Best 10 Electric Car Jacks In 2018

Are you looking for the best electric car jack? Well, you have come to the right place. In this review, we have focused on 10 best electric car jacks and factors you need to consider when buying one. Manual car jacks are tedious to use and it’s no surprise that the electric ones are becoming more popular. They comfortably lift your car off the ground for repair. In addition, they are reliable and their ergonomic design makes them easy to use.

With several brands and models in the market, we understand how finding the perfect electric car jack can be cumbersome. Therefore, we have done a comprehensive research and put together the best electric car jacks that are worth your every penny.

Factors to consider when buying an electric car jack

For you to find the best electric car jack, it is important to consider the following factors;

  • Weight Capacity: This is very important because different cars have different weights, check for the one that can handle a maximum load within or above the capacity of your car for it to be a reliable and convenient electric car jack.
  • Power Cord: Another important factor to consider is the length of the power cord. Longer power cords allow you to work effortlessly even if you are further from the power source. The longer power cord also ensures convenient and reliable service.
  • Material: It is important to choose an electric car jack that is made from the high-quality material. For instance, car jacks made from steel are durable, rust and corrosion resistant. In addition, choose one with a sturdy construction to allow easy lifting.
  • Ease of Use: Last but not least, ensure your preferred car jack has an ergonomic design that is user-friendly and can lift your car without complications.

Using an electric car jack

  • They are user-friendly and safe to use. Most electric car jacks are operated by just a push of a button. They also have safety features that keep the vehicle from tumbling down in case of a power shortage or interruption.
  • They work fast and save you time. For instance, they lift a car within a minute or two thereby eliminating the need of using excessive physical labor. This proves that they are efficient since they require minimum effort to operate.
  • Some have helpful features such as LED lights that allow you to work at night without needing a flashlight and tire inflators that are for pumping air in deflated tires.
  • Electric Car Jacks set also come with extra equipment such as protective gloves, reflective caution signs, Oil bottles, cigarette adaptor cable and much more. You will find these items useful as you work on your car.
  • You don’t have to worry about power supply as these jacks can be powered in two ways. They can be powered by a 12V power outlet or by a car battery. This feature makes these car jacks versatile and perfect for emergency roadside repairs.
  • They are highly durable since they are made from heavy-duty, high-quality material such as steel. This ensures long-term service and reliability.

Best electric car jacks in 2018

10. Pilot Automotive, Electric Car Jack

Pilot Automotive Electric Car Jack offers the ultimate car lifting thanks to its 4100 pounds weight-lifting capacity. It is ideal equipment when it comes to accessing automotive undercarriage. It features a 12′ cord that will enable you to access all areas of your vehicle. The car jack can lift your car from the height of 11-34 cm off the ground.

The jack is easy to use and set up without requiring extra labor to lift the vehicle. This car jack also features a circuit breaker that protects your car from wiring due to overload. It includes a rugged storage case that offers organized storage. In addition, it has LED light for easy operation at night and dim places.

9. Generic, Electric Scissor Car Jack

This is another amazing electric scissor car jack made by Generic. It has a weight capacity of 1 ton and can lift a vehicle up to a height range of 4-1/4″ to 13-1/2″. Additionally, this electric car jack comes with a 12ft 6” cord that enables you to work on any part of your vehicle’s undercarriage.

It comes with an impact wrench whose torque is 380N.M. In addition, it is powered by a 12v Cigarette adaptor of your car. Lastly, it has an inbuilt circuit breaker that ensures that your vehicle’s wiring does not overload.

8. The Spare Kit Company, Electric Scissor Jack


This all-inclusive set by The Spare Kit Company is a savior when it comes to tire changing and repairs. The set has all safety equipment that is well packaged in an easy to carry case. It also contains an electric scissor jack that raises and lowers your vehicle with just a push of a button.

In addition, the package includes; wheel chocks that keep the car stationary, a pair of protective gloves, battery clips with 12V DC sockets, reflective safety triangle sign, hand cranks, and storage case. The electric wench easily removes most lug nuts. With a weight capacity of 3 tons, this car jack can lift most SUVs and city cars.

7. Best Choice Products, Electric Power Tongue Jack

This electric car jack uses hardened steel gears to lift cars, boats, RVs or trailers with a weight of up to 3500lbs. It features a rust-resistant steel finish that is powder coated, a removable foot pad, 3-bolt mounting plus an emergency detachable hand crank.

Additionally, it fits standard 2” and 2.25”A-frame trailer tongues. The 18” lifting capacity ensures flawless lifting of your car for a tire change and emergency repairs. It is powered by 12 volts outlet.

