Best 10 Car Oil Filters in 2018

Whether operating gasoline or diesel engine, small car or heavy commercial vehicle, it’s always important to go for the best oil filter. This simple device helps filter the oil as it moves from the engine sump to the engine and will trap any dirt, grime, sand, metal shavings , contaminants and other products that would damage the engines internals.

The right filter is made from strong outer casing and won’t easily get dents or crack when knocked against other objects and will contain a high-grade filter inside that will trap any impurities/contaminants. It will also come with a user-friendly design that makes it easy to remove and fit while ensuring there are no leaks.

Top 10 Best Car Oil Filters 2016

The car oil filter can make the difference between an engine that lasts many decades. This is the reason why you should always buy a top notch product and here, we have come up with the best car oil filters.

10. Wix, 51522 Spin-On Lube Filter


Keep your engine’s internals working optimally and safe by fitting the 51522 Spin-On Wix oil filter. It consists of a gasket, center tube, mounting plate and inner element tube and will fit in several engines in the market.

The filter media comes in a fine pleated paper media that sieves any impurities, but won’t interfere with the engine pressure or get damaged by the contaminants. It is however slightly more expensive when compared to other products in the same range.

9. K&N, HP-1003 Performance Wrench-Off Oil Filter


HP-1003 oil filter by K&N is rated as one of the top performance oil filters in the market. This is attributed to the company’s many years of experience in designing filters for racing and high performance engines.

It features heavy-duty construction that can put up with tremendous demands from the engine as well as road conditions. The filter will also eliminate up to 99% of the impurities and will offer full protection to your engine.

8. Motorcraft, FL1A Oil Filter


Motorcraft FL1A oil filter helps extend the life of your engine by easily and effectively getting rid of any contaminants. The top quality element screens and removes carbon, metallic shavings, dust, sand and much more while the pressure-relief valve ensures none re-enters into the engine.

The valves also helps keep the pressure constant and the steel case protects the internal components of the oil filter. This oil filter is best suited for Ford, Mercury and Lincoln car engines.

7. K&N, PS-1010 Pro Series Oil Filter


K&N PS-1010 is a professional oil filter that is designed for a wide range of cars and is suitable for traditional, blended as well as synthetic oils. It comes with a sturdy canister that houses a high-flow filter for optimum functioning that also extends the life of your engine. The pleated design makes removing and installing very easy.

6. Motorcraft, FL2016 Oil Filter


Motorcraft FL2016 oil filter prevents contaminants that are found in fuel, oil, smoke and other elements. It relies on a filtering element that is said to be 99% effective and will still retail its efficiency even after clocking many miles. The filter is suitable for conventional as well as synthetic oils.

5. Mann-Filter, W 719/45 Spin-on Oil Filter


Designed for high performance engines, the W 719-45 oil filter by Mann Filter will ensure the oil entering the engine is free from any contaminants. It consists of a canister made from high-grade metal and won’t lose shape, rust, or develop leaks easy. The secret to effectively filtering the oil lies in the top quality filter media that will trap minute particles and still maintain its efficiency even after thousands of miles.

To minimize the chance of the oil pressure dropping to low or too fast it comes with a non-return valve. The Mann filer is, however, mostly suited with German cars (Audis, Mercedes, and VW).

4. Toyota, 90915-YZZF1 Oil Filter


Enjoying good and long-lasting performance from your car begins by using a genuine oil filter. Manufactured from high-qiulity filter media, the 90915-YZZF1 Toyota oil filter removes all impurities while maintaining the right engine oil pressure.

It comes with a strong canister that won’t get damaged or corroded by stones, pebbles, water or the elements. Although it’s easy to fit thanks to its small size and contoured base, it’s recommended for Toyota motor oils only.

3. K&N, PS-7000 Pro Series Oil Filter


Experience improved engine performance by installing the K&N PS-7000 car oil filter. The profession oil filter can handle both conventional and synthetics oils and will fit in a range of automobiles.

It’s made using strong high-grade material that will trap even the finest particles and will ensure the oil entering your engine is totally clean. Thanks to its design, inserting it is simple, straightforward and can be done by anybody with basic knowledge.

2. Bosch, 3330 Premium FILTECH Oil Filter


The 3330 Premium FILTECH oil filter by Bosch offers great lubrication and protection your car engine. It’s made using the exclusive and groundbreaking FILTECH media technology that filters more impurities compared to other products.

The high lubricity gasket provides a firm and leak proof contact while the strong steel housing and the base plates ensure there is no leakage or warping. For easy and quick engine starting, it comes with Silicone-made anti-drain back valve.

1. Mobil 1, M1-102 Extended Performance Oil Filter


M1-102 Extended Performance filter by Mobil takes the top price for being the best in the market. It is designed by the Mobil oil company for a wide array of engines both natural aspirated or forced induction (turbo and supercharged).

The filter’s housing is made from heavy duty steel that resists warping, leakage, corrosion or rust while the M1EP (Mobil 1 Extended Performance) filter technology gets rid of up to 99.6% of contaminants. Coming with a 28 gram capacity, the filter will provide protection and withstand pressure of to 615 PSI (Pascals per square inch).

Car’s performance will deteriorate, fuel consumption may go up, and in worst case scenario, the engine will suffer internal damage. The filter plays a crucial role in your car’s performance and engine’s lifespan. Go through the 10 best car oil filters review and make a wise decision.

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