Best 10 Hot Glue Guns in 2018

Just as the name suggests, hot glue guns are designed to deliver hot glue to the chosen surfaces without causing a mess. It consists of a gun-like device that houses a heating element that melts the glue sticks that are fitted and delivers it via a small opening on its tip. To release the molten/melted glue, you simply pull the trigger and it starts flowing.

Why Use a Hot Glue Gun?

There are many options when it comes to sticking things such as paper, plastic, wood, leather, ceramic, fabric and other objects together. You may use the normal glue stick, glue, or any other adhesive. Nonetheless, hot glue is preferred by many people because of the following reasons:

  • Stronger bond: Hot glue forms a stronger bond compared to cold types.
  • Less Messy: The gun trigger allows you to effectively control and direct the glue to the designated areas.
  • Safe: The gun reduces the odds of you getting burnt by the glue or your skin coming into direct contact with the glue.

Choosing a Good Hot Glue Gun

Finding a hot glue gun is one thing and identifying the right type is another. There are several issues that come into plan when trying to find the best product. First, you need to know the kind of temperature it operates in as it determines its suitability for the task at hand. Low-temperature guns heat up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit max while 400 degrees Fahrenheit is the maximum for High-temp guns. Second, you need to focus on the wattage which determines how hot and fast the glue will melt. High wattage means it will take the gun lesser time to melt the glue sticks. Third, the task at hand also influences the choice of gun. For instance, light materials such as chiffon, silk, lace are suited with a low-temp gun while heavy-duty fabrics like leather or ceramic are better with the high-temp gun. Other important aspects include adjustable temperature settings, price and brand reputation.

Best Hot Glue Guns in 2018

The below will indicate the best hot glue guns, which you should own one.

10. Adhesive Technologies, Two-Temp Glue Gun


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Hot glue gun by Adhesive Technologies is rated at 40 watts and will melt the glue sticks in less than 3 minutes. It works on wood, glass, leather, metal, paper, fabric and other materials and the recommended glue sticks are those with a diameter of 0.5-inches.

Although the glue gun comes with 2 temperature settings, High and Low settings.

9. PAM Fastening Technology, Adjustable Temperature Glue Gun


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Pam HB220 is among the highest rated hot glue guns and comes with a-220-watt of power. This allows it to heat up within 5 minutes and will keep the glue in molten form for a long time.

The high temperatures of between 140C – 220 degreesC (285F – 428 degreesF) that can be adjusted easily using the user-friendly trigger to help reduce fatigue while maximizing output. The hot glue gun comes with a Proprietary Drip-Free Nozzle that reduces wastage and also keeps you safe.

8. Vastar, Hot Glue Gun


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Designed for home quick repair, school DIY projects, and office, Vastar Hot glue gun will heat up within 5 minutes and will keep the temperature constant for long. It comes with a 20-watt heating element and can accommodate up to 30 glue sticks each measuring 7.8 x 0.28 inches.

The detachable auxiliary stand and insulated nozzle will keep you protected from heat and will make a little mess of your project. Other features include 110-240 Volts, LED light mode, and easy-to-reach power switch.

7. Best, Hot Glue Gun


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Quickly, effectively and safely glue parts together using this heavy duty hot glue gun. It is designed for light, medium as well as demanding applications at home, office, school or anywhere else. The 20 Watt Rapid Heating Technology melts the glue sticks in less than 3 minutes while using minimal energy.

Features such as Smart Temperature Control, LED On/Off, and Internal Safety Fuse will boost energy efficiency, user-friendly and also prevent overheating.

6. MELTOX, Hot Melt Glue Gun Kit


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MELTOX kit features a hot glue gun and 12, 8-inch glue sticks. The gun operated from the mains (110-240 Volts) is suitable for both light and heavy-duty work.

It is professionally designed and comes with two power options- 100watts (red indicator) is meant for demanding projects while 60watts (green indicator) is for light duties. The gun is suitable for metal, wood, leather, fabric, ceramic, frames, plastic, paper, magnets and more.

5. Attican, Black Iron Hot Glue Gun


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Attican hot glue gun comes in a simple but effective design and is suitable for home, office use, crafts and other situations. The heavy-duty gun is light in weight, compact and has a built-in 20 watts heating element that melts the glue fast while the 15, 5/16-inch glue stick assure you of longevity. Sadly, you won’t be able to know if the gun is turned on or off because it lacks a light indicator.

4. Surebonder, DT-200 Mini Dual Temperature Glue Gun


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People searching for a small and compact hot glue gun should think about the DT-200 Mini by Surebonder. It can accommodate glue sticks measuring 5/16 or 0 .27 inches in diameter and having a length of 4 or 10 inches.

The 10- watt mini-gun comes with dual temperature setting allowing user to choose either low or high depending on the need at hand.

3. Surebonder, GM-160 Mini High Temperature Glue Gun

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Surebonder GM-160 Mini hot glue gun is powered from the mains (120 volts), comes in a simple and ergonomic shape and is ideal for quick repairs and small craft projects.

The trigger-fed glue gun uses glue sticks that are either 4 or 10 inches long and whose diameter is 5 /16 inches.

2. BSTPOWER, Mini Hot Glue Gun

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With a power rating of 100 Watts, the BSTPOWER Pro hot glue gun is among the most powerful in the market. It is well suited for normal as well as professional use and comes with interchangeable Non-drip nozzles.

It heats up within 3 to 5 minutes and also allows you to adjust the temperature setting within 212 degrees F – 428 degrees F (100 degrees C to 220 degreesC) making the gun a good choice for both cold and hot glue applications. The BSTPOWER gun uses 10 standard glue sticks that have a diameter of 10.8-11.8mm (7/16 inches) and length of 10 inches.

1. CCbetter, Mini Hot Melt Glue Gun


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CCbetter is a high-temperature hot glue gun that uses 25 glue stick pieces. Rated at 20 watts, the devices quickly melts glue (3-5 minutes) and is ideal for wood, metal, plastic, card, paper, ceramics, fabric, glass and much more.

This is enhanced by the flexible trigger that gives you more control on glue delivery. The cases of the gun deforming are unlikely thanks to the insulated high-quality nozzle and Trigger propulsion mechanism that controls the glue flow.


With the above review guideline finding the right hot glue gun has become less stressful. You don’t need to keep burning yourself with the hot glue, you shouldn’t create a mess with the liquid glue and you also should tolerate weak joints. All the featured items are available at Amazon and have passed the test of quality, reliability, safety and affordability. Follow the 10 best hot glue guns reviews and own a remarkable, reliable and durable product!





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