Best 10 best 3D Printing Pens in 2018

If you desire to take your artistic skills and creativity to the next level, getting the best 3D printing pens is required. The 3D printer is one of the best innovations of the 20th century; however, this printer is a bit costly, rigid and requires some special skills. Users who prefer to draw 3D sketches and diagrams are opting for 3D printing pens instead and just like the printers, these pens rely on an extruder that heats up and releases a plastic filament via its nozzle. The molten ABS or PLA cools almost immediately leaving you with a 3D form.

Features of a Good 3D Printing Pen

Just like 3D printers, 3D printing pens are quite popular and are available in different design and shapes. You can however zero in on the best type by focusing on the following aspects:

  • Weight: A good pen should be light as this makes it easy to maneuver during use and also require minimal effort;
  • Filament: it’s always a good idea to go for pens that use easily available filaments as this makes replacing easy and cost effective;
  • LCD Screen: Top pens feature an LCD screen that indicates the speed, temperature, amount of plastic remaining;
  • Minimal Clogging: The best 3D printing pen comes with a mechanism that doesn’t clog easily and in case it gets jammed, it is easy to unclog; and
  • Controls: The pen should feature controls for extrusion speed, temperature, and allow you to select the plastic filament.

Best 3D Printing Pens in 2018

After realizing the challenges people have when identifying the perfect product, we compared many products and managed to summarize the best 3D printing pens on the market as in the below review.

10. Fugetek, 3D Printer Pen

Adults and children above 6 years will find the Fugetek 3D printing pen perfect for doodling and sketching. The printing pen is made from plastic and has a top temperature of 220 degrees Celsius.

It works with both ABS and PLA plastic and can be used from a vertical and horizontal position. It comes with adjustable heat temperature, variable speed and an LCD screen that displays the temperature. Other features include led indicators, easy grip, and light weight.

9. Titanium Micro, RP600A Intelligent 3D Pen

Occasionally referred to as the smartest 3D printing pen, the Titanium Micro RP600A 3D pen uses advanced technology to produce seamless drawings.

It’s made from eco-friendly plastic and comes with 3 random colored-filaments that measure 10 feet each. Adults and children will appreciate its slim, compact, slim and light weight that makes doodling and drawing simple.

8. MYNT3D, Professional Printing 3D Pen

This professional 3D printing pen from MYNT3D allows you to sketch, doodle and print in three-dimensional form.

The extra-slim pen is quite light, ergonomic and can use any thermoplastic, operates at temperatures ranging from 130 to 240 degrees Celsius and works with both ABS (210 degrees C) and PLA (175 degrees C). Able to print in 3 colors, the stylish pen also features OLED screen for monitoring temperature and an AC adapter.

7. 3Doodler, 3D Printing Pen

The 3Doodler 3D printing pen is the third generation 3D printing pen by Doodler. The firm is a pioneer in regard to 3D printing pens and is offering this more advanced, non-toxic and non-messy pen.

Coming with 50 plastic strands, this smoky blue pen produces smooth and impressive drawings and is faster and quieter than most of its rivals. It also features a user-friendly design, improved drive system and doesn’t clog easily even after using for a long time. This makes it a good fit for both adults as well as children.

6. Smiphee, 3D Printing Pen

Make your drawing stand out with the Smiphee 3D printing pen. This simple yet stylish pen is ideal for hobbyists, artists, art & craft, kids, adult’s prototyping and other applications.

It comes with a manual speed control, simple loading mechanism, and 2-button filament withdrawal technique for minimizing spillover or jamming. The pen uses low heat to melt PLA filament and is a good tool for learning and teaching.

5. Soyan, 3D Pen

Soyan 3D pen will print drawings and sketches in three-dimensions easily, faster and safely. Made from top quality plastic, this pen comes with adjustable temperature (130–240 degrees Celsius/ 266- 464 degrees F) and is ideal for art craft, doodling, modeling, and more.

It is compatible with both ABS and PLA filament and features a backlit OLED display. Also included is 30 grams of blue ABS filament, 3D stencils, Power Adapter and Quick Start Guide.

4. 3Doodler, Create 3D Pen

Create amazing 3D sketches and drawings without exposing yourself to toxic fumes or creating a mess by using the 3Doodler printing pen. The simple-looking pen comes with 50 plastic strands and easily produces smooth and continuous drawings.

The extruded plastic hardens instantly reducing the possibility of messing your artwork while the quick-changing color mechanism allows you to alter the color as you desire. This is boosted by its light bar and simple and intuitive controls.

3. Manve, Intelligent 3D Printing Pen

Create amazing drawings or help your kids doodle in 3D by using the Manve Intelligent 3D pen. The pen is light, simple, easy to hold and this makes drawing sketches simple and convenient.

Its intelligent standby function allows the pen to automatically go to standby mode after 5 minutes so as to conserve energy and filament. The intuitive continuous speed and temperature control function give the user the option of choosing the most desirable temperature and speed. Other than kids, the pen is also perfect for adults and professionals.

2. NexGadget, Intelligent 3D Printing Pen

Drawing or sketching in three-dimension is simple and easy with the 3 printing pen by NexGadget. The ultra-light pen is made from sturdy plastic and features a patented nozzle that is more convenient and easy to replace.

It comes with smart control for continuous extrusion of the filament and 8 digital controls for better and precise operation. The pen is compatible with ABS, Wood filament, PLA and includes 4 free filament refills (1.75 mm). Besides its light weight, easy handling, and smart temperature control, consumers also love its ergonomic design and well-placed buttons.

1. Soyan, 3D Printing Pen

This slim and light pen from Soyan operates at a temperature of between 130 degrees C/266℉ and to 240 degrees C /464℉ and is perfect for kids, adults, hobbyists, designers and professionals.

It uses ABS or PLA filament, includes a backlit OLED that displays the temperature and can be used either vertically or horizontally. Due to the filament hardening instantly, cases of messy drawings are unlikely. The package contains one 3D pen, free 3D stencils, Power Adapter, 30 g ABS filament, and Quick Start Guide.

Producing sketches and forms in 3D is much easier done with 3D printing pens. Unlike 3D printers, these pens are very light, easy to hold, don’t require special skills or training, and can be used by almost anyone. The pens are also simple, not rigid and will produce amazing work as long as you’ve got the skills.

These 3D printing pens share lots of similarities for instance; lightweight, compact, don’t clog easily and have control for speed, temperature and plastic filament. With these pens, you can be certain to produce the remarkable drawing. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.