Best 10 Solar Garden Torch Lights in 2018

To light up your garden, using the solar light is recommended as it helps to save energy consuming and also enhance the nighttime view. People are choosing to install solar lights in their gardens instead of the conventional one. They don’t require any wiring since they come in standalone design. The solar lights are easy to maintain because they lack long wires and connections which can at times corrode or become loose. The lights run purely on solar energy and don’t rely on electricity.

Solar lights are easy to install since they can be fitted anywhere and is also very easy to remove. They are very versatile and are suited for different locations. You can go for ground or wall-mounted type.

The following in our opinion are the top 10 best solar garden torch lights.

Best Solar Garden Torch Lights in 2018

10. Solarmart, Solar Garden Stake Lights

The Solarmart solar garden lights will look great in your garden. They are suited for outdoor use and come with a stake for easy installation and removal. All you do is identify a slot and install the unit.

They are very elegant and stylish thanks to the lily flower design and the 7 color-changing modes. Other than the garden, this purple and white solar light can also be installed on the patio, yard, flowerbed, walkway, fence, and trees. They are waterproof and classified as IP65.

9. Maggift, Hanging Solar Lights

The Maggift hanging solar lights are also among the best solar garden lights in the market and are fit for many outdoor applications including the garden, lawn, patio, pathway, walkway, yard and landscape.

It has a unique design for extra elegance and comprises a double shepherd iron hook for strength and dependability. Other than better lighting, this pack of 2 lights will boost the beauty of your garden or any outdoor space. It features a solar-powered battery that requires 6-8 hours of direct sunlight to fully recharge and will automatically light up when it’s dark and turn off when its light or daytime. It will take you less than a minute to install the lights.

8. ArMax-Tech, LED Solar Garden Outdoor Lights

You can improve the lighting in your garden by fitting these outdoor solar lights from ArMax-Tech. They are perfect for outdoor use including the garden, backyard, walkway, paths, and lawns and also for landscape.

The lights come in a 4-pack for placing in different areas and relies on a high quality and durable polycrystalline solar panel. Rated 15 lumens, it produces bright white light and when fully charged, the built-in battery will deliver up to 25 hours of lighting. Using them even on the rainy days isn’t a problem since they are waterproof.

7. GardenBliss, Solar Garden Lights

You can improve the functionality and elegance of your garden by installing these solar lights from GardenBliss. The set comprises 8 stylish pieces that come with a standalone design and measure 1 foot high.

Installing them is very easy and straightforward since each unit is independent and there are no wires or wire connections. They also look very classy courtesy of the brushed antique bronze finish and just like other led lights, they are very energy efficient and don’t become very hot. They are also waterproof to suit the outdoors and feature LEDs that can last for as many as 20,000 hours.

6. DIKAOU, Solar Garden Light

Forget garden or outdoor lights that make you dig deeper into your pockets to foot the power bills. With these LED lights from DIKAOU, you’ll have same or even better lighting and will lower the cost of power.

This is because they completely run on solar and when fully charged, they will give you many hours if quality lighting. They come in a unique flame design for added appeal and are designed for the garden, patio, yard, walkway, fence, and other places. They are quite easy to install, come with 3-color combination, and are also waterproof (IP65), energy efficient, and reliable.

5. GardenBliss, Solar Garden Lights

The GardenBliss solar lights won’t just improve the lighting in your garden but will also make it more attractive. They come in stylish design and feature brushed stainless steel finish.

It will take you less than a minute to install them and they stay intact once installed. The weatherproof lights can endure rain, winds, and sunshine quite well and will maintain their appeal for a long time. And thanks to their 1ft height, they don’t look out of place and distribute the light well.

4. Espier, LED Flickering Flame Torch Lights

Combining efficiency, reliability, and convenience, the Espier solar lights with improving the lighting, ambiance, and elegance or the garden. They come in a flickering-flame design to resemble a genuine fire and are powered by a 2V, 0.72W polycrystalline solar panel.

They can be installed almost anywhere within minutes since they don’t have any wires and are lightweight and portable. Each unit is powered by a 1500mAh, 1.2V NI-MH AA batteries, and takes 4-6 hours to fully charge and will deliver up to 10 hours of lighting. They come with auto ON/OFF, are waterproof (IP55), durable, and portable.

3. TomCare, Outdoor Solar Torch Lights

3. TomCare, Outdoor Solar Torch Lights

Comprising of 96 LED units, the TomCare outdoor solar torch light is among the most powerful and will provide good illumination in your garden lawn and patio.

The stylish piece features a dancing flame design for enhancing the elegance and is made from strong material for reliability and longevity. It has an auto On/Off feature that turns on the light when it’s dark and turns them off when daylight checks in. It’s a popular pick because it’s sturdily-built, durable, and easy to install.

2. TaoTronics, Solar Garden Lights

The TaoTronics solar lights are referred to as “bonfire of the stick” due to the realistic flaming nature. Installing them in the garden, lawn, patio and other places will improve the appearance of the area making it more beautiful and also ambient.

The unit is powered by a rechargeable 2200mAh lithium battery that recharges via a solar panel. Thanks to the auto ON/Off feature, you don’t need to manually light the light since it will automatically turn on at dusk. The IP65 rated light is waterproof and weatherproof.

1. TomCare, Solar Garden Torch Light

Also from TomCare, these black solar lights comprised of 96 LEDs that produce good illumination that covers a large area. Installing the unit is very easy and takes a few seconds and doesn’t require any special tools.

The light comes in a good height and produces warm yellow light. It is IP65 waterproof and will tolerate the rain whereas the sturdy ABS plastic construction guarantees you of strength, long life, and reliability. The built-in battery takes between 5 and 8 hours to charge and when fully charged, will provide good lighting for as many as 10 hours.

After going through this top 10 best solar garden lights review, it should now be easier to choose a good product. We have centered on the leading brands and products that have a good reputation in the market.

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