Best 10 Jack Stands in 2018

It’s important that vehicle owners learn how to take proper care of their automobiles. There are occasions when you need to jack your car up so that you can work on it, check for rust, or change a tire. A dedicated jack will make getting your car elevated and stable quite a simple task. You’ll come across numerous types of jacks on the market. However, only a few of them will perform an excellent job at keeping a vehicle stable. You require a durable, yet reliable jack stand.

These selections below are based on weight capacity, lift height, base width, adjustability, handle versatility, and position stop. Read on and discover the jack stand would best suit your needs and preferences.

Best Jack Stands in 2018

To help you procure just the right jack stand for your needs, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 best jack stands in 2018.

10. Hein-Werner, HW93506 Jack Stands, 6-Ton


HW93506 is a heavy-duty jack stand which can withstand weights of up to 6 tons. These stands are constructed out of top quality steel that’s meticulously scratched to help endure vehicle lifts. Their broad metal footing spreads out the weight evenly to the legs. There won’t be any probability of slipping. The multiple positioning scheme allows for quick, flexible adjustments.

The Hein-Werner HW93506 is designed with a dual-purpose handle which serves as a saddle column release and as a tool to carry the jack.

9. Cartman, Jack Stand Set, 3-Ton


Cartman 3-Ton Jack Stand is a ratchet-style jack stand, designed to enable you to add some lift to your car. It’ll rise to match your jacked vehicle’s height using a ratcheting mechanism which is lever-controlled. This tool makes use of a toothed design which ensures that each elevation level is sturdy.

At the base height, this device measures at slightly above 10 inches high. At the maximum extension, the Cartman Jack Stand will keep your vehicle raised stably to a 16.43-inch elevation. It’s an ideal option for small-to-medium sized cars.

8. Powerzone, 380036 Steel Jack Stand, 3-Ton


This model has been receiving exceptional ratings from its users. The Powerzone 380036 Steel Jack Stand offers an excellent 11-16.5 inch lifting range. Its frame is constructed out of durable steel. That, added to the broad base, is able to offer remarkable strength and stability.

This unit boasts a ratchet-style locking bar which provides for easy, multiple-position height adjustment. If you’re seeking a well-built, safe jack stand, the Powerzone 380036 is inarguably a fantastic offer! You get considerable value for this unit. The overall durability and 3-ton weight capacity are just among the benefits you’ll enjoy.

7. ESCO, 10498 Jack Stand, 3-Ton


ESCO 10498 is a unique-looking jack stand which boasts several features which differentiate it from other products we’ve reviewed on this list. First, this unit’s saddle is incredibly soft. You can be confident you won’t have any cases of fine scrapes or lines on your vehicle’s undercarriage.

Besides that, the saddle is round-shaped, thus providing a large surface area to support your car adequately. The device is mounted onto a bar-reinforced tripod which has rounded feet to enhance stability. It can be adjusted from the minimum 13-inch height to a full 21-inch extension.

6. Performance Tool, W41022 Heavy-Duty Jack Stand, 3-Ton


This heavy-duty jack stand garners a high average rating and numerous positive reviews because of several factors. For instance, the 12-17.25 inch lift range is clearly better than most other brands. The Performance Tool W41022 isn’t just ideal for cars. It’s also suitable for light-duty trucks as well.

This set comes at quite an affordable price, yet equipped with high-end features. The design entails a welded steel construction, nice finish, and fit. This model is widely known for its simple design, without the secondary locking feature. The large footprint makes this model stand out stably.

5. Torin, T43004 Aluminum Jack Stands, 3-Ton


Torin is a widely reputable brand when it comes to vehicle accessories. In particular, the Torin T43004 Jack Stand is widely considered as among the best jacks. It’s ideally perfect for vehicles which feature little undercarriage clearance. This unit makes use of a sturdy pin and five holes for height adjustment.

Aside from the small design, the Torin Jack Stand is remarkably durable and lightweight, weighing in at just 10 pounds. It’s an exceptionally stable model, with the feet being 6.75 inches from one side to the other.

4. Torin, T46002A Double-Locking Jack Stands, 6-Ton


Here’s yet another top notch model by Torin. The T46002A is a pair of double-locking jack stands. They comprise a double-locking prowl with a smooth, toothed design. That assures you of the vehicle’s stability during repairs. The pair also includes a multi-position ratchet bar which boasts enhanced ductility.

An integrated quick adjustment mechanism allows for easy height lift adjustments, ranging from 15.25 inches to 24 inches. These stands are a favorite model for many vehicle owners, especially because of their excellent build and reasonable pricing.

3. Alltrade, Powerbuilt Bottle Jack with Jack Stand, 3-Ton


Alltrade Powerbuilt 640912 is a stunning model, distinct from most other jack stands. This Bottle Jack operates using a hydraulic system which helps establish lift precision. It’s an All-in-One Stand that features a broad base, constructed out of quality steel. In turn, that allows for optimum stability and staying power.

You’re definite to appreciate the inclusion of an efficient lift-locking protection system. This stand will quickly adjust from 11 inches to 21 inches. That’s ideally perfect for off-road vehicles and SUVs.

2. Torin, T42002 Jack Stands, 2-Ton


Torin T42002 Jack Stands are constructed out of durable steel. They come integrated with a highly ductile, multi-position locking system to allow for higher security. A sturdy base contributes significantly towards ensuring for better stability. These stands can lift your vehicle 11-16 inches high using their quick adjustment mechanism.

Furthermore, the model features a double-locking lever. The tops are also covered with rubber to help prevent scratches on your vehicle. That’s especially true when we consider the fact they meet and exceed the set ANSI standards.

1. Camco, 44561 Olympian Aluminum Jack Stand, 3-Ton


Topping this list is the widely popular Camco 44561 Olympian Jack Stand. It’s constructed out of high-grade aluminum. That speaks for this unit’s light weight, yet comparable strength. The device is formed close to a standard tripod’s base, offers maximum durability, securing perfect balance even when you’re positioning an RV.

You can adjust these stands to heights ranging from 11 inches to 17 inches. Besides that, Camco layers the tops with rubber to help avoid scraping of your vehicle’s paint.

Stabilizing your vehicle before working on it is part of proper home automotive upkeep. The models featured above guarantee an excellent job at providing the required stability. Safety ought to be your priority; therefore, a reliable jack stand is a life saver. When properly used, jack stands make the entire job much easier.




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