Best 10 Electric Callus Removers in 2018

We can’t deny that our feet are prone to developing cracks and very hard skin day by day. This normally happens due to the friction between the skin and shoes, walking barefoot on hard surfaces, and exposure to the elements. Not only does this make your feet rough and hard but can be embarrassing when going for pedicure.

Best Electric Callus Removers in 2018

After looking at the key features, efficiency, portability, speed, quality and user-friendliness, we are able to bring together the top 10 best callus removers.

10. Emjoi, Micro-Pedi POWER, Callus Remover


Emjoi micro-pedi POWER callus comes with a unique and stylish design and is suitable for home, especially for salon. It features an electrical cord that allows you to plug it into a power source without worry the run out of battery.

Spinning at approximately 47 rotations per second to completely remover the dead skin. The micro mineral particles on its rollers will smoothly scrape off any unwanted skin or callus. To offer you the best grip during use, it comes with an ergonomic handle that is coated by rubber.

9. Lilian Fache, Callus Remover


Lillian Fache callus remover featuring a head incrusted by diamond, the electronic pedicure file will easily scrape off the unwanted matter without injuring your feet. This is boosted by its ergonomically-designed handle that is easy on your palm.

The USB rechargeable unit also includes a cleaning brush and 2 protective caps. The limited color options seem to be one of its biggest drawbacks.

8. Innoo Tech, Callus Remover


Inno Tech callus remover is a powerful motor that spins at 50 rotations per second. It features a long lasting rechargeable battery, waterproof and ergonomic design. With this tool, your feet will be smooth and crack-free all the times. The kit consists of 2 replaceable rollers, a roller cover, cleaning brush, user manual and charging adapter.

7. PediSoft, Callus Remover


PediSoft callus remover runs on rechargeable Nickel-Cadmium batteries. On full charge, it will run continuously for approximately 40 minutes. The micro-abrasive roller not only removes calluses and dead skin. It is one-button operated and comes with a simple design and is also resistant to water. Compared to its competitors, the price is slightly higher.

6. Naressa, Electric Callus Remover


Naressa electric callus remover is among the most-pocket and user-friendly devices thanks to its basic design. It consists of a motor that spins over 30 times every second and a 360-degree rotating head. Not only will this remove the thick skin and calluses from your feet, but it will also leave your feet well-buffed and very smooth.

With the advanced technology, you only need to apply minimal pressure, which is different other callus removers, this one is easy on the hand thanks to the user-friendly design and ergonomic handle.

5. UTILYZE, Electric Foot File


With a roller spinning at 50 times per second, UTILYZE Electric Foot File is a high speed and powerful device that will scrape optimal skin and hence leaving your feet smooth and beautiful. Together with an extra roller and Turbo-Boost Technology, the device will remain effective for a long time. Since it runs on rechargeable batteries, you need not worry about buying batteries all the time.

4. Fancy Pedicure, Top Electric Callus Remover


The Fancy Pedicure electric callus remover targets people who are looking for a highly-effective and dependable device. It is suitable for buffing away rough, dry, thick, hard and dead skin from your feet. To minimize the probability of injuries, you don’t need to apply any pressure, but simply allow the device to glide away.

Together with the 3 uniquely-designed grinding heads, the device will easily remove even the toughest calluses. The perfect on-the-go device is also very light, portable and doesn’t feature any bulky power adapters or cords.

3. Naturalico, Electric Callus Remover


Naturalico electric callus remover help you get rid of hard, dead, cracked and excess skin in seconds. The device spins at 40 rotations per second. Capable of storing up to 1, 000 charges, the battery provides 2 speed modes. It also includes a LED light that illuminates the area you are working on and a cleaning brush and 2 roller heads.

2. Care Me, Powerful Electric Callus Remover


Callus remover from Care Me features a powerful motor that spins at high speeds to effectively get rid of the cracks and dead skin from your feet. Ergonomically-designed to fit in your palm, you won’t struggle holding or using it.

A fully charged unit offers you up to 40 minutes of quality service, and thanks to the super-efficient, Nickel-Hydride rechargeable battery , you can recharge the unit for 1,000 times during its lifetime.

1. Amopé, Pedi Foot File


Amope Pedi callus remover and foot file will easily get rid of the hard skin and unsightly calluses. Relying on a powerful motor and a head that spins at 360 degrees, this device offers quick and safe action and leaves your feet looking well-kept, smooth and soft to touch. To save you from aches and stress, it also features an ergonomic handle. Unfortunately, it comes with limited color choices.

Unlike the traditional classic scrapers, you don’t need to use lots of effort or spend too much effort and the risk of getting injured due to a sharp razor or blade. The rollers of these electric callus remover don’t need to be replaced too often as they are made from strong and durable material. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.