comfortable padded seat can be adjusted in three different positions for growing babies while the sturdy wheels smoothly glide on the carpet, hardwood and other flooring.

1. VTech, Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker


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The Sit-to-Stand learning walker by VTech is the top baby walker on our list for several reasons. First of all, it comes with amazing entertainment features for your baby both lights and music and these include 70 plus music tunes, phrases, sounds, and songs. Secondly, it is well built to support different weights and sizes and is also colorful.

Lastly, the interactive walker comes with a baby-friendly panel for easy removal of baby and also storage of toys and accessories.

Final Thought

Finding a baby walker is more than just going for a device that can assist your baby to walk. It’s also about ensuring your baby is safe and well-protected when using the device.

All the products featured above meet the highest standards of safety and reliability and have been tested and proven to be effective for babies of different ages. Furthermore, they have a good reputation and feature among the products with the most views and highest ratings by the consumers.








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