Best 10 Portable Ice Makers in 2018

Portable ice makers have made life not only easy but also convenient. You don’t need to wait for the fairly slow freezer or refrigerator to produce ice. You don’t have to feel embarrassed by the fact that you are serving “warmish” drinks to your guests. With a portable ice maker, you will have ice within minutes and it can fit in small spaces making it ideal for outdoor use as well.

There are many kinds of products on offer but not all of them will deliver the best service. You need to focus on key things such as the size, capacity, available space, speed, production capacity, brand reputation, durability, and ease of use, cost, appearance, portability, and intelligent use of water. The following devices are the top 10 best portable ice makers on the market.

10. NutriChef, Upgraded Portable Digital Ice Maker

This ice maker from NutriChef has a good size to cater for most daily requirements. It can produce up to 33 pounds of ice in a day and each batch takes less than 10 minutes. You can choose large, medium, or small ice cubes to suit the need at hand. It’s made from stainless steel and doesn’t corrode, rust, or change color and it’s among the easiest to use thanks to its practical design and is also among the most silent courtesy of the advanced compressor technology. It has a sleek design and silver color, to enhance the décor in the room. It cleans easily and is also very portable.

9. YONG TONG, Ice Maker

With this silver-colored ice maker machine, you will have quality ice in less than 10 minutes, and in a day you should expect up to 33 pounds. It’s among the fastest and most reliable units and is ideal for the home, RV, vacation home, office and other places. It’s made of stainless steel for elegance, reliability, and longevity and has a superior compressor technology for keeping the noise level to a minimum. It offers 3 different sized of ice cubes and an easy-to-use LED display and Touch buttons.

8. Della, Portable Easy-Touch Ice Maker

If you don’t mind a white ice maker machine, this one from Della should suit you. It is suitable for small kitchen, boat, RV and other places and is also amongst the most silent and energy efficient units. The Accessory can deliver up to 26 pounds of ice in a day and offers you 3 sizes to choose from. The see-through window gives you easy access to the process whereas the indicator light alerts you on the water level and ice capacity.

7. Igloo, ICE105 Counter Top Compact Ice Maker

The ICE105 ice maker is very popular and respected in the market. First, it’s relatively fast and produces ice batches in minutes. Second. It has a decent production capacity of 26 lbs per day which is suitable for most applications. Third, it’s fairly quiet and has a decibel rating of 38. Four, the maker is well-built and sturdy courtesy of the stainless steel material. It’s also easy to clean, maintain, and looks very stylish. Other reasons it’s among the best portable ice makers include energy efficient, portable, friendly controls, and reliable.

6. RCA, Compact Ice Maker

You shouldn’t struggle to find the best portable ice makers in the market. Simply pick this unit and start producing quality ice cubes. The RCA ice maker machine will deliver the first nugget within only 6 minutes and can produce 26lbs of ice per day in choice of 2 ice sizes.

It’s very easy to use thanks to the simple design and user-friendly central panel. It’s made of quality and food safe stainless steel that doesn’t rust or corrode and lasts for a long time. The included bin can handle 1.5 lbs of ice at a time whereas its relatively lightweight and good size makes carrying it easy.

5. Pyle, Portable Digital Ice Maker Machine

Producing ice cubes is easy with this portable ice maker machine. It can be used in the home, boat, RV, vacation home, office and many other places. And thanks o it’s relatively small and lightweight, the unit is very portable and occupies minimal space. It’s made of rust-resistant and corrosion-resistant stainless steel and features a user-friendly LED Digital Display. The maker can produce ice cubes within 10 minutes and it produces up to 22 pounds in a day. The built-in reservoir can hold up to 1.7 liters of water whereas the built-in indicator light alerts you when to add water or refill the ice tray.

4. SMETA, Portable Compact Ice Maker

Coming in a sleek silver color, this ice cube maker machine is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It’s among the fastest pieces on the market and will deliver the first batch within 6 minutes. In a day, the accessory will produce up to 26 pounds. The silent maker offers you 2 different sizes and comes with a user-friendly control panel for convenience and a decent water capacity. Other worthy features include an Ice-Full indicator, Power indicator, and Water shortage indicator.

3. hOmeLabs, Portable Ice Maker Machine

This ice maker machine is designed for placing on the countertop and will deliver the first batch within 6 minutes. The stainless steel-made accessory will produce up to 26 pounds in a day and features 1.5-pound storage and handy scoop. It comes in a silver color that gives it the elegant and modern look and an easy-to-use panel. The ice cubes come in a bullet shape and it relies on modern refrigeration technology and advanced compressor cooling to the cool running and low noise level low. When it’s full of ice, it automatically shuts off to conserve energy and also prevent overworking and damaging the maker.

2. Costway, Compact Electric Ice Maker

This is without-a-doubt one of the stylish ice maker machines in the market. The unit will look good on any countertop and comes in a space-saving design to suit the small spaces as well. It’s made of stainless steel and has a polished and sleek surface. The red-colored unit is fit for the kitchen, boat, RV, or vacation home and can produce up to 26 lbs per day. It requires about 8 minutes producing the first batch and has a maximum capacity of 1.5 pounds. For easy observation and monitoring, it comes with a see-through window.

1. FirstBuild, Opal Nugget Ice Maker

It takes this ice maker about 15 minutes to produce the first nugget and within 60 minutes you will have about 1 pound. The item works seamlessly, without emitting noise and also uses minimal energy. It’s made from stainless steel to combat rusting, corrosion, or fading and has a polished design to enhance its aesthetic appeal. The included bin can handle up to 3 pounds whereas the easy-to-use panel improves convenience. It’s very portable, lightweight, and easy to maintain.


Without proper or quality ice, the party or event may not live up to the expectation. Guests will complain about warm drinks or have to wait for the ice cubes. You’ll be running up and down as you struggle with the slow freezer or refrigerator. With the right portable ice maker, you’ll have enough ice cubes to ensure everybody’s drink is properly chilled. This review will help you to identify the right product the first time. We have reviewed the top 10 best portable ice makers that promise you topnotch serve. They are very well-made, have good capacity and size, are easy to use and energy efficient, and produce quality ice within minutes. They also come in an elegant design to complement the surrounding. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.