Best 10 Car Shelters in 2018

Vehicle owners understand how bugging it can be to safely pack your car, especially, the significant number of people who can’t access a garage that is known to park on public streets. Fortunately, you have car shelters to protect your car from rain, UV rays from the scorching sun, strong winds, and anything that might drop onto the vehicle when your vehicle is parked some options let you use it for more than a single function and it will fit in well.

Car shelter offers shade during parties, workshops, and equipment storage. It is definite that a car shelter is a much cheaper option for housing vehicles compared to what it’d cost you to erect an extra garage spot. Other than protecting vehicles, most car shelter can also be used for shelter during outdoor activities. These tents can also be used to cover boats and other apparatus that are required when using these pieces of machinery.

When you hit the market, you will notice that there are many different types of shelters to choose from. So we have singled out some of the best brands so that you will have an easy time when selecting the ideal car shelter.

Factors to consider before buying car shelters

  • Size: Companies create car shelters in many sizes and designs that can accommodate the different sizes of cars. Ensure the option you have in mind is fit for your vehicle. A larger car shelter offers adequate space for other car equipment and also provides more capacity when you decide to use it for shelter.
  • Material: Most car tents are made of covers that are waterproof and anti-UV. The most used materials for covers are polyethylene and oxford fabric. Polyethylene is more resistant to water yet less durable while oxford cotton fabric can withstand higher temperature. A UP covered material offers better resistant to weather elements. The steel frames ought to be firm and steady in any kind of weather or environment.
  • Design: The design should be practical with an easy and straightforward assembly. Opt for models that come with hardware and manuals for simple assembly. Consider windows or detachable sidewalls for better ventilation and large doors so you are able to drive through comfortably. Portability is a factor worth looking out for, the shelter should be lightweight and foldable so that it is easy to move.

Best Car Shelters in 2018

10. ShelterLogic, Peak Style AutoShelter

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Versatility is important when it comes to car shelters, and the ShelterLogic Peak Style AutoShelter outperforms most of its class in this regard. The 10×20×8 feet tent can be used as a garage, a vehicle shelter or storage for bulky material. The cover is made of polyethylene material so it won’t let in water, UV and other elements. Also added are anti-aging and antifungal agents and fade blockers with a triple-layered construction for more resilience. A DuPont powder coating covers the steel frames for more resilience.

To keep the shelter in place even through the toughest windstorms, you 4 have anchors that screw into the ground. A one year warranty is offered to take care of any errors during production. This is one of the best portable car protections available and you should certainly check it out.

9. ShelterLogic, Shed-in-a-Box Car Shelter

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This car shelter beats most in its competition in matters providing the necessary protection to your vehicle while it rests. You will be impressed by how well the polyethylene cover resists weather elements including rainwater, UV, wind and others. The powder-coated steel frames have a thick metal base so you can be sure that wind will not blow it away whatsoever because it will be strongly anchored to the ground all the time. The manufacturer, however, discourages against use in snowy weather as it may break the roof.

The best part is that you can still use it as a shade during parties and get-togethers being that it measures 10×20×9 feet. Speaking of the size, it can, therefore, fit any type of vehicle. This car shelter is really uncomplicated to set up and use, with two doors for entry. It’s also very easy to set up and easy on your budget.

8. Abba Patio, Heavy Duty Carport

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Try as you might, you really can’t beat this level of protection and quality considering the price. This is a truly great product all around in regards to safeguarding that expensive four-wheeled investment in your backyard. It is still perfect for small outdoor events and gatherings. Standing at 22’3″ x 16’4″×10’10”, there is ample space inside that can embrace up to twenty people. The durable steel frames combine with heavy duty metal corners and ropes and stakes to give better stability all the time when it is anchored to the ground. With waterproof and UV resistant covers, there is hardly any breaking in time so it will perform for you for as long as you need it.

It is designed with 2 pullback doors and 6 windows so won’t waste time in the morning struggling with the cover locking mechanism when you should be on your to work. The side walls are also detachable for the desired aeration on hot days. If you want something you can still use for recreational activities or in commercial use, this may be ok for your needs.

7. Peaktop, Heavy Duty Portable Carport

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Are you on a quest to find the perfect car shelter that is affordable and still guarantees a high degree of protection while being very easy to install? Then look no further, this option comes with everything you would expect to find in a car shelter. This product prides itself on having a tough triple layered polyethylene cover with no stitching but heat-sealing making it, even more, water resistant. So the shelter should work well for year-round use with elements of any environment. The easy slide cross rail and ratchet cover tension all promote a tight fit when the cover is placed over the steel frames and legs that have a premium powder coat finish so there will be no rusting, corroding or peeling. For even more solid stability, you have 3X steel stabilizers rails.

Assembling this tent is quick and easy due to the practical design and the light weight and compactness also makes it very portable. The interior is ever bright; this is a result of the high profile white interior surface. The company offer several size variants to suit your needs.