6. ROGTZ, Electric Car Jack Set

This is another top quality electric car jack set by ROGTZ. It is similar to the one I just reviewed except that it has a weight capacity of 2 tons. This means it is suitable for Sedans. The high-speed wrench located inside it plus the ergonomic structure allows efficient and safe operation. It is also made of high-quality steel that ensures durability.

With the safety compact design, the jacks automatically stop when the car reaches a limited height of 37cm within 2 minutes. It also features a 2-way power supply which can be either 12V outlet or car battery for those emergency repairs. Lastly, it has inbuilt LED flashlight that allows operation at night and in dark places.

5. Powerbuilt, 620484 12V Electric Jack


Topping our chart is this amazing electric car jack by Powerbuilt. It has a 1-ton weight capacity and effortlessly lifts your car off the ground up to 14″ high. Just plug it into a 12V outlet and with just a press of a button, it will start lifting.

Everyone experiences flat tires here and there, especially when on a road trip. The best part is that it comes with an inbuilt 115 PSI inflator that you can use to air up your flat tire up to the appropriate pressure. You don’t have to get all greasy and dirty in order to change your tire. Therefore, make this electric car jack your traveling companion.

4. ARKSEN, 2200W Electric Jack

The ARKSEN Electric car jack set is not only perfect for lifting your car during repair but can also be used for trenching, chipping, demolition, etc. This set comes in a storage case and includes; 16″ Bull Point Chisel, 16″ Flat Chisel, 2200 Watt Electric Demolition Jack Hammer, Protective Gloves, Protective Goggles, Oil Bottle, 3 Hex Keys, Wrench, Storage Case, 1-1/8″ Hex Spade Bit.

In addition, it is made of heavy-duty steel that ensures durability. It delivers 1800 impacts per minute which ensures fast and efficient operation even on the hardest surfaces. Lastly, the fore grip handle is adjustable to 360 degrees, therefore, providing precise control and comfortable use for extended periods of time.

3. Jack Quick, JQ-3500B Electric Tongue Jack

I purchased this electric jack in 2015 and I don’t have any regrets whatsoever. I drive an SUV and the weight capacity (3650) of this jack makes the lifting effortless. In addition, it has LED lights that make it easy to work at night.

It is water resistant since all the electrical components are protected by a plastic housing. The package includes a manual override crank, an oversized zinc-plated footplate, and a protective vinyl cover. Lastly, this product comes with a one-year replacement warranty.

2. MarchInn, 12V DC 3.0T(6600lb) Electric Hydraulic Floor Jack

I bought MarchInn electric jack for my brother last year and he is still impressed with it. He drives a truck and therefore he needed an electric jack with a higher weight capacity. I chose this kit because of the 6600lb weight capacity. That aside, it boasts a 12V DC power supply and LED lamp for those roadside emergencies. It also comes with 2 sleeves with 4 sizes of 17mm, 19mm, 21mm, 23mm that is suitable for most vehicles. This jack has a cross groove saddle which prevents the vehicle from slipping.

The best safety feature that I loved about this jack is that even when there is sudden power interruption, the self-locking feature and unloading knob will prevent the jack falling down immediately. When the power is back on, the jack will continue working according to instruction. Lastly, you don’t have to worry about repairs at night thanks to the LED lamp.

1. ROGTZ, Electric Car Floor Jack Set

The ROGTZ electric car jack set is a must-have for every car owner. Reason being, it has a large weight capacity of 3 ton and is designed to be suitable for city cars as well as SUVs. It is made of heavy-duty steel that makes it highly reliable and strong.

With two-way power supply feature, you don’t have to worry about emergency roadside repair since it can be powered by a car battery. Another thing is that this car jack works fast as it can lift your car to a maximum height of 42 cm in just two minutes. Also, it has an inbuilt LED flashlight that allows easy operation in dark and dimly lit places without needing extra lighting tools.

Final thoughts!

We can all agree that lifting a car is not an easy job especially when using a manual car jack. This is where the electric car jacks come in. They have not only lessened the physical labor required to lift a car but they also help us in saving time. They are very easy to use too. You don’t have to suffer when changing your flat tires or doing repairs thanks to the above electric car jacks. They are cost friendly and works perfectly. In addition, they come with extra features that you may find working to your advantage, for instance, the built-in LED lights that allow you to work at night. Having reviewed 10 of the best electric car jack, we highly recommend the Powerbuilt 620484 12V Electric Jack and Tire inflator because it comes with a tire inflator, it’s durable and cost friendly too. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.