Best 10 Makeup Sponges in 2018

Since makeup sponges came up, it has been a flawless affair to apply makeup. The first mistake you make is using the sponge like a makeup brush. Unlike wiping across your face with the brush, the best way to use the sponge is to stipple or pat it on your skin. Secondly, you need a couple of the makeup sponges which are essentials for your different makeup products. Don’t use one sponge for serum, moisturizer, and sunscreen. A hydrated sponge is the most ideal kit to make your makeup look flawless and will deliver excellent results.

The most important thing is to change a new sponge after every three months. Below is a list of the top 10 best makeup sponges. These are sponges that have been used by other people and found to be efficient, safe, and worth your every penny.

10. Smosee®, Pro Beauty Flawless Makeup Blender


You don’t need to rob a bank for you to look pretty. These 10 beauty sponges from Smosee will give you a bang for your buck while leaving you with a perfectly blend makeup foundation. They come in different amazing colors to blend in easily in your makeup kit. In addition, they feature different shapes ideal for reaching all parts of your face with ease and for various types of makeup. Again, they are made of latex, so soft and durable.

9. GlowifyFX Professional Teardrop Foundation Blender Sponge


This is for you who don’t compromise on your facial beauty. GlowifyFX Professional Teardrop Foundation Blender Sponge is here to give you a professional, flawlessly glowing look. Why was it highly rated? It comes with a more tapered point that will enable you to navigate easily even on the hard to reach areas like around your eyes and nose. Again, it features a durable material that won’t rip off in water and won’t suck your makeup. Besides, this sponge is easy to wash and is stainless.

8. BMC Womens Cosmetic Eye Makeup Face Foundation Primer Puff Sponges


BMC Womens Cosmetic Foundation Sponges feature a quality. They are latex free; therefore, won’t cause you irritation or allergies. In addition, they come in different shapes ideal for applying and removing any makeup products. These sponges are washable and dry easily.

7. FantaSea Latex Free Foam Wedges


Sometimes the old way always turns out to be the best way. You spend a considerable amount on your Beautyblenders. Then go for sponges that will give you value for your money. Choose these 100 sponges that you can use for different applications and will take you longer. These FantaSea Sponges are free of latex, are lightweight and soft. Do you have a face infection you fear spreading further with your makeup sponge? Then these are ideal for you. Like other users, you’ll find them convenient especially when you don’t have a clean sponge while you’re in a hurry.

6. Essencell Cosmetic Pro Makeup Blender Sponges


Ladies need beautiful things and the best too. For the makeup sponge diehard fans and pros, this is for you. It’s safe, beautiful, and does what it’s supposed to do best. Its ergonomic shape allows you to reach all the critical areas with ease. It enables you to apply different types of makeup. Essencell is latex free, eco-friendly, easy to use, easy to clean, and durable.

5. EmaxDesign Makeup Blender Sponge Set


Are you tired of sponges that are full of odor, cause you irritation, and take you all years to apply your makeup? You’re just about to unravel one of the best makeup must haves for this year. EmaxDesign Sponge set involves 2 super easy to use applicators. They are suede-like soft and come in amazing girlish colors. In addition, these sponges are made of a dense latex free material that resists bacteria growth hence they are odorless and non-allergenic. The beauty of this set is that it comes in a lightweight, beautiful, and easy to pack container that you can easily carry with you.

4. CAETLE Blender Cosmetic Sponge


What are you searching for? A perfect makeup sponge with perfect results, right? I guess you’ve just found it. Everyone else is going for these not only for their economy friendly price point, but because they’re just perfect for that seamless makeup experience and results. Caetle Cosmetic Sponge comes in a unique teardrop like shape with the flatter side being excellent for the big flatter sections while the tapered end being ideal for the area around your nostrils, eyes, and mouth. They’re fluffy and softer when they’re damp so they won’t absorb your makeup. Hint: if you order now, you get a free breathtaking ring.

3. Aesthetica Cosmetics Beauty Sponge


This is where quality, elegance, and beauty meet. And amazingly, it’s also budget friendly. Aesthetica Sponge Blender is twice as faster as your traditional brush and more efficient. You don’t need hundreds of sponges for each and every makeup products. This easy to wash and dry. again, it’s ideal for all your applications. Equally important, the sponge doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals or material that would cause allergies or infections. Get yours today. It’s a favorite to many makeup artists and cosmetics experts.

2. HMIAO, Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge


These water-loving sponges are amongst the best you’ll ever get. You’ll be forgiven if you’re still suffering with less quality sponges when these high performers are within your reach. They double in size when dipped in water and are a real technique for that airbrushed, undetectable smooth finish. Real Technique Makeup Sponge features a 3 in 1 design super perfect for most of your makeup application needs. Don’t hesitate; you need Real Techniques.

1. Beauty Junkees, PRO Beauty Sponge


This trending cosmetic sponge is what your friends have been using secretly. It comes in 4 pieces per set each with its own function for that unbeatable flawless contours, facial highlight, and blending. Go pro today. These sponges are chemical free and odorless. Moreover, they are easy to clean and dry and won’t harbor bacteria and molds. Order, purchase, and use with confidence.

When applying makeup using a sponge, always dip in water and then gently squeeze with a wet towel to remove excess water. This will not only increase its size but also prevent it from absorbing and concealing your makeup.

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