6. American Phoenix, Portable Event Canopy Tent/Car Shelter

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If you’re in the market for an ideal car shelter that can be used in diverse places to protect your precious car, then this is it. It comes with powder coated steel frames that are praised for being super strong and resistant to rusting, corrosion, peeling and cheeping. The company was also wise to use polyethylene for the cover considering its waterproofing capabilities as well as the ability to resist fading and lots of wear and tear. The company in its creativity went ahead to fit a detachable zipper door so that on those really hot days, your automobile is still ventilated enough. The 7×12×7 (L×W×H) feet tent does not limit you to seasons to making it a practical armour for your vehicle.

So that your tent firmly stays in place whichever surface you decide to use it on, each of the six canopy legs come fitted with foot pads. Another thing, it is really easy to set this thing up and the fact that the hardware for assembly and instruction are included in the package even makes it better. The company backs all the excellent features with a 1-year warranty so you won’t need to worry about defects.

5. Bestmart INC, Garage in-a-Box Canopy Carport

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Even the heaviest snowfalls are no match for this carport. The industrial grade polyethylene fabric used for the cover is extra thick yet reinforced with PE material making it defiant to all weather elements. The poles used for the frame are extra thick with heavy duty powder coating making it look good for a long while. The manufacturer’s decision to make its 10’×20’×8.4’ size universal is not just for compatibility with all automobiles, you can use it to provide cover to your guests or family. In fact, this car shelter is large enough to accommodate up to 30 people.

The best part is that it is incredibly light, at just about 60 pounds, it is easy to carry and also easy to set up. It is convenient as it does not limit you to any surface for you to put it up, you can use it on any ground that you chose. You will also like the fact that it has 2 doors and detachable sidewalls. To prevent the steel frames from damaging during shipment, you’ll find wooden bracket inside the package.

4. Quictent, Heavy Duty PE Water Resistant Party Wedding Tent/Carport

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It is obvious that when you buy a car shelter, you want as many “proofs” as possible. Fortunately, you have this car cover that has all the “proofs” you need. The 10×15×8 feet tent is built waterproof, windproof and dustproof thanks to its polyethylene cover that has a PU coating. Some days can be really hot but this should not worry you, there is an open door that ensures free circulation of air. The frame has a premium powder coating that ensures there is no rusting, scratching, peeling or corrosion.

What makes it even better is the ease of assembly and the lightweight construction that lends to its portability. Another good thing is it can be used to safeguard all vehicles including trucks, trailers, SUVs or for bulk storage because of its extensive interior. With this tent in place, you will be sure your car is well protected at all times and taken care of like a baby meaning you also get to enjoy peace-of-mind and satisfaction.

3. Abba Patio, Outdoor Shed Heavy Duty Storage Shelter

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The Abba Patio storage shelter what we deem to be the number one most advisable option among car shelters. This shelter is crazy inexpensive yet still maintains exemplary standards ending up securing its position as the best. The dimensions are 10×15 feet making it ideal for hosting a couple of friends and later turning to a car shelter for vehicles of all sizes. There are many colours to go for depending on what you prefer.

The cover is made of strong oxford cloth that is not only known to make it through after so long of use, but also tolerates extreme temperature without risk of melting like its polyethylene brothers. The steel frames are powder coated to make them resistant to rust and corrosion. There are no sidewalks but this is to your advantage, this offers the best ventilation when you are experiencing a hot day.

2. Outsunny, Heavy Duty Outdoor Party Tent/Carport

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This is another practical way to safeguard your highly valued wheels. The Outsunny car shelter is simple yet strong enough, just the shelter you need to secure your agile machine. You can’t help but notice the beautifully crafted beige PE cloth cover. It is waterproof and UV resistant so it should be all you require to protect your vehicles from the elements and even humans and animals. To secure the cover tightly to the frames, there are heavy duty bungees cords. The company chose to stick to rust and corrosion resistant steel frames with a powder coat for the legs, the players behind the great stability that users enjoy.

Setting up this car shelter is a matter of seconds with a user manual and installation hardware that you will find in the package. Thanks to the footpads, it can be positioned on virtually any surface. This option is suitable for different cars with detachable sidewalls for aeration and extra protection.

1. Ikuby, 100% Waterproof SUV Car Shelter

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If you genuinely treasure your car, then you will want to give it the best protection it deserves with an effective option as this. The company opted to go differently with 600 D Oxford fabric with PU coating that ensures absolutely zero entry to water wind, dust and no risk of your car being affected by extreme weather conditions. The frames are made of steel meaning durability and strength. To prevent suffocation on the inside, there are breathable side vents that allow air to freely circulate.

We were impressed that the makers allow for logo printing so you can still use this product for public commercial advertising. This highly useful product features two sizes to choose from. It may not offer you the best bang for your buck and we still strongly urge you to consider it when shopping for a new car shelter.

Final Thoughts!

Car shelters are a dime a dozen, but you want to make sure you get one that works and so your car will have a perfect resting place. That is why you ought to click on one of the top quality products we have listed above. They’ve all been tested and proven to withstand various elements so your vehicle will be well protected from dust, dirt, strong sun, bird droppings, and human scratching among others. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.