Best 10 Snow Shovels in 2018

Snow shovel comes in different sizes and shapes. Some prefer the ones that come with a tough metal head; others are more attracted to the heavy-duty plastic shovels, while there are those who like fiberglass handles over the traditional wood.

Truth is that selecting a snow shovel can be an overwhelming experience even for seasoned consumers. You need to go through loads of items, and also compare the ones you think are the top. This exercise not only takes effort and time but requires patience.

How to use a snow shovel

To avoid injury, keep your back straight, knees bent, and feet shoulder-width apart when lifting. Remember to keep the shovel blade close to you while lifting the snow to avoid back strain.

Tips for Selecting the Right Snow Shovel

  • Focus on height: Find any shovel which can extended to a longer length;
  • Look at the weight: A strong person can handle a heavy metal shovel better than a weaker person. If you aren’t very strong, go for plastic or fiberglass shovel;
  • Handle: A handle that is too small or too large will be a bit uncomfortable. You may end with numb fingers or be using extra effort. A snow shovel with a poorly-designed or rough handle may cause blisters on your hands. You can avoid this by ensuring it’s ergonomically-designed or by wearing gloves when shoveling;
  • Blade size: A wide or large blade will definitely shovel faster than the small or narrow one. However, you need to be strong enough to carry a heap load of snow.

Best Snow Shovels in 2018

10. Cartman, 3-in-1 Collapsible Snow Shovel

The Cartman snow shovel will help you get out of tight spots while driving on the snowy surfaces. It’s also a good tool for clearing the snow from your home or workplace.

It comes in a 3-in-1 designed for improved functionality and is relatively lightweight. It’s a shovel, ice scraper, brush and has a total length of 32.5 inches to fit nicely inside the car. The tool is perfect for camping, gardening, clearing paths, scraping the windshield, and many other uses. It’s easy to use, comfortable, detachable, and high quality. It’s, however, a little short for tall users.

Total Length: 32-1/2″

9. ORIENTOOLS, Aluminum Utility Sport Shovel

You don’t need to struggle or use lots of effort when shoveling snow. Simply invest in this shovel from Orientools. It’s made of sturdy aluminum and the blade won’t give in due to the weight of the snow. The metal blade is also resistant to rust, corrosion, and wear and will last for many years. The handle can be collapsed to 26 inches or extend to 32 inches.

The shovel is lightweight, weighing only 1.3 pounds, and can be used extensively without making you too tired. For convenient storage, it can collapse into 3 parts. Advantages of this tool include the lightweight design, heavy-duty, collapsible handle, and easy to use. The handle may be a little short for tall people.

Total Length: about 26 to 32

8. Finether, Aluminum Durable Snow Shovel

It’s not a surprise to find the Finether shovel in this list of the 10 best snow shovels in 2018. Although it’s been in the market for a while, it still ranks as a top shovel. It has a strong aluminum alloy head that easily pushes or shovels the snow with ease.

The 3 length adjustable-handle (21.5”/22”/32”) can be collapsed or extended to suit the need at hand or the user. The shovel is very easy to use and carry courtesy of the lightweight of 1.3 pounds. It’s very versatile and will clear decks, steps, sidewalks, driveways, and other areas. People also love its simple design, ergonomic handle, and durability.

Total Length: 32

7. Suncast, SC2700 Snow Pusher

With this shovel from Suncast, clearing the snow from your home or workplace is much faster and more convenient. The well-built unit delivers good force to get rid of any amount or kind of snow. It has a 51-inch no-stick graphite handle that fits perfectly in the hand and a nonslip grip.

The blade is 20“x 13 deep and clears the snow quite well. For added protection against rust, corrosion, tear and wear, the blade features a galvanized steel wear strip. Consumers choose it because it’s lightweight, strong, and easy to use.

Total Length: 51

6. SZSYDESIGN, Portable Aluminium Snow Shovel

You no longer need to search for the best snow shovel once to acquire this one from SZSYDESIGN. It comes in a stylish and trendy yellow color and is suited for the car, home, office and other places. The aluminum –made shovel is very light and weighs only 590g.

This makes it one of the most portable and easiest to use. It breaks into 3 parts for better handling and storage whereas its height ranges from 25 to 32 inches. Despite its lightweight, it’s very sturdy and also quite durable. While the small size is a positive due to easy storage, some people see it as a negative since it moves small volumes of snow.

Total Length: 32″

5. Snow Joe, Snow Shovel

You no longer need to spend lots of time or effort shoveling snow from the sideway, deck, driveway, patio, or any other places. Simply acquire this blue-colored snow shovel from Snow Joe.

It features a strong 20-inch polycarbonate blade that is resistant to breakage, shatter, or chip. It moves snow easily and is well protected by a wear-resistant poly strip. It can be broken down into 4 parts for easy storage and carry whereas the oversized d-grip improves control and comfort. Sturdy, easy to handle, durable, and good weight are its key pros.

Total Length: 20″

4. True Temper, Ergonomic Poly Combo Snow Shovel

True Temper, Ergonomic Poly Combo Snow Shovel

Clearing the snow from your home or office is easy with this snow shovel by True Temper. It has a 26-inch blade and is suitable for most users. It features an aluminum handle for strength and durability and a relatively wide blade for improved performance.

The handle is ergonomically-designed and provides a nice and firm grip. Other than a shovel, it also serves as a pusher. It works great, easy to use, ergonomic, and durable.

Total Length: 57″

3. Bully Tools, Combination Snow Shovel

This snow shovel from Bully Tools will make life easier and more convenient. The 22-inch blade shovels good volumes of snow within minutes. This is enhanced by the robust fiberglass D-Grip handle that offers a firm grip and minimizes injuries or numbness.

The blade is protected by a reinforced poly strip that extends its usefulness. The high strength fiberglass handle is resistant to breakage, chipping, and will maintain its looks for a long time. Consumers love the tough head, good quality, ergonomic handle and solid construction.

Total Length: 56″

2. AAA, Blue Aluminum Sport Utility Shovel

With this AAA aluminum snow shovel, you’ll be able to move large volumes within minutes. It’s one of the best snow shovels in the market and is loved for its quickness, efficiency, and reliability.

It’s made of sturdy, corrosion and rust-resistant aluminum metal. The height of the adjustable handle ranges from 25 up to 32 and will suit different users. It’s fairly lightweight, weighing about 1.3 pounds, and can be broken into 3 parts for easy storage or portability. Reasons it’s in this review include good strength, nice size, easy-to-adjust handle, and lightweight.

Total Length: 32″

1. Snow Joe, SHOVELUTION Strain-Reducing Snow Shovel

Getting rid of snow with this shovel by Snow Joe feels much easier. Thanks to the Spring Assisted Handle, you will use lesser effort but will be more productive. It features an 18 polypropylene blade that can shovel large volumes of snow and is protected by a heavy-duty aluminum strip that reduces wear and tear.

The item has a strain-reducing handle for improved maneuverability and posture and ergonomic D-ring handles for a better grip. The shovel works by attaching to most long shaft tools by placing the collar perpendicular to the tool shaft, then rotating 90 degrees toward the shaft to achieve a snug lock. It’s well constructed, very comfortable, easy to use and can handle heavy duty operations.

Total Length: N/A

Selecting the right snow shovel isn’t easy. In fact, it can prove to be an uphill track. You need to know what your specific needs are, the current and future needs, the best products in the market, and also what to look out for in products.

Usually, this requires time, effort, and patience. The good news, however, is that by reading a credible review you’ll discover a good product in much shorter time and more convenience. In this review, we have broken down the top 10 best snow shovels in 2018. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.