Best 10 Glass Pendant Lights in 2018

Glass pendant lights are both functional and aesthetic. They help improve the lighting in a room as well as improve the beauty. With all kinds readily available, you may have a hard time selecting a good piece. During the search, you’ll need to look at things such as the size, style, color, cost, placement, and material, space in the room, finish, and type of light bulb. The following pieces are undoubtedly the best glass pendant lights in 2018.

Best Glass Pendant Lights in 2018

10. Globe Electric, 1-Light Vintage Edison Hanging Pendant

This glass pendant light from Globe Electric is a top pick for homeowners, restaurateurs, business persons. It’s chosen over others because of its versatile nature that suits many places and a wide range of applications.

It comprises a glass shade and an antique bronze and brass finish that gives it the classic look. Thanks to the 5-foot adjustable cord, you can easily customize the lighting fixture to suit your current need. Installation is straightforward, the light is very decent thanks it the 60Watt E26 bulb and can be dimmed to match your desire.

9. AXILAND, Truelite Modern G9 Glass Pendant Crystal Hanging Light

Coming in a hanging design, the AXILAND glass pendant light will look fine in many places including your kitchen, living room, restaurant, loft, and bar.

It’s among the simplest to install thanks to the simple design and has an adjustable plastic cord for easy customization. It delivers good illumination thanks to the 3*G9 bulbs (not included) and widely distributes the light for better coverage. It’s regarded as among the classiest and trendy pieces on the current market thanks to the chrome finish.

8. CLAXY, Ecopower Industrial Edison Vintage Style 1-Light Pendant Glass Hanging Light

Measuring 28cm in diameter and 25cm in height, the Claxy glass pendant light is suitable for many places in the home, hotel lobby, restaurant, office, and hallways.

It’s easy to install and can be fitted even by an inexperienced person. The hanging light weights about 1.8kg and won’t require extra reinforcement.Other than the good lighting and easy installation, this ETL listed clear glass pendant lighting is loved for its sophisticated looks and beauty.

7. CLAXY, Ecopower Industrial Edison Mini Glass 1-Light Pendant Hanging Lamp

Coming in an antique bronze color, this Claxy Ecopower glass pendant hanging lamp should work well in your home, hotel, restaurant and farmhouse.

It’s based on the Edison industrial design that is revered for its simplicity and reliability. The unit is moderately large measuring 13 inches in diameter and has good light distribution. It is 22 centimeters high to suit most places and also easy to fit and has a decorated glass shade and three screws for extra appeal.

6. CASAMOTION, Wavy Hammered Hand Blown Glass Pendant Light

If you are looking for the best glass pendant lights then this piece by CASAMOTION will suit you just fine. You can fit it in many places like the hallway, hotel lobby, kitchen, hall and living room. It is fairly large, measuring 13 inches in diameter, and should become a focal point in many places.

It’s made from hand-blown glass for that unique effect and looks classy and vintage courtesy of the wavy hammered pattern. The lighting fixture can be installed in minutes but you need to support it with a chain due to its fairly heavy nature.

5. SHINE HAI, Industrial Edison Mini Glass 3-Light Pendant Hanging Lamp

Are you thinking of improving the lighting or appeal in your home, office? Well, how about going for this classic-styled mini pendant glass lighting?

The Shine Hai consists of a clear glass shade for protecting the light bulb and also giving it a beautiful appearance. The antique hanging lighting fixture works with most decors including traditional, classic, and modern and installation is very simple. The unit features fairly long 45-inch cords which can be adjusted rot cater for different requirements.

4. Linea di Liara,  Primo LED Industrial Kitchen Pendant Light

The Linea di Liara is among the popular hanging pendant light fixtures. People praise its good design that breathes new life into a room as well as the easy installation.

The accessory has an antique brass color for the unique and classic effect and works with a 4-watt LED filament Edison bulb that emits up to 400 lumens of brightness. This is equivalent to a 60-watt halogen bulb but will consume a fraction of the energy. It’s dimmable, the 8-foot cord is adjustable, and is suited for islands, kitchens, and over counters.

3. CASAMOTION, Unique Optic Contemporary Hand Blown Glass Pendant Light

This glass pendant light from CASAMOTION will make a nice addition to your lighting fixtures. The moderately large accessory has a height of 70.8 inches, a diameter of 11 inches and is recommended to be supported by a chain.

The unique blue-grey piece is crafted from hand blown glass for good quality and uniqueness and provides good lighting. The item is easy to install and you can easily vary the height via the adjustable hard wire cord. It’s a good fit for the entryway, restaurant, lobby, bedroom, hallway, and farmhouse.

2. CASAMOTION, Industrial Edison Vintage Hand Blown Glass Pendant Light

2. CASAMOTION, Industrial Edison Vintage Hand Blown Glass Pendant Light

Coming with one hanging light, this Casamotion hand-blown glass pendant light should go well with any decor. It measures 70 inches high, 6-inches in diameter and is amongst the simplest to install. The antique light has a sturdy brass wire that can be adjusted to meet different tastes and needs.

Thanks to its moderately small size, this lighting fixture takes up minimal space and can be installed in small spaces without a problem. Common areas of use include Kitchen Island, dining room, entryway, restaurant, hotel lobby, hallway, bedroom, bar, and farmhouse.

1. CLAXY, Ecopower Vintage Glass Chandelier Pendant Lighting

Designed to work with three 60-watt MAX light bulbs, this glass pendant lighting will ensure the room is well lit. The shade offers good light dispersion whereas the adjustable cord enables you to vary the height according to space or personal needs.

It comprises a stylish and colorful glass that brings out a vintage look whereas the simple design simplifies the installation process. The chandelier styled hanging light is good for the living room, kitchen, bedroom, dining room and many other places.

There goes our summarized review of the top glass pendant lights on the market. When searching for them, we concentrated on the main things which included the styling, color, size, elegance, material, price, easy fitting, reliability, light efficiency, and installation ease. You can thus be sure that any of these items will provide good reliable performance. Finding the best glass pendant lights should no longer be difficult. Simply revisit the above review and pick the item you love most is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